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Warrior Wrestling 7 – Full Results and Review

This is my complete review of Warrior Wrestling Seven.

This show was live on Fite TV, with replays available on Fite and Highspots Wrestling Network one week after the event.

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The show opens with a woman singing star spangled banner.

Ethan Page walks out and tells the woman to “stay in school, alright?” ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page then cuts a promo on the roster saying that he’ll be back on February 15th and he is bring his stag partner. The commentators mentioned that Page wasn’t even supposed to be here. The Space Pirates, Space Monkey and Shane Sabre. Ethan won’t hand the mic over unless it’s to the monkey. The monkey then challenged Ethan in a squeaky voice then they fought. The babyface Space Pirates got the better of the heal Ethan Page two-on-one then celebrated.

Jake Lander vs Templario

  • This starts with a bit of mat wrestling with isn’t as crisp as both men can be. They miss a few spots but manage to keep it going. This starts to get good when they seem to have some communication issues again. Templario hits a few big moves in a row, an awesome destroyer included, to get the fans back into it. Not much to say about this except it probably went too long. Templario wins with a second rope front facing suplex. Winner: Templario in 13:57.

Holidead vs Savanna Stone

  • Stone is obviously very green but did well considering she is only 19 years old. Stone was punching above her weight but this was still clunky and fans were mostly silent. Holidead is a well-traveled pro wrestler who has worked ROH, Mexico shows and all over the USA. Holidead held this together well enough to get a good reaction at the end. Savanna Stone wins with a running spear from nowhere. Stone is green but young, I look forward to seeing her in the future. Winner: Savanna Stone in 8:57.

IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship Match – Blake Christian vs Carlos Romo vs Ace Austin(c)

  • Before the match the commentators tell us that mention that Ace Austin’s bag didn’t turn up and that was the bag with the belt in it. Then Ace Austin announced that he just didn’t bring it because he doesn’t trust Chicago and therefore this is not a Championship match. This starts very fast with Romo and Christian looking great. Ace Austin uses a playing card as a weapon on Romo to slow the pace down. Christian gets back in the ring and that leaves time for Romo to recover. Carlos Romo runs wild for a minute or two. Blake Christian hits a moonsault and comes so close to smashing his legs on the barricade but moves last second. Blake Christian hits a powerslam then a big lionsault for a close two count and fans booed the kick out. Romo superplexed Austin and pins him but Blake moonsaults off the second rope to break it up. They all trade finishers at the end, including a twisting splash from the top rope by Blake which looked great. Ace Austin rolls up Christian for the win. Fun match. Winner: Ace Austin in 11:05.

Frank the Clown comes out. People boo him. Frank cuts a promo and I couldn’t really make out what he was saying but it appears he is managing Robert ‘Ego’ Anthony. Anthony makes his way to the ring.

Robert ‘Ego’ Anthony w/Frank the Clown vs Jake Atlas

  • This starts slow as Anthony stalls. The commentators speak about how Jake Atlas is an openly gay person who has finally found acceptance in professional wrestling. Atlas takes this to ringside and hits a 619 on the apron. Frank the Clown distracts Atlas and Ego takes over. Jake chops Ego Anthony and he collapses and screams while holding his chest. Atlas cartwheels across the top rope and hits a cool DDT. To the behest of the crowd, Robert Anthony pins Atlas after a Death Valley Driver and interference from Frank. Winner: Robert Ego Anthony in 11:25.

Sam Adonis vs Michael Elgin

  • They lock up but Elgin pushes Adonis back into the corner. Adonis calls for a clean break and gets it. Adonis pushes Elgin to the corner and chops the chest. Elgin calls for the test of strength and gets it. This is where Elgin takes over. Elgin allows Adonis to chop him then chops Adonis to the mat. Adonis fights back and gets Big Mike in a sleeper. Elgin powers out of the sleeper and continues to beat down Adonis. After a minute or two Adonis fights back, kicks Elgin to ringside, and dives over the top rope and on Elgin. Adonis hits a big Death Valley driver on Elgin for a two count. Adonis climbs the ropes but is cut off and Elgin hits a superplex for two. Elgin hits a falcon arrow but Adonis kicks out. Adonis goes fir a dropkick but Elgin turns it into a powerbomb. They beat the hell out of each other with forearms. Elgin hits a DVD on the ring apron. Twisting brainbuster from Adonis for a two and he goes for a senton from the top rope but Elgin moves. They continue to lay it in and as the both hit clotheslines, the bell rings. It was a time-limit draw. Elgin cuts a promo afterwards about how he appreciates the cheers from the fans. It is also his birthday. Elgin asks for five more minutes and the ref runs back. As the ref is getting ready to restart the match Adonis walks off saying he had done what he was contractually obliged to do. Looks like a rematch with no time-limit. Winner: Time-limit Draw

Lucha Scramble Match – Drago vs Aero Star vs Rey Horus vs Black Torus vs Gringo Loco

  • This is just insanity to start with five fast and athletic luchadors. This is very fast but the match doesn’t lose any physicality for speed. There is no way is could recap this move-by-move with the speed and pace but this was an excellent match that I thoroughly enjoyed. Black Torus pins the local man, Gringo Loco wth a spinning brainbuster thing. Winner: Black Torus in 8:48.

They plug that Kurt Angle will be up next. Then they are informed that Kurt Angle will be on during the intermission for the crowd in the building. Then we go to intermission. No Kurt Angle for the viewers at home. They say that they will show some Warrior Wrestling action during intermission but that doesn’t happen.

