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Game Changer Wrestling – Long. Live. GCW – Results and Review

This show took place on December 8th, 2019 and aired on Fite TV as a part of a double-pack special offering two shows for little more than the price of one.

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Our commentary team for this show is Kevin Gill & Joey Janela

The show opens with our ring announcer screaming his head off but the crowd is so loud I can’t hear a word. Looks fun. The commentary was alot more clear than the WOMBAT show the previous night.

Scramble Match – Jordan Oliver vs Manders vs Gringo Loco vs Jake Lander vs KTB vs JJ Garrett

  • This is a real mix of personalities, sizes and shapes all in one match and I like it. We have the bug guys, high flyers and brawlers. At first they fight one-on-one all in the ring, then they brawl all over with two in the ring. This match quickly becomes chaos with fans going nuts. Multiple dives, massive power spots and a tombstone on the apron, then a door is introduced. Jake Lander holds JJ Garrett on his back then runs across the ring and dive through the door previously set up and gets the win. Very fun match. Winner Jake Lander in 12:42.

Ricky Shane Page comes to the ring to apologise to Nick Gage. Gage comes out and Page slides Gage his title back and says sorry. RSP then asks for a title shot. Gae responded with “I fight anybody, anywhere, anytime. You can have your match, pussy.” Nick Gage plays to the crowd, they love him and that was that.

Smoking Budz vs Violence is Forever

  • This spills to ringside quickly and one of the Smoking Budz flips off a stage onto VIF. After a brief flurry by the Budz, VIF wear down one of the Budz. The Budz tag and both run wild on VIF until they are both caught in submissions. The Smoking Budz tried hard but after a series of piledrivers, backbrakers and powerbombs, Violence is Forever pick up the win. Winners: Violence is Forever in 8:43.

Orange Cassidy vs Arik Cannon vs Tony Deppen

  • This is very much your usual Orange Cassidy match with spots to do with his hands in his pockets and Deppen’s hand stuck in Cassidy’s pocket. This wasn’t just a low-energy Orange Cassidy style match but for time to time a fast paced match. Fans hated Deppen while loving Orange Cassidy. Cassidy and Cannon share a drink after the match and fans chant “both these guys” so the match worked. Deppen rolled up Cassidy for the win. Winner: Tony Deppen in 10:41.

Jimmy Lloyd vs Matthew Justice vs Alex Colon vs Shlak

  • To start they all head to ringside to get chairs. They then regroup in the ring, throw the chairs down and punch each other. Shlak and Matt Justice trade hard unprotected chair shots to the head. They all brawl around the ring and in the crowd. Within five minutes Shlak is busted open. Shlak has a metal bar and stabs Justice with it. Lloyd suplexs Shlak on a chair that looked brutal. Justice throws doors in the ring while Shlak chokes Lloyd with the small metal pole. In the ring Shlak runs head first through a door then immediately German suplexs Justice through one. Justice suplexs Cannon off the ropes and they go through multiple doors as the picture goes off. We see a control panel that is being controlled by those running the show so you actually miss the pin but you hear everything. That was a fun mat h but it’s a shame you missed the end. Winner: Matthew Justice in 10:08.


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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


After the intermission the ring announcer welcomes us back. Marko Stunt and Papa Stunt is on commentary.

Shane Mercer vs Logan Stunt

  • Logan starts hot with quick strikes, but it does nothing. Mercer fights back with ease and belly-to-belly suplexs Stunt across the ring from corner to corner. Mercer holds Logan high in the air and drops Logan across his knee. Mercer continues the beat down with huge slams that look awesome because Logan is so small and light, Mercer looks like a bad Superman. Mercer throws Logan over the ropes and into the crowd, who then crowd serfs him to the stage. They fight on the stage but after a while Mercer throws Logan off the stage, across the building and through a door. and into a steel girder, also taking out fans. Mercer continues the beating in the ring but somehow Logan picks up Mercer and DVDs him through a door. Mercer ends Logan Stunt’s life with a backflip tombstone from the second rope and pins him. Winner: Shane Mercer in 12:54.

