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AEW: DARK – Episode 10 – Results and Review

This show is available for free on YouTube.

The show starts with a recap of Dynamite and last weeks Dark, centred around Cody’s promo, Brandi Rhodes’ promo and the Jon Moxley vs Janela match ending with Jericho in the crowd. We then get the AEW Dark music as Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez welcomes us. They talk about the Moxley and Jericho situation. They give us the card for tonight. First, Scorpio Sky vs Peter Avalon vs Jimmy Havoc, then John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs Jurassic Express and the main event of Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford vs Kenny Omega.

Chuck Taylor joins Excalibur on commentary for what will be a fun show, I’m sure. Orange Cassidy is also there but whether he speaks or not is questionable. Taylor and Excalibur have commentated together on PWG show previously and have gelled well then. This should be fun.

Peter Avalon vs Jimmy Havoc vs Scorpio Sky

  • Havoc immediately swears at both Sky and Avalon then goes to ringside and grabs weapons. While looking for weapons, Havoc is taken out by Scorpio Sky. After a few minutes of back and forth in the ring with all three, Avalon and Havoc find themselves working together to take out Sky. Avalon turns on Havoc, Sky comes back and takes out Avalon. Sky belly-to-belly suplexs Avalon over the ropes and onto Havoc. Sky dives on Havoc and Avalon. Havoc finds his staple gun and approaches Sky but is attacked from behind by Avalon. Sky catches Avalon when he goes for a leapfrog andnhuts a Death Valley Driver to win. Winner: Scorpio Sky in 6:28.

We go back to Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez who throw to a Dark Order video.

In this video two men are taken to a woodland setting after applying to Join the Dark Order.

Evil Uno asks the first man: “Are you sure you’re ready?”

Man 1: Yes.

Evil Uno: “To lose it all?”

Man 1: “Yes.”

Evil Uno: “To sacrifice it all?”

Man 1: “Yes.”

Evil Uno: “What is your motive for joining the Dark Order?”

Man 1: “Revenge.”

Evil Uno: “You are one.”

The next man comes down and Evil Uno takes the bag off his head and says: “Look at me. Are you one with the Dark Order?”

Man 2: “yes.”

Evil Uno: “Will you disown your family for the Dark Order?”

Man 2: “yes.”

Evil Uno: “Then What is your motive for joining the Dark Order?”

Man 2: “I just wanted friends.”

Then Stu Grayson kicks Man 2 and all the creepers crawl over him and vigorously rub him down.

Tony and Dasha talk about it and seem creeped out. Then they show us a recap of Jericho’s promo. This promo turned into a match between Jericho vs Jungle that will take place on Dynamite December 18th.

John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs Jurassic Express

  • This starts with Luchasaurus taking out both Reynolds and Silver, then he tags Marko Stunt. Stunt has a good few minutes then is cut off and stomped down. They beat down Marko for a few minutes but Reynolds goes to Wheelbarrow Marko but Marko reverses and tags Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus takes out both men then chokeslams them both. Lucha tags Marko then they hit a double team move on Reynolds and Marko pins Reynolds to get his first victory. Winners: Jurassic Express in 6:15.

Tony and Dasha talk about the match then pass to the newest member of the team, Lexi Nair. Lexi recaps the Leva bates/Nyla Rose/Shanna segment from Dynamite last week. Lexi Nair then goes over the Bradi Rhodes segment then we see a recap. Brandi tries to recruit Kris Statlander but instead a fan starts screaming that she wants to pledge to the Nightmare Collective. Lexi talks about Big Swole then we see a video package about Big Swole and what that name means. Big Swole talks about how she nearly died and had to have emergency surgery to remove her intestines and how she was told she couldn’t have kids. She then talks about how she got pregnant. We see Kenny Omega offering Big Swole a deal with AEW after her match.

The AEW Women’s rankings from this past Friday(December 6th, 2019) is as follows:

  1. Hikaru Shida
  2. Nyla Rose
  3. Emi Sakura
  4. Britt Baker
  5. Kris Statlander

We see a clip of Christopher Daniels backstage with a doctor saying “you came back too early.” Daniels is questioned by Alex Marvez and Chris is not happy. Daniels says he needs to figure out how to get in the mindset to beat Pentagon Jr.

More video packages. We see a video package for the Butcher, the Blade and the Bunny. Followed by a video of Cody’s promo. Too many video packages!

A promo from MJF that says he paid the Butcher, the Blade and the Bunny to attack him. Good promo but I’m getting bored of all these video packages.

A recap video package of The Bucks & Dustin Rhodes vs Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz, which was a great match but Jeez.. ANOTHER VIDEO PACKAGE. Backstage Santana and Ortiz challenge The Young Bucks to a street fight tomorrow(December 11, 2019) on AEW Dynamite.

Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford vs Kenny Omega

  • The match starts with some good mat wrestling. Omega seems to get the upper hand early on. Sabian uses his speed to counter Omega but Onega steps it up and takes over. Omega chops the hell out of Sabian then chops him out of the ring. Penelope Ford gets on the apron to stop the dive from Omega. Sabian takes over here. Sabian takes advantage of Omega for a little while, he plays heel very well. Sabian takes his time and that gives Omega a chance to comeback. Omega and Sabian trade shots and Omega wins that. Omega nearly kills Sabian with a lariat then hits You Can’t Escape for a two. Sabian fights back and hits a swinging DDT for a two. It sounds like fans are chanting “Little kid”. The ref puts gloves on as Sabian has a busted lip. Killer powerbomb to Sabain then a V-Trigger. Sabain grabs the ref to stop another V-Trigger then Ford gets involved. The ref is always in the right position to miss everything Penelope Ford did. Even with that, Kenny fights back and hits another V-Trigger and a few snap Dragon suplexs. Kenny nearly wins with a Tiger Driver 98 then hits another V-Trigger and a One Winged Angel to win. Great match. Winner: Kenny Omega in 14:19.

Omega grabs the mic to speak and it goes back to Tony and Dasha to close the show.

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