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NJPW extends cancelled events until March 21, 2020

New Japan Pro Wrestling have announced today, via their website, that they are cancelling all events up until March 21, 2020. This is the latest in a worldwide epidemic concerning Coronavirus COVID-19.

Previously NJPW had announced cancellations of every event from March 1 – March 15, 2020, and now that has been extended.

This comes after the Japanese government had declared that all sporting events and large gatherings should be either cancelled or postponed further than March 15. The Japanese government most likely have the summer Olympics in sight, which have been planned for years, and could be cancelled too.

Events Cancelled

  • Tuesday March 10, Okayama
  • Thursday March 12, Korakuen Hall
  • Friday March 13, Korakuen Hall
  • Saturday March 14, Chiba
  • Monday March 16, Toyama
  • Tuesday March 17, Saitama
  • Wednesday March 18, Shizuoka
  • Friday March 20, Niigata
  • Saturday March 21,

New Japan Statement:

“After NJPW events between March 1 and 15 were cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, and acting under the recommendations laid out by a specialist government taskforce meeting on Tuesday March 10, New Japan Pro-Wrestling has arrived at the decision to cancel the five events remaining in the New Japan Cup tour between March 16 and 21.”

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