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AEW Dark episode 9 – Results and Review

This show is available for free on YouTube.

The show opens with a recap of last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite where MJF defeated Hangman Page for the Dynamite Diamond Ring after interference from Wardlow and an ugly Crossrhodes. Wardlow steps up to DDP, who is presenting the ring, and DDP stands up for himself and they are broken up. Tony Schiavone and Dasha welcome us to the and run down the card. Jimmy Havoc vs Brandon Cutler, Shawn Spears vs Sonny Kiss & Santana and Ortiz vs Jurassic Express. Nyla Rose attacks Shanna and takes her place on commentary with Excalibur.

We “go to our first bout” Jimmy Havoc vs Brandon Cutler. This match has a 20 minute time limit.

Jimmy Havoc vs Brandon Cutler

  • They circle each other and lock up. Some fans chant “we want staples”. Havoc out-wrestles Cutler early on. Havoc bites the arm of Cutler and punches Cutler. Cutler fights back and sends Jimmy to ringside. Cutler goes for a dive but Havoc holds up a staple gun. Havoc bits, eye gouged, low blows and pokes Cutler in the eyes. Back in the ring Havoc suplexs Cutler into the corner for a two count. Havoc tries to suplex Cutler to the floor but get caught up in the ropes and Cutler hits a nice leg drop to the apron over the ropes. Moments later Havoc hits an Acid Rainmaker for the win. Havoc staples a cheque to the head of Brandon Cutler after the match. Backstage, Cutler meets with Jimmy and says “what the hell?!” it is explained that Jimmy will get fined $10,000 everytime he does that and Jimmy explains he already paid it when he stapled a cheque to Cutler’s head. Jimmy said they hired a “liability” and “if I want to go fight in bars, I’ll go fight in bars.” Winner: Jimmy Havoc in 7:54.

Tony Schiavone and Dasha speak about how Jimmy doesn’t even care about the money. Then a Dark Order video.

The man in the previous videos goes to