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GCW – W.O.M.B.A.T – Results and Review

This is one of two Game Changer Wrestling show on this weekend.

The show opens with the “W.O.M.B.A.T.” logo stating that it was “EST. 1992” and underneath “Warriors Of Mat Battle And Trouble”. The top left of the screen is the hashtag “#WOMBATreturns”.

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The show moves to a small ring with yellow ropes, where fans cheer and chant “WOMBAT” and “GCDub”. The ring announcer welcomes us to the show and sends us to the control centre.

We see the commentary team Kevin Gill and Papa Stunt. Team GCW head to the “Control Centre” area. After an awkward promo and an even more awkward pause after Papa Stunt says “I don’t know what to expect.” Kevin Gill throws it back to the ring where we have a match. Joey Jenela joins commentary here.

John Carlos, Spank Michaels, Kyle Francis & Jaden Newman vs Nick Gage, Brett Ison, KTB, AJ Gray

  • The first match start I all I know is Nick Gage is in it. It starts and AJ Gray pins a guy in 15 seconds with a Death Valley Driver. KTB pins a guy in 44 seconds with a huge powerbomb and a piledriver. Then Kyle Francis gets in with Brett Ison and slaps Ison. Ison pins Kyle quick then Gage pinned the last guy at 1:44 with a backbraker. Winners: Team GCW in 1:44.

Team GCW beat down the last guy and Gage attacks someone’s leg and he is carried out.

*Thoughts: Fun little opener that didn’t go long at all but was entertaining and set the mood for the evening.

The Smokin Budz make their way to the ring.

Smokin Budz vs Cabana Man Dan & Blake Christian

  • Blake Christian and Cabana man Dan were already in the ring when Smokin Budz made their entrance to Cypress Hill’s ‘Hits From The Bong’. The bell rings and one of the Smokin Budz is Smoking and very rudely blowing smoke in the face of Cabana Man Dan, fans cheer. Dan puts it out with his flip-flops. After a brief moment of offence by Dan and Blake Christian, the Budz take over. Blake Christian fights back and tags Dan and Dan runs wild, kinda, with his flip-flops in his hand. At some point the rules were thrown out and people were everywhere. Smokin Budz get the win with a neckbreaker/superkick combo double team move. Winners: Smokin Budz in 4:46.

Blake Christian turns on his partner, Cabana Man Dan, with a cutter after the match.

Joey Janela takes the mic and speaks about a hepatitis scare at the last show and everyone has been tested. He says “No hepatitis A, B, C or H”. I’m not sure what happened at the last show but it’s good to know that these wrestlers are hepatitis-free. Joey Janela then brings out a friend of his that apparently stole Joey’s shoes and pissed in them at one point. He welcomes out Kung Fu Jenela.

Jimmy Lloyd vs Kung Fu Janela

  • Lloyd gets the headlock to start. Fans chant “we want headlocks.” Lloyd rolls to the outside when KFJ gets the upper hand. Lloyd pulls out a chair but KFJ gets a kendo stick. Lloyd gets the better of KFJ back in the ring and snaps the Kendo stick and throws it away. KFJ hits a destroyer but Lloyd comes back with a knee to the back of KFJ’s head for a double down. KFJ fires up after a bit of a beating, meanwhile Joey Janela is on commentary taking shots at Impact Wrestling, MLW and ROH. Joey goes on about how MLW pay Mance Warner $30 a match. After a very close nearfall where the ref actually counted three but then saw KFJ was holding the ropes. KFJ wins with a roll up. Winner: Kung Fu Janela in 7:38.

After the match Joey and Kung Fu talk on the house mic about what contract Kung Fu Janela wants, ROH, Impact or MLW, who pays $30 a match! If that is true, then wow, I’m not even sure what to say. Then Kevin Gill gets the mic and says “let’s throw back to the ring, and this despicable piece of shit, Tony Deppen.” Gill is great.

Tony Deppen vs Levi Everett

  • As Deppen is in the ring, someone walks around shaking hands with fans. Turns out Levi churns butter in the ring, as a gimmick. Levi manages to get Deppen to churn the butter then is mad, I think. Apparently he pumped too fast. Tony Deppen hoes to attack Levi from behind but Levi dodges and takes control early on. Levi suplexs, slams, twists and tangles Deppen for five minutes, Deppen knocks Levi off the top rope and rolls him up to win. Winner: Tony Deppen in 5:28.

We go straight to Mance Warner and Manders walking out. Mance cuts a promo but I really couldn’t hear what he said. What I could make out was that Mance thinks the fans turned on them. He calls them pieces of shit and everything.

Tag Title Match – Mance Warner & Manders vs Tommy Rich & Mike Jackson

  • Mance and Manders get the jump start on the much older Tommy Rich and Mike Jackson. Tommy “wildfire” Rich and “Action” Mike Jackson make a comeback and the gray-haired Mike Jackson hits a dive through the middle rope. Janela goes nuts on commentary. Mike Jackson hits a great arm drag, sending Mance into his corner. Gill points out that Tommy Rich debuted in 1979. When Mance and Manders can’t get thier own way, they double team Rich. Rich tags Jackson and they double team him too but Action Mike Jackson takes them out one-by-one. Jackson is a house of fire as he walks the ropes all the way round the ring. Eventually Mance and Manders get the better of Jackson with a double suplex. Jackson ducks a clothesline and hits a double clothesline while taking one himself. Jackson tags Rich and all four guys are in at once now. Rich and Jackson throw Mance and Manders into each other and roll them both up for the win. Winners and new champions, Action Mike Jakckson and Tommy wildfire Rich. Winners: Mike Jackson and Tommy Rich in 11:00.