Chris Dickenson vs Brett Ison

  • They brawl at ringside with a chair before the bell sounds. Ison gets the upper hand and throws Dickenson back in. The bell rings. This is a big lads wrestling match for sure as these two large men beat the crap out of each other with very heavy and hard hitting moves. Nit much fancy in this match and these very vocal fans are loving it. Dickenson gets a good nearfall in the eighth minute with a Death Valley Driver. Ison fights back and sends Dickenson to ringside again then dives on him. Dickenson powerbombs Brett Ison off the ropes, across the ring for the win. Good physical match here. Winner: Chris Dickenson in 12:46.

Blake Christian vs Jake Atlas

  • This match starts with a great exchange where both seemed to come off even and fans chant “both these guys”. Blake Christian comes off great in the opening minutes but is cut off by Atlas on the outside. In the sixth minute fans chant “this is awesome” as Christian fights back and targets the arm of Atlas but Jake Atlas grabs the hair of Blake and hits a neckbreaker. Christian gathers momentum with clotheslines and gets a two count with a lionsault. Atlas hits a cartwheel DVD, Penalty kick and a moonsault for a nearfall. Atlas sells his arm a lot. They German suplex each other over and over. Blake hits a reverse rana then gets hits with a knee. Fans love this. Cristian hits a low 619 then a springboard lungblower for a two as fans chant “ginger ninja”. Atlas climbs the ropes and hits his head on the ceiling so Blake takes advantage and tries to submit Jake Atlas. Atlas climbs back up the ropes but doesn’t hit his head this time, Blake Christian then dodges the attack and rolls up Atlas for the win. Really good match. Winner: Blake Christian in 16:13.

Mance Warner vs Effy

  • To start the match, as a play off the whole “WCW” theme that Mance plays up, Effy pulls out money from his trunks, does a Hogan impression and a finger poke of doom for a two count. This match then ends in DQ as Mance throws Effy over the top rope. It is then restarted and Effy suplexs Mance and the ref counts three as both men’s shoulders were down. The match ends in a draw. The match restarts but with just 30 seconds left and ends in a time-limit draw. The match restarts and the ref is taken out with a guitar. Mance gets a cattle prod but loads of guys run down. Then Marko Stunt as STING. Sting takes everyone out with a baseball bat and hits a Scorpion Death drop on Mance Warner. Warner fights back and puts Effy through a door with a diamond cutter for the win. Winner: Mance Warner in ???

Main event

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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


GCW Championship Match – AJ Gray vs Nick Gage

  • This Championship brawl starts hot with Gage getting half a door early on. Gage is handed loads of stuff all of a sudden. Chairs, doors, half doors and they get going. Gray hits an exploder suplex off some chairs. Gray puts a full door on some chairs and beats Gage into a corner and goes for a superplex but Gage hits a low blow. Gage then hits a sunset flip powerbomb through the door. Two guys run down and beat up Gage as fans chant “bullshit”. Gray knocks them out of the ring and realises that Gage is down. Gray climbs the ropes and hits a big leg drop from the top and pins Nick Gage to win the Championship. Fans are blown away that Gage lost after nearly holding the title for 800 days. Fans chant “AJ Gray”. Gage takes the guys that screwed him out as they fight out of the building. Winner: AJ Gray in 7:10.

After the match and winning the belt, AJ Gray cuts a promo about what this means to him the Ricky Shane Page attacked Gray. RSP cashes in his title match and we have a new match starting.

GCW Championship Match – AJ Gray vs Ricky Shane Page

  • This looked like it would end quickly with AJ retaining but then RSP hit a chokebreaker and pins Gray for the title. This got lots of heat. Winner: Ricky Shane Page in 1:02.

That was the end of that. Good show with a array of different styles, body types, personalities and matches. This was a true variety of professional wrestling and I liked it.

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