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Jericho receives seven stitches three days before title match at Revolution

Chris Jericho faced off with his championship challenger, Jon Moxley, on the final episode of Dynamite before the Revolution pay-per-view, in the main event. The two wrestlers were there to weigh-in before the match. Things got heated after Moxley weighed in but the champion Jericho kept stalling. Jericho got in Moxley’s face and they bumped heads, that lead to Moxley headbutting Jericho. Chris fell to the mat holding his face, which was immediately dripping with blood, and the Inner Circle attacked Moxley. Jericho crawled to the ropes where the camera got in the face of the bloody champion. Dustin Rhodes runs down to fight Hager, who he will face on Saturday, and they brawl the the concourse where the Dippin Dots make another AEW appearance. Hager takes out Dustin after a fight. Darby Allin runs in the face his opponent at Revolution, Sammy Guevara, but is laid out as he get his skateboard broken over his head. Moxley goes for a Paradigm Shift DDT but is low-blowed by Sammy and Jericho hit his finisher, a back spinning elbow called Judas Effect, on Moxley to lay him out. Jericho then DDTs Moxley on the scales and they leave. The Inner Circle would leave the victors of the segment but Jericho would still need medical attention.

Later that night, and after spending some time with a doctor, Jericho posted on his social media accounts that just days before his title defence he received seven stitches at the hands, or forehead, of Jon Moxley.

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