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AEW Dynamite – Episode 12 – Full Results and Review

This is my review of All Elite Wresting’s Dynamite, episode 12 from Corpus Christi on December 18th, 2019.

The show opened hot with Kenny Omega, Hangman Page and The Lucha Brothers already in the ring. The AEW Dynamite music plays in the background as Jim Ross welcomes us.

Justin Roberts announces the match is set for one fall and has a 30 minute time limit.

Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page vs The Lucha Brothers

  • As this match starts, Kenny and Fenix are in the ring and the fans very loudly chant “Zero Miedo” and “Cowboy Shit”. Omega and Fenix have a very good first few minutes and then tag Penta and Page. Penta shoves his hands into the face of Page as he says his catchphrase “Zero Miedo” then Page did the same back but saying “Cowboy Shit”. Page and Hangman take out Penta and Fenix then Kenny goes to high ten but Page seems to hesitate. Omega hits a Terminator dive on both Lucha Bros. Hangman tags in but Lucha Bros put him down and work him over. When Kenny tags in the Lucha Bros take over the match and take out Oage at ringside. We see a Dark Order image pop up on the screen. They keep knocking Page off the apron. Lucha Bros choke Omega in their corner until Omega kicks back and rolls to his corner to tag Page. Page runs wild for a little bit but then is cut off. They all hit big moves, then Hangman Page accidentally hits his Buckshot lariat on Omega then the Lucha Bros hits the assisted piledriver to win. Winners: The Lucha Brothers in 17:48.

After the match Hangman and Omega argue and shove each other, until PAC is shown on the screen with a microphone. He asks if Kenny remembers who he(PAC) is and then says he wants to remind Kenny what he is capable of and goes into Michael Nakazawa’s lockeroom. Kenny runs from the ring and goes backstage but the room is empty. As Kenny is marching around looking for Nakazawa backstage he is attacked by The Lucha Brothers. Page helps Omega out but then Omega keeps looking for Nakazawa when he got up.

Then Darby Allin skates down the hallway. Fans chant “Darby”.

Back from the break and our commentary team thank us for joining and wish us happy holidays. They then run down the upcoming show. At the 30 minute point in the show we are ready for Darby Allin and Cody vs The Butcher and The Blade.

The Bucher & Blade w/The Bunny vs Darby Allin & Cody

  • The butcher and Allin lock up and The Butcher swings Darby around and throws him. Butcher tags Blade. Darby dodges Blade and dropkicks Butcher on the apron. Darby Allin then does a Lucha arm drag to send Blade to ringside. Cody tags in against the Butcher. Fans chant for Cody loudly. Butcher takes out Cody and tags Blade. Cody slams Blade so Butcher tags back in. Cody sent over the ropes as Bunny distracted the referee. Back in the ring Butcher lifts Cody with a gut wrench, Blade tags in and they hit a gut wrench/leg drop double team move. Butcher tags in, Cody fights back, but Butcher catches Cody off a crossbody and gives him a fall-away slam. They work over Cody until Cody and Blade both go for a running crossbody for s double down. Allin gets the tag and runs wild on Blade but Butcher gets a blind tag. Butcher works over Darby. Darby tags Cody. Cody hits a Cross-Rhodes but Bunny distracted the referee. In some mayhem, Darby hits a Coffin drop on Butcher on the apron from the top rope then inside the ring Cody hit a springboard cutter where Cody ran up the ropes and jumped backwards to hit the cutter. Cody pins Blade and Darby wants his rematch with Cody. Winners: Darby Allin and Cody in 10:47.

Jungle Boy hype video with clips of “Jungle Jack Perry” working out, wrestling, being with Jurassic Express and Jericho’s voice over it saying “You couldn’t last ten minutes with me.”

During the break we see close ups of fan’s signs. One says “AEW is big in Texas” and another says “Brandi Cut My Hair”.

Back from break and we have Miranda Alize making her way to the ring. She comes to the ring with a mask on but takes it off for the match.

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Awesome Kong makes her way to the ring with Brandi Rhodes and Melanie Cruise. Brandi cuts an inset promo as they enter the ring. She says tonight is the night “The alien comes home” to the Nightmare Collective.

Awesome Kong vs Miranda Alize

  • Kong gave Miranda an elbow as she held the hair. Kong then hits a face buster and pins her. Winner: Kong in 0:44.

Jungle Boy talks to JR in a very good pre-recorded interview about Chris Jericho the man, and the legend. Then they speak about Jungle Boy’s dad, the late Luke Perry. This wasn’t long but it was good. More of this on Dynamite please.

As we head into the 53rd minute of Dynamite, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring with Big Hurt Jake Hager, to face Jungle Boy.

Before the match Jericho cuts a promo during commercial break and Sammy comes down with bug cards so people who can see the picture-in-picture can read along. Jericho says:

“People say that they can’t hear us during picture-in-picture. Does the Network(TNT) think we’re stupid? We’re The Inner Circle and we’ll always find a way around things. Because… We’re geniuses. And nobody from Corpus Christi has ever been a genius, I tell you that. Now you may not be able to hear. But you can read. Well.. Once again this is Corpus Christi Texas so, SOME of you can read. You are some stupid sons of bitches, aren’t ya?”

A card reads “for 109 days.” But they are cut off but Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy.

