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NXT UK Takeover – Blackpool II – Full Results and Review

This is my review of the NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II show that aired live on the WWE Network on Sunday January 12th, 2020.

Our commentary team for this show is Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness.

The show opens up with crowd shots as commentator Tom Phillips welcomes us. He is joined by Nigel McGuinness at ringside as the show starts.

Trent Seven vs Eddie Dennis

  • Trent does his classic slow roll into the ring and throws his towel at the ropes. The fans love this. Dennis has turned heel of you hadn’t seen, and he now wears a dragon mask to the ring with slow, droning music as he walks slowly to the ring. This starts quick as Eddie Dennis goes for a kick in the corner as the bell rings but Trent dodges and hits a powerbomb. Dennis beats down and works over Seven to a slow pace. The crowd was very quiet during this. As Trent fights back, so does his fans as they chant for him. Seven hits a snap dragon suplex and Dennis rolls out. Seven hits a dive but when Trent misses a splash, Dennis takes over. Dennis exposes a turnbuckle and when Seven goes for his Seven Star Lariat(a rainmaker), Dennis pulls Trent into the Buckle face first. Dennis tries to give Trent a Razor’s Edge into the exposed buckle but the ref stood in the way so Eddie said “okay then” and powerbombs Trent over the top ropes and onto a guy who didn’t seem to see it coming and the barrier. Eddie Dennis then hits his finisher, a big reverse DDT for the win. Good match that started slow but good quick. Winner: Eddie Dennis in 8:17.

NXT UK Women’s Championship Match – Kay Lee Ray(c) vs Toni Storm vs Piper Niven

  • This starts hot as Toni attacks KLR before the bell. They all brawl in the ring, then at ringside. KLR and Storm fight in the ring then Niven sentons on both so Storm rolls out. This is just an all out brawl for about five minutes, then KLR gets a chair and starts beating up Storm and Niven with it. The ref starts shouting “come on Kay Lee, put the chair down.” And “There’s no need for that!” And such, until they cut the sounds from the ring. Niven stops KLR from breaking Storm’s neck, then they all hit big dives. KLR hits a senton bomb, on her neck, on nobody. After a powerbomb, Niven gets a two count. Niven counters a destroyer with one of her own with was great. Toni Storm hits Storm Zero but Niven breaks up the pin for a great nearfall. Frog splash to Niven by Storm but the KLR superkicks Storm off and out of the ring. KLR pins Niven to retain her title. Good match. Winner: Kay Lee Ray in 13:11.

An advert for the music they are using for this show: “I Can DX What I Want” by Scarlxrd.

Imperium warm up

Travis Banks is in the crowd.

Jordan Devlin vs Tyler Bate

  • As the bell rings the fans are very loudly chanting for Tyler Bate. The fans in the UK are something else and a joy to see. They battle back and forth early on. Bate wins the power battle with a gorilla press but Devlin cuts Bate off when Bate goes for a dive. Devlin works over Bate and the fans chants for both guys. Then the “Tyler, Tyler Bate” chants start again. Devlin mocks Moustache Mountain pose and fans boo. Bate throws Devlin into the corner hard and Devlin flys over and hits the floor with his face. Tyler hits his dive but Devlin gets his knees up on a crossbody off the top rope to regain the advantage. Devlin does the Liger surfboard stretch on Bate and bends him in half backwards. They both run the ropes and go for crossbodys at the same time for a double down. Devlin dodges a running Bate and slips outside. Devlin jumps the top rope but is caught by Bate who does an aeroplane spin for about 30 seconds. Bate hits a great brainbuster for a nearfall. After a few minutes of heavy back and forth, Devlin hits a slingshot cutter in the ring then another on the apron. They almost get counted out but Bate gets in at nine. They trade hard shots with forearms, kicks and punches. This escalates incredibly until they are both laying down, sitting up and punching each other. Devlin hits a huge top rope Spanish fly to Bate and immerse follows up with a side suplex for a good nearfall. At the end Bate hits a incredible springboard spinning DDT followed by a Tyler Driver 97. Devlin kicks out so Bate, very quickly, hits a twisting corkscrew splash for the win. Very very good match. Winner: Tyler Bate in 22:22.

