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AEW Dynamite – Episode 10 – Full Results and Review

This is my full review of AEW: Dynamite, episode 10. This episode took place in Champaign, IL at the State Farm Centre.

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The show starts with the full Dynamite opening theme and pyro. Jim Ross welcomes us to the show as we see fan shots, then the Young Bucks come out.

The Young Bucks & Dustin Rhodes vs Sammy Guevara, Santana & Ortiz

  • Dustin comes out dressed in Young Bucks-style ring gear, he looks great. Guevara comes out to loud boos. Guevara and Dustin start the match and Dustin immediately takes over with an arm drag. The Bucks get in after a tag and so do Proud and Powerful. The Inner Circle fight back briefly but The Elite continue to control the match with lots of fast paced high flying. Matt hits multiple Northern Lights suplexs but is stopped when he goes to suplex all three Inner Circle guys. Inner Circle get the heat on Matt and the fans are clapping for Matt and booing Inner Circle. Matt superkicks Sammy and tags Dustin. Dustin looks great. Dustin hits three powerslams, a high crossbody on all three. Dustin hits a destroyer! Dustin tags Nick. Nick runs wild with kicks to everyone. Matt tags in and after a hell of a lot of insanity, Matt Jackson pins Sammy Guevara when Dustin and Matt holds Santana and Ortiz in a tombstone position and nick comes off the top, dropkicks them and sentons Sammy below. That was an absolute cracker of a match. Go out of your way to see that, it was great. Winners: The Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes in 10:55.

The commentary team run through matches and segments on this episode of Dynamite, including the main event of Joey Janela vs Jon Moxley. Up next, Rey Fenix vs Trent.

Rey Fenix vs Trent

  • Trent comes out with his best friend Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. This starts with two minutes of very fast action as they go to break on TNT. Fenix pins Trent for a two count then Fenix takes his time playing to the crowd. Trent fights back through the break but doesn’t do too much and is cut off by Fenix just before they come back. Fenix comes flying off the top but is dropkicked out of the air. On the outside Rey Fenix sends Trent into the barrier but Trent comes flying back with a spear. Fenix runs the top rope and kicks Trent. Trent comes back with a lariat for a double down. Trent gets a two count as fans chant “this is awesome.” They chop each other on the apron. Trent looks for a piledriver but Fenix escapes and double stomps, from the top rope, on the back of Trent. Trent hits a running knee and a stuffed piledriver for a good nearfall. Eventually Rey Fenix wins with a spinning muscle-buster bomb. Really good match. Winner: Rey Fenix in 11:02.

after the match Fenix won’t shake Trent’s hand so Trent attacks Fenix after they shove each other. Tony Schiavone will interview Cody next. We see clips of Cody walking.

Tony Schiavone stands in the ring as the lights go our for Cody’s epic entrance. Cody looks extremely dapper with his full suit, tie and suit jacket. Cody also has one hell of a scar over his right eye. Cody cuts a promo about getting beaten down last week. He speaks about how his brother has entered into a bloody feud with the Young Bucks against Santana and Ortiz, his wife is cutting off the hair of defenceless members of the women’s division and his best friend kicked him in the balls at Full Gear. Cody cuts a promo on MJF, wanting a match so bad he is offering MJF over $50,000 for a match. Cody gives a $100 bill to a kid in the crowd to prove the money is real.

Alex Marvez speaks to Joey Janela backstage. As Jenela cuts a promo saying “you’ll have to kill me” Moxley walks in and stares down Jenela. Moxley then says “kids” and walks off.

We go to break.

As we come back from break, the Librarians come to the ring. The fans boo. The Librarians are a strange couple as Peter is heel while Leva Bates is a face. Suddenly they are interrupted by a Dark Order video where the large man who has been in all these videos accepts the Dark Order because he just wanted friends. They beat up the large man and the video ends. Nyla Rose comes out to face Leva.

Nyla Rose vs Leva Bates

  • Leva is kicked in the face, then Nyla places her on the ropes. Nyla comes flying off the ropes and knees Leva in the back. Avalon gets in the ring but just ends up being chokeslammed as Nyla chokeslams both at once. Nyla wins with a powerbomb. Winner: Nyla Rose in 1:36.

Nyla attacks Leva after the match leading to Shanna jumping Nyla. Rose gets a table out but when referee Rick Knox tries to stop Nyla, she powerbombs him through the table. We go to break as JR and Schiavone comment on how “that was good”.