Chris Jericho vs Jungle Boy

  • As they circle each other, a timer ticks down on the screens. Jungle Boy gets a few nearfalls in the opening moments but the larger Le Champion takes over and beats down Jungle Boy with a slower pace. Jericho hits a code breaker and doesn’t even go for a pin. Jericho lines up Jungle Boy as fans chant for the young Perry boy. Jake Hager and Luchasaurus brawl at ringside then Marko jumps at Hager and is killed in the air. Referee Aubrey Edwards sends Hager and Luchasaurus away. Luchasaurus carries the carcass of Marko Stunt to the back. Jungle Boy makes a huge comeback and hits two dives on Jericho. Jericho is sent back in the ring and Jungle Boy hits a top rope DDT for two. Jericho elbows Jungle Boy and goes for a lionsault but Jungle Boy moves and hits one on Jericho. Inside three minutes remaining and Jericho pins Jungle Boy but he kicks out. Jericho hits catapult on Jungle Boy sending him into the bottom rope. Jungle Boy fights back with forearms but Jericho hits a powerbomb. Jericho gets Jungle Boy in a brutal looking Lion Tamer with 1:15 left on the clock. Jungle Boy holds on and lasts ten minutes. Winner: Time-limit draw.

Jericho is livid and demands five more minutes then slaps Justin Roberts.

  • Jericho gets back in the ring and throws Jungle Boy over the ropes but Jungle Boy skins the cat and gets back in. Jungle Boy then gets a few nearfalls as the ref counts but after one minute, Jericho gets his belt and walks out. Jungle Boy and the referee leave but the bell does not ring to end the match again.

Jericho makes his way back to ringside during the break and throws a tantrum, throwing chairs and tables, shouting at Jungle Boy’s family at ringside and hitting the ring post with a chair. Fans chant “ass-hole”. Tony Schiavone gets ready to speak to Jericho on the stage. Tony tries to talk to Jericho as Jericho says Jungle Boy didn’t beat him and didn’t last ten minutes, even though he definitely did. Then Jericho grabs the mic and speaks to Moxley. Jericho explains that AEW Dynamite wont be on next week because it’s Christmas but on January 1st Inner Circle have a surprise for Moxley. Jericho wishes Moxley a happy Christmas. Backstage promo with SCU and Lucha Bros where Penta says Daniels doesn’t have it anymore. Daniels steps up, hangs his head, and walks off.

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During the break The Bucks and SCU warm up backstage.

Kris Statlander makes her way to the ring for a number one contender match.

Number 1 Content Match – Kris Statlander vs Britt Baker

  • In last week’s rankings Britt was number 1 and Statlander made it to number 2. Early on Statlander gets a “boop” on the nose of Britt. They trade quick pins but both kick out. Britt gets a hold as they go to break for TNT. During the break Britt stomps down Kris but Kris reverses an Irish whip and clotheslines Britt. Back from break they trade clotheslines in the corners as Statlander makes a comeback. Britt hits a horrible Slingblade, I wish she would drop that move altogether. A plug for shows on the screen and the announcers are perplexed. Statlander comes in with a discus lariat but Britt catches her and goes for her submission finish. Kris Statlander stands up with Britt on her, turns Britt and drops her on her head with a tombstone. Winner: Kris Statlander in 9:35.

Tony Schiavone is ready to talk to Kris but Brandi Rhodes comes out and sends Tony on his way. Brandi says she comes in peace and then asks, “Are you with the Nightmare Collective or not?” Kris wags her finger to say no. Kris is distracted by Kong and Melanie Cruise then Brandi hits her with a shoe.

Tully and Shawn Spears talk about how the tag division is taken seriously and it’s big money. They then go scouting for a partner for Spears.

We get a video package of The Bucks talking about how they have built the best tag division in the world but they are not the best at the moment. Nick and Matt are having Christmas with SCU and they hope it doesn’t get awkward when they have the belts on display. The Bucks and SCU are in the ring when we come back.

Tag Team Championship Match – The Young Bucks vs SoCal Uncensored(c)

  • This starts at an incredibly fast pace as the Bucks and SCU hit about 100 spots in the first minute. The fans are very hot for this match. Not even three minutes in, Nick gets a tag and runs absolutely wild on SCU. Matt and Nick use quick tags and Nick comes flying off the top rope to ringside, he is incredible. Matt has Scorpio in a sharpshooter and as Scorpio nearly gets to the ropes, Nick comes flying in with a face buster. Kaz then DDTs Matt. Kaz and Nick tag in and it all goes wild. Sky hits a huge dive on The Bucks then they work over Matt in the ring. Matt hits a spear and tags Nick. Matt has been selling the injuries from last week so Nick is having to be great, and he is. Matt and Kaz trade strikes and Matt crumbles. Matt is suplexed on his head and suffered a stinger. Nick is DDTed on the apron and then SCU hits the SCU-Later for the win and to retain the belts. Winners: SoCal Uncensored in 10:45.

After the match Creepers surround the ring then The Dark Order comes out. They say this is not a recruitment, but an initiation. Dustin Rhodes, Cody and Kenny Omega all run down to help but Adam Page doesn’t come down. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson control the Creepers with Alex Reynolds and John Silver. After beating everyone down, The Dark Order give masks to Silver and Reynolds as they hold a bloody Matt Jackson.

Going into this show I was really hoping for The Bucks to win the tag titles, but alas, they didn’t. Not only did the Bucks lose another big match but they and all the top babyfaces get beaten down at the end by what can only be described as a gang of spooky perverts in masks. Silver and Reynolds and now in that gang. And that was how AEW ended 2019, they won’t be back next week due to Christmas but they will be back one week later on January 1st, 2020.

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