During Bate’s celebration, Johnny Saint, William Regal and Triple H are shown clapping.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match – Four-way Ladder Match – Gallus(c) vs Imperium vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs Andrews & Webster

  • With eight men in this ladder match, you know this will get crazy, and it does. Teams are taken out and eventually it’s the Grizzled Young Vets that lead the match but momentum changes quickly early on. GYV get chairs from under the ring and take out Andrews and Webster. Imperium climb the ladder but are taken out with another ladder by Gallus. Drake dropkicks Andrews in the corner with a ladder holding him ther but lands on his leg on the ladder. This is a fast paced, constant action, bodies everywhere type of match, and if no one gets hurt then a miracle was performed. Three ladders are set up standing whilst two ladders are used separately as everyone climbs at once. Everyone takes individual bumps off the ladders then Andrews is pulled off and taken out by GYV. Imperium take over in the ring and get rid of all the other ladders and climb. Gallus attack with another ladder. Gallus take everyone out with two ladders then powerslam Gibson on the ramp. Gallus beat down Andrews and Webster at ringside then pull out tables to a big pop and a “TLC” chant. Two tables and a ladder are set up at ringside but one of the table break with no bump. Wolfgang lays on the other table. Due to the faulty table, they improvise and both Andrews and Webster senton bomb off the ladder and onto Wolfgang. Minutes later, Wolfgang Eichner through a ladder, breaking it in half. Then Gallus throw Barthel off the ladder and onto everyone else at ringside. Gallus climb the ladder and retain their titles. This was a very good match that left me worried, excited, scared, entertained, thrilled, exhausted and more. What a ride, well done to all of those guys. Winners: Gallus in 24:59.

An ad for Worlds Collide, one week from Saturday on January 25th on the WWE Network. Then the Royal Rumble.

WWE UK Championship Match – WALTER(c) vs Joe Coffey

  • This opens up with heavy grappling and big shots. They fights to ringside and Coffey is thrown over the barrier. Coffey runs back and dives back over and hits a shoulder tackle. Coffey is shorter than the champion but is powering the big man around. After a struggle, Coffey hits a stalling vertical suplex on the champ. Coffey starts to chop WALTER which angers him. WALTER begins to chop Coffey, sending the Scotsman around the ring. Coffey is sent out by WALTER and when he gets back in, WALTER runs the ropes and jumps into a seated position onto the chest of Coffey. Minutes later Coffey goes for a missile dropkick but is caught and immediately put in a Boston Crab. WALTER transitions into a STF but Coffey makes the ropes. WALTER goes for a boot but Coffey moves and they struggle for a second then WALTER suplexs Joe. This battle continues while fans cheer and chant loudly throughout. WALTER accidentally dropkicks the referee out of the ring and probably off the planet. While the ref is down and out, both men get visual pitfalls on each other and lots of people get involved. Coffey throws WALTER off the top ropes but has an injured knee so can’t crawl to make a pin. Coffey fires up when they trade punches and beats WALTER into a corner. Quickly WALTER fights back and hit a huge splash for a nearfall. Joe Coffey goes for a spinning lariat but kind of misses but WALTER.kind of sold it. After a second WALTER jumps up and takes another. WALTER hits a powerbomb, chop to the back, another powerbomb, then a sleeper crossface for a submissions victory. WALTER retains. Good match with some sloppy spots but lots of intense action. Winner: WALTER in 27:30.

as Imperium stand tall and celebrate, Undisputed Era attack the NXT UK faction to set up for Worlds Collide.

Another good NXT UK Takeover. I hope they do more of these and hopefully other places around the UK too.

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