Le Champion, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring with Jake Hager. Jericho has the AEW title on his right shoulder while holding his Little Bit Of The Bubbly bottle in his left hand. Hager stands in the middle of the ring staring forward. Jericho is being “forced to have one more match in 2019” and that will take place in Corpus Christi on December 18th. Jericho has a list of people he will not face and he names loads of people but continually drop Moxley in there over and over. Luchasaurus, Marko and Jungle Boy come to the ring. This all leads to jokes about Marko and Dinosaurs then they set up a match with Jericho vs Jungle Boy. They all brawl then Jericho and Hager flee.

Plugs for live events. See for more.

Kris Statlander vs Hikaru Shida

  • They lock up but it seems pretty even early on. They go to break early but there is no ad breaks on AEW Plus. They brawl to ringside and Shida sets up a chair and jumps off for the knee. Statlander catches Shida and throws her into the barrier. Kris Statlander takes overin the ring. Statlander gets a nearfall with an Oklahoma roll as JR notes, made famous by Danny Hodge. As we come back from break Shida hits a running knee from the apron the Statlander on the outside. It is announced the Cody and QT Marshall will face The Butcher and the Blade next week. Shida brings Statlander back in the ring with a superplex for a two count. The exchange kicks and Kris hits a lariat. Hikaru Shida hits her running knee but Statlander kicks out. They trade big moves as they both get great nearfalls. Statlander hits a package tombstone for the win. I really enjoyed that match. Winner: Kris Statlander in 8:28.

After the match the lights go out and Brandi and Kong come to the ring. They get in the face of Kris and ask her to “pledge” to them, the Nightmare Collective. Suddenly a woman in the crowd is very audible and loud as she shouts “please please let me pledge” and begging. She is let in and kneels on the ring apron as she says she loves Brandi. Kong cuts off clumps of her hair then they bring an electric razor down and cut her hair off as this woman looks orgasmic, or as JR says “euphoric”. They then walk back up the ramp with her. Up next, Christopher Daniels vs Pentagon Jr. Fans chant “what just happened?”

We come back to a shot of the State Farm Centre as JR welcomes us back.

Christopher Daniels vs Pentagon Jr

  • Pentagon makes his way to the ring as Daniels jumps him. Daniels is angry about the piledriver he took on the ramp from Pentagon that put Daniels out of the tag tournament. Pentagon clotheslines Daniels in the ring to officially start the match. Daniels fights back momentarily but Penta hits a good double stomp to a hanging CD. As they go to break on TNT Penta chops Daniels. Fans want another chop so Penta sets up Daniels and pokes him in the eye, fans boo. Penta works over Daniels and even gets in the face of the referee Bryce Remsburg. Luckily CD makes his comeback when we come back from break. As Daniels fires up fans cheer for him. Pentagon gets a two with a Slingblade. They fight on the ramp and Daniels goes for an Arabian moonsault but misses and lands on his face on the ramp. Back in the ring Daniels goes for a pin after an Angle’s Wings when Rey Fenix runs down and throws CD’s mic stand in the ring. Daniels ends up with the mix stand but throws it away. The ref takes it and Penta low blows Christopher Daniels. Penta hits a piledriver and pins Daniels. Winner: Pentagon Jr in 8:41.

We see a video package for The Butcher, Blade and the Bunny. They are in your house to cause pain and cut the head off a snake. Yep, that’s what they said.

Main event time!

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Joey Janela vs Jon Moxley

  • As Moxley makes his way to the ring through the crowd JR say Moxley has Rattlesnake tendencies. They tie up as fans chant “Moxley’s gonna kill you”. The first minute is mat wrestling. Jenela takes Moxley down with a shoulder tackle but celebrates too much. Moxley chops Jenela. They go to the ramp which is connected to the ring and Jenela takes a big bump from a clothesline. They fight around ringside and throw each other into the barriers. Moxley hits a release suplex and fans cheer. Jenela hits a huge DDT on the apron. They absolutely beat the hell out of each other. Moxley is German suplexed into the bottom turnbuckle and rolls out. Jenela flys in from nowhere and crushes Moxley on a table. Jenela gets a good nearfall but Moxley kicks out. Moxley hits a Paradigm shift DDT on the turnbuckle then another in the ring and oins Jenela. Really good match. I loved this. Winner: Jon Moxley in 9:31.

That was a hell of a show. I either really liked or loved every match and we got some serious forward momentum in some storylines, whether you like it or not such as Brandi & Kong, Cody and MJF and Moxley and Jericho. One of my favourite in-ring episodes of Dynamite so far with some bad/cringeworthy segments.

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