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NJPW – New Japan Cup 2020, Night 4 – Review and Highlights

This is my review of night 4 of the New Japan Cup 2020. Only the fifth show back for New Japan Pro Wrestling after taking an 110 day hiatus due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The show opens with the New Japan Cup 2020 video package. it is explained in this video that the winner of the New Japan Cup will be determined on July 11 in Osaka-Jo Hall in front of fans. The winner will go on the face Tetsuya Naito on July 12 at the same Osaka-Jo Hall.


  • Yoh comes out second with new music and a new look as he now has a face mask with a video plate on the front. Japanese writing scrolls across Yoh’s face. Great new look, and it works perfect with the current situation of the pandemic. They lock up and go towards the ropes. Yoh doesn’t break clean and chops BUSHI, who would have done the same thing. Yoh dives to the outside but sells his knee after the landing. Back in the ring Yoh hits a snap suplex for a two count. They head back to ringside. BUSHI slams Yoh around at ringside and bends Yoh over the barricade. Yoh gets back in the ring at 18. BUSHI gets some long heat on Yoh, while Yoh continues to sell the leg. Yoh fires up and targets the knee of BUSHI with a dragon screw leg whip and a figure four. Yoh hits a falcon arrow for a nearfall. BUSHI makes a comeback a hits a draping DDT on the apron. There is a few missed spots in this match, and these two really suffer in a quiet arena with no crowd. Some hits and some misses in this one. BUSHI wins with the MX. Winner: BUSHI in 15:42.

YOSHI-HASHI vs Hiroyoshi Tenzan

  • This is Tenzan’s first single match in over a year due to having time off for surgery, and his advanced age. Yoshi-Hashi controls the majority of the first part of the match as they brawl outside the ring and Yoshi-Hashi throws Tenzan into the railings. Back in the ring Yoshi-Hashi wears down Tenzan with holds and hits hits running dropkick to Tenzan draped over the ropes. Yoshi-Hashi tries a headbutt but then Tenzan fires up with headbutts of his own. Tenzan never gets in too much offence, but he kicks out of a lot of stuff early on. Tenzan goes for a superplex but Yoshi-Hashi stops it and flips around for a sunset bomb but Tenzan won’t go. Tenzan is eventually lifted off and powerbombed. Later on Tenzan gets Yoshi-Hashi down and goes for a moonsault but Yoshi-Hashi moves. Yoshi-hashi then goes for a Swanton Bomb off the top but Tenzan moves. The story is literally that neither can hit their big moves. Tenzan holds Yoshi-Hashi in the Anaconda Vice for a long time while Yoshi-Hashi teases giving up but rolls out of it. Yoshi-Hashi gets Tenzan in his hold, the Butterfly-lock, and Tenzan taps out. This match wasn’t too bad but should not have gone as long as it did considering Tenzan’s push, age, and extended time off. Winner: YOSHI-HASHI in 17:35.

Kazuchika Okada, SHO, Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii vs Hiromu Takahashi, Takagi Shingo, SANADA & Tetsuya Naito

  • Hiromu comes out shaking and crying because Toru Yano used to bully him when Hirmou was a Young Lion, they will face off on the next night of action. Hiromu and Yano start the match but Hiromu won’t get close and gets the ref to check Yano. The ref finds that Yano has a spray bottle of water, he then pulls out some hair clippers and Hiromu screams and runs off. Sho and Sananda tag in and the wrestling starts. After a brief early offensive run from Sho, Sananda takes over and tags Shingo. Sho tags in Ishii who goes one-on-one with Shingo. After a short battle between Shingo and Ishii, they both tag out to Naito and Okada respectively. Hiromu tags in against Okada but after about a minute, Okada tags Yano. Yano and Hiromu wrestle for the first time but they quickly move to ringside as Hiromu goes for a sunset-bomb to the floor but Yano holds on to the ropes and whips out a spare pair of clippers. Hiromu runs away. The chase continues up into the empty stand of Korakuen hall and then into the empty hallway that would house the fans. Yano tapes the ankles of Hiromu and they both get counted out. Winners: Double Count Out in 12:28.



Credit: njpw1972.com

We see the Grand Master video package again before we head to a short break to the staff to clean the ring and ringside area.

Yujiro Takahashi vs Hirooki Goto

  • After a couple of minutes of wrestling, Yujiro rolls out of the ring but Goto doesn’t follow straight away. Yujiro throws Goto but it’s reversed and Yujiro hits the railing. Yujiro hits a reverse DDT on the mats at ringside and Goto rolls back in at 16. Goto is thrown outside again as Yujiro grabs the ref. On the outside, Jado throws Goto into the railings again. Yujiro continues the heat for what seemed like forever, until around the 8 minute point, Goto starts to fire back up. As Goto climbs the ropes he is cut off by Yujiro and Takahashi hits a fisherman’s buster off the top rope. Goto reverses a suplex and balanced Yujiro on the top rope, then hits a revers GTR, dropping Yujiro across the knee. The ref is shoved down so Jado uses a kendo stick. Goto has blood in her mouth. Jado disracts the ref again and Yujiro tries to use his pimp cane but takes a headbutt. Yujiro is finished off with a GTR and pinned. This was a better match than it had any right to be, but that just shows the depth of the NJPW talent roster. Winner: Hirooki Goto in 16:41.


EVIL vs Satoshi Kojima

  • Evil has the early power advantage but Kojima fires back and sends Evil out of the ring with a shoulder tackle. Kojima misses a dive as Evil walks away, then Evil attacks the lariat arm of Kojima with a chair. Evil wraps Kojima’s arm with a chair and slams it into the ring post. Back in the ring Evil sets his sights on the right arm of Kojima. Evil works over the arm for over five minutes until Kojima begins to fight back with a DDT. Kojima dodges a few shots in the corner and starts to string some moves together. Kojima hits a DDT on the apron which leaves Kojima in control until the ten minute call. Evil hits a broncobuster and gets hold of an armbar. Kojima reverses Evil and hits a Koji-cutter. Kojima hits a Koji-cutter from the second rope but Evil kicks out. Evil hits a lariat but Kojima stiffens up and takes in. Kojima gets an arm out and Evil goes down from a self inflicted lariat. Kojima takes hit elbow pad and goes for his lariat but is cut off. Eventually Kojima hits a cosy left arm lariat but it isn’t good enough. Kojima goes for his right arm lariat but Evil uses Red Shoes to hit Magic Killer on Kojima. Evil hits a superplex on Kojima but Kojima kicks out. Evil takes his elbow pad off an goes for a Kojima-like lariat, but as he comes off the ropes, Kojima sticks his arms out and hits a lariat. They spend the last few moments hitting, blocking and dodging lariats, only for Evil to hit Everything is Evil for the pin. Good match with a simple but entertaining story. Winner: EVIL in 20:08.

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