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AEW Dynamite – January 1, 2020 – Full Results and Review

This episode is live on TNT in the United States, TSN in Canada and Fite TV elsewhere. This show also replays on ITV in the UK. I am watching on Fite TV.

Filling in this week on commentary for Tony Schiavone is Taz. Our commentary team is Jim Ross, Excalibur and Taz.

The commentary team run down the show after a video package showing the Elite and how losing doesn’t feel very elite. We see a Darby Allin video package then we see Darby. Allin comes to the ring with someone in a mask but he leaves. Cody comes out with Arn Anderson.

Cody w/Arn Anderson vs Darby Allin

  • The bell rings as Cody’s music is still playing, then they lock up. They chain wrestle for a couple of minutes, ending in an exchange of pin attempts. Cody throws Darby Allin through the ropes and into the ring post back first. Cody is dropped on his shoulder on the apron and begins to sell it. Darby targets the arm with flying back elbows, throwing Cody into the ropes and slamming Cody forward by his arm, flat on his shoulder. Allin dropkicks Cody shoulder first into the turnbuckle then tries to submit Cody with an arm bar. Cody fights back and hits a springboard cutter called the Cody Cutter. Cody brings Allin in the ring, from the top rope, with a reverse superplex. Cody pins Allin and Darby kicks out at two. They go to a break on TNT as Cody sits in the corner. Cody slowly works over Allin with a figure four leg lock but Allin makes it to the ropes. Cody slams Allin on the wooden ramp. Cody places Allin on the top rope but Darby hits an avalanche Code Red from the top rope and Cody lands high on his shoulders. Cody kicks out at two. Cody lays in the ring as Darby goes for a Coffin Drop, a trust fall, on him but Cody rolls out of the ring. Cody lays on the apron and Allin moves and hits the Coffin Drop to Cody on the apron. Cody hits a a Cross-Rhodes but Allin kicks out. Fans go nuts for this match. Allin takes back over and goes for another Coffin Drop but Aen signals to Cody to lift the knees and he does. Cody rolls up Allin for the win. Really good match. Winner: Cody in 17:18.

Backstage Jen Decker interviews SCU who do a great job dropping nuggets of gold. Then Sammy Guevara walks in and says Daniels doesn’t have it anymore so Daniels challenges Guevara to a match next week.

AEW Women’s Championship match – Nyla Rose vs Hikaru Shida vs Britt Baker vs Riho(c)

  • Riho has been AEW Women’s champion for 91 days. Nyla attacks Riho then takes the belt and attacks them all with it. Shida stops Nyla and the bell rings. Very quickly this spills to ringside and becomes chaos. Rose sets up a table at ringside. This chaos moves in the ring where Nyla powerbombs Riho onto Britt. Nyla hits a senton to Shida on the table from the apron. So much happens, it’s very difficult to keep up but it definitely is very good. In an exchange of pin attempts between Shida, Britt and Riho, Riho pins Britt Baker to retain her title. Very fun match. Winner: Riho in 9:47.

Alex Marvez interviews Joey Janela backstage but he is low-blowed by Penelope Ford, his ex-girlfriend, who is accompanied by Superbad Kip Sabian.

Ad break.

Trent w/ Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy vs Jon Moxley

  • They trade headlock takeovers early on. Trent slaps Moxley to show he isn’t afraid of the wildman Jon Moxley. Moxley takes over with a hard clothesline and a single leg Boston Crab during the break. Moxley controls this match for awhile but about seven minutes in Trent comes back with a half-and-half suplex and dives on Moxley at ringside. Moxley continues to fight but Trent hits a huge clothesline but Moxley kicks out. Moxley rolls out to the ramp and Trent dives off the top at him. Moxley kicks Trent as he lands and DDTs him on the ramp. Back inside the ring Moxley hits another DDT for the win. Good, fun match. Winner: Moxley in 11:00.

After the match Sammy Guevara makes his way to the ring through the crowd. Sammy has some paper glasses that says “2020” and some whistles. A video plays of Jericho offering Moxley 49% of Inner Circle LLC and an Executive Vice President role in Inner Circle. Moxley says he will give Jericho his answer in person next week. Sammy has que cards for the folks in ad break right now saying he will break Dustin’s hand and foot.

Dustin Rhodes vs Sammy Guevara

  • Dustin jumps Sammy from behind. Dustin hammers at Sammy, hitting a plethora of moves on Sammy and Sammy hasn’t even got his jacket off. Dustin controls the match for a while until Jake Hager makes his way out. Dustin throws Sammy in the ring but turns around and is face-to-face with the man who broke his arm. Dustin is obviously distracted and is his with a dropkick from Sammy Guevara. Sammy controls the match from there and hits a great moonsault to the outside on Dustin. Just shy of ten minutes Dustin hits a Canadian destroyer on the apron. Dustin places Sammy in the ropes in the corner for a running low kick but the ref stops him. Sammy has a huge wedgie and distracted the ref. Jake Hager hits a low blow and Sammy pins him. Winner: Sammy Guevara in 11:19.

Jen Decker interviews Private Party in a bar but they are interrupted by Hangman Page who is taking drinks. They argue and Page is very rude, saying he could beat both of them up.

MJF and Wardlow make their way to the ring. MJF makes people kiss his ring at ringside. MJF talks to Cody about this match that Cody wants. MJF states that he has three stipulations for Cody to adhere to for him to receive his match at Revolution. Stip 1: Cody cannot touch MJF before the match on February 29th. Stip 2: Cody must have a match with Wardlow in a steel cage on Dynamite. Stip 3: Cody must get on all fours in the ring and get whipped 10 times by MJF with a leather whip.

Hangman Page makes his way to the ring to join commentary for the main event.

An interview with Jurassic Express which is faed out before it ended.

The Elite vs The Lucha Brothers & PAC

  • Omega and Pentagon Jr kick off the match. This match quickly turns wild when PAC targets Omega from the apron. Fenix and Nick tag in and they go at it while fans cheer and go nuts. The Elite run wild through the break and when they come back the match only gets better. Each exchange was incredible. These six guys put on one hell of a match that I thoroughly enjoyed. This was easily the best match of the night with very fast paced action. The finish saw Kenny Omega kick Fenix out of the air and hitting a One Winged Angel for the pin fall. Winners: The Elite in 12: 24.

After the match Cody came out to celebrate with Matt, Nick and Kenny Omega as the show ended. Hangman was invited to the ring but didn’t go.

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