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WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT & NXT UK on BT Sport –

With the new year comes a new era for WWE in the UK. In 1989 WWE, then WWF, first broadcast on television in the UK on Sky and has stayed in partnership with Sky for 30 years. Over those years WWE has been shown on Sky Sports, the Sky One channel and WWE pay-per-views were sold on Sky Box Office. In 2020 the deal between WWE and Sky came to an end and WWE’s new deal with BT comes into effect.

On January 1st BT announced that fans won’t just be able to watch Raw and Smackdown on BT Sport and the BT Sport app but for the first time ever, NXT will air live on BT Sport at 1:00am on Thursday mornings. BT also announced that NXT UK will air for the first time on British television, with schedule details still to come. WWE’s pay-per-views will now air on BT Sport Box Office in the UK, as well as the WWE Network.

The BT announcement reads:

NXT and NXT UK join Raw and Smackdown on BT Sport, the exclusive live broadcaster of the WWE’s flagship programming in the UK and Ireland from Wednesday 1 January, 2020.

Having announced earlier this year that Raw and Smackdown were moving to BT Sport, NXT and NXT UK will now also be available to wrestling fans.

The announcement goes on to read:

The first of NXT’s two-hour weekly shows will air at 1am on Thursday 2 January, with the first Smackdown of the year starting at the same time on Saturday 4 January before Raw takes centre stage from 1am on Tuesday 7 January.

And that’s not all, we will also air NXT UK for the first time on British television, with the weekly one-hour series showcasing the brightest stars of NXT’s UK division, with full schedule details to follow.

My Take:

This is exciting for me for the fact that since October 2nd, 2019 NXT was moved off the WWE Network, making it difficult for me to watch, and AEW’s Dynamite started live on Fite TV and airs for free later on ITV. Since then I have watched AEW every week and missed most of NXT as spoilers get out and by the time NXT is available, there is more shows to watch. NXT has unfortunately been pushed out of my wrestling schedule after a long time viewing, and with this announcement it is possibly moving back in. I fell this could be the case for many wrestling fans in the UK that want an alternative to WWE’s main product but see WWE ‘as wrestling’. Those fans may see NXT and NXT UK as a viable television option for them and they will very often deliver a good show.

BT has a very good platform with the BT TV app, BT Sport app, website and BT TV available in homes. WWE will join UFC and Boxing, among other sports, on BT Sport. Shows and events often get uploaded within 12 hours to be available to watch on the various apps and the channels are available to watch live if you just can’t wait. If you live in the UK and don’t have BT, you can sign up contract-free for £25 per month. For more information about how to watch WWE on BT Sport, CLICK HERE.

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