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We come back live from intermission and Logan Stunt makes his way to the ring and calls out Juicy Jimmy while Mama and Papa Stunt are on commentary as Kevin Gill and Joey Janela have taken a break for now.

Waffle House Deathmatch – Logan Stunt vs Juicy Jimmy

  • Juicy Jimmy is a large man and probably outweighs Logan by 5×. If you’ve seen Marko Stunt but not seen Logan, he is a fair but smaller. Jimmy sets up two chairs in the ring opposite each other and they take turns slapping each other with waffles. Jimmy kisses Logan as Mama Stunt shouts “did he just kiss our son?!” Logan fights but is slammed hard. Jimmy stick skewers in the head of Logan and Mama can’t watch. Logan fights back and kicks a light tube into the back of Jimmy. Jimmy hits a low blow and slams Logan on the glass. Jimmy sits Logan on the rope and chops him. Logan comes off the ropes and somehow hits a rana. Mama is not liking this death match. Logan Stunt staples a waffle to the chest of Jimmy, twice. Logan runs the ropes but Juicy Jimmy runs through him. Jimmy has a door with waffles attached. Jimmy hits Stunt with a chair while Mama Stunt shouts “No! Don’t! Hey, No!” Logan asks for a tube and is handed a “waffle-tube” and it’s placed on the door. Jimmy then slams Logan through the door that is set up on the chairs and has a light tube on it. Juicy pins Logan on the door which is definitely not flat. Winner: Juicy Jimmy in 10:14.

Mama Stunt goes to check on Logan as Joey and Kevin Gill return. Joey looks quite drunk. They throw to footage from earlier. GQ pulls a knife out on Effy outside by his car. Janela says whatever he wants and somehow Kevin Gill keeps it together. Janela is literally calling “escorts” on the air and putting the phone to the headset.

Effy vs GQ

  • GQ comes out with a baseball bat. I’m not sure why GQ hates Effy so much. This is a ladder match for a “Dollar General guftcard” that hangs above the ring. With a fast paced first few minutes, Effy grabs the ladder and it seems that the ladder they bought is the wrong type. When loads of people rush the ring to figure out the ladder, GQ climbs back in and is suplexed on the ladder. GQ is bleeding from the top of the head bad. GQ gets a door, places it outside the ring and jumps off the top rope. Effy moves and GQ crashes and burns. Guys run to the ring to hold the fucking ladder so Effy can climb up it to win. GQ hasn’t moved and they send doctors. Janela on commentary keeps saying “Is GQ’s ass broken?” And “GQ’s ass is broken!” Winner: Effy in 5:49.

We go to a video package of Kevin Gill taking to Shlak. Shlak is apparently smoking crack.

When we come back from the video package we see the horror on all of their faces as GQ has obviously left. Joey says “Dude it looked like he got shot in the head with a fucking gun!” And. “That was from that?” Pointing to the ring. Gill does a great job being professional.

Shlak vs Tank

  • This starts with a few minutes of punches and they head out to ringside. There is barbed wire on the ring and light tubes everywhere. Within two minutes both are bleeding. They have a barbed wire door. Shlak tried a suplex through the door but Tank didn’t go over and went head first into the door. Shlak suffocated Tank with a plastic bag. Tank is bleeding very bad. Tank somehow fights back and water boards Shlak on the apron. Tank’s bald head is completely covered in blood. Tank nearly wins with a backslide. Then Tank wins with a roll up. Well, not much story in this match but it was a death match. Winner: Tank in 8:50.

Back to the announcers and Janela is out of control has he declared that he has gonorrhea. Without missing a beat, Gill says “Joey Janela diagnosed with gonorrhea live on the air.” Gill tries to be a pro but Janela takes over and interviews fans. Some craziness happens to figure out who will take the spot of the guy injured in the opening segment.

Team GCW vs Team WOMBAT

  • The stipulation in this one is Loser leaves Tullahoma. Nick Gage starts the match and I honestly couldn’t hear who was on Team WOMBAT. This was pretty much a match until about three minutes in when one from each team would get in to trade off, then again about four minutes when everyone got in at once. From there we had fights everywhere. The first elimination happened to a member of Team WOMBAT at the seven minute point. The second happened just one minute later and was also a Team WOMBAT member. It was now 4-2 in favour of Team GCW. Gage pins someone with a Chokebreaker at the 10:20 point. “Mr Walk It Out” John Poe makes his way to the ring after being “injured” earlier by Gage. Walk it out hits the final guy on his former team, Team WOMBAT, in the head with a chair. John Poe joins Gage when he reveals a GCW shirt. Winners: Team GCW in 13:21.

That was a very fun show and well worth the two hours and change of running time. The whole show had a wild, fun, party vibe that entertains me thoroughly. These show NEED to get better audio or more graphics or something. Half of the time I don’t know most of the wrestlers and would love to be told who they are. Apart from that, a thumbs up show.

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