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We come back from the break as the ref gets in the ring and fans go nuts. Lance Archer is making his way to the ring.

Lance Archer vs Brian Pillman Jr

  • Archer starts with a bang and throws Pillman to the corner. Pillman chops Archer but it does nothing. Archer spills to ringside and Pillman tries to take advantage. Archer is too powerful but Pillman continues to slug away and chop down this redwood. Pillman starts to get somewhere but then slaps Archer, waking him up. They go to ringside and as the ref counts, Archer chases him down. Archer stomps on the throat of Pullman and as the ref counts, Archer chases him down again. Pillman tries to chop but Archer doesn’t even move. Archer forearms Pillman and Brian flys across the ring. Pillman fights back and hits a dropkick to the face of Archer. Archer doesn’t stay down for long. Pillman picks up Archer looking for a knee but Archer jumps up and hits a massive knee of his own. Archer hits a chokeslam that got a good nearfall. Archer beats down Pillman then grabs the EBD Claw on the head of Pillman and slams Pillman’s head into the mat and pins him. Hell of a beating. Winner: Lance Archer in 11:40.

Filthy Tom Lawlor vs Minoru Suzuki

  • This match is why I bought the show. I am very excited for this. The fans love the Suzuki entrance and all sing along to his KAZE NI NARE entrance music. This starts as a very legitimate grappling match. They fight over armbars. First Lawlor has to make it to the ropes, then Suzuki. This spills to ringside when Suzuki gets an armbar in the ropes. Suzuki uses a chair and the ref has to let it go. Lawlor throws himself at The King Suzuki but Suzuki shrugged it off. Back in the ring Lawlor and Suzuki trade insane chops, then Suzuki hits a forearm. They trade quick forearms. Suzuki’s forearms are vicious weapons and make one hell of a sounds. Tom Lawlor hits a falcon arrow and Suzuki seems stunned as he checked his head. They continue to hit each other so hard sweat flys off. Suzuki drops Lawlor with a forearm and plays to the crowd which was great. Minoru Suzuki hits a Gotch-Style piledriver after trading sleeper holds and pins Tom Lawlor. As the ref holds Suzuki’s hand up, Minoru Suzuki grabs his arm. On his way to the back, a child chops Suzuki so he chokes the child. Winner: Minoru Suzuki in 12:06.

El Phantasmo vs Brian Cage

  • Before the match ELP gets the mic and says CM Punk sucks and gets cheered so he moves on the Colt Cabana, Chicago Pizza and all the people in Chicago. ELP hands the mic to the ref and Cage take ELP down with a clothesline. They brawl to ringside and ELP climbs over the barrier. Cage beats up ELP all over the building. Cage takes it back to the ring and ELP calls for a time out. After a scrap on the apron, ELP dives through the ropes and on Cage. ELP puts Cage’s fingers in the turnbuckle thread and hits it with a chair. Cage is super powerful but not afraid to climb the ropes. Cages tries to superplex ELP but ELP escapes and puts Cage in the tree of woe. ELP stomps on the nuts of Cage to a four count. ELP uses his speed as he whips out Cage and hits a lionsault on Cage for two. Cage gets a nearfall so close on ELP that the ref actually counts three but immediately shouts “two” while holding two fingers up. Cage misses a senton off the top rope and ELP follows up with a destroyer with ELP jumping and spinning off the second rope and straight over Cage’s head. Great move. Cage hits a big clothesline and a falcon arrow slam called the Drill Claw for the win. Really good match again as this continues to entertain. Winner: Brian Cage in 14:53.

CHAOS(Will Ospreay, Amazing Red & Rocky Romero) vs The Rascalz(Dezmond Xavier, Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)

  • Wentz and Romero start the match and The Rascalz obviously idolise the three Chaos members. Romero and Wentz have a fun little back and forth with Romero seemingly getting the better of Wentz. Red and Xavier tag in and have a great, super quick, high flying minute or so and they then tag in Ospreay and Miguel. Trey Miguel actually seems to get the better of Ospreay briefly but not long later, Ospreay brings in the chops. When Ospreay starts chopping Miguel he goes to his knees. Miguel is strung upside down in the corner and Chaos take turns dropkicking him. Then all of Chaos dropkick Miguel at once. Ospreay tags in Rocky as they work over Miguel. Miguel tags out to Wentz. Wentz takes over and beats up Rocky then tags Xavier. They all take turns quick tagging and dropping elbows on Rocky over the ropes. The Rascalz get the heat on Rocky. Red gets the hot tag and flys around taking everyone out. Red tags Will who then also flys around. Will lands a standing corkscrew shooting star press and a Pip Pip Cheerio across the ring. Rocky starts his forever clotheslines and that leads to everyone taking each other out with kicks and flips and ends with Rocky taking out two Rascalz with his forever clotheslines. The fans stand up and cheer. Great. Red hits a dive and he flys for miles. Dives and top rope moves from everyone. Code Red off the top ropes to ringside on people. Ospreay hits a shooting star in the ring. Ospreay hits the Hidden Blade on Xavier followed by a Stormbreaker for the win. That was great, really great match. Winners: Chaos, Will Ospreay, Amazing Red and Rocky Romero in 22:26.

And that was the end of the show. You can find this on Fite TV or Highspots just one week after the event, and I would if possible because this show was a lot of fun, especially the second half. I would prefer a show that is less than four hours and would like a couple of these matches being “preshow” or dark matches and shorten the PPV portion. That being said, well worth the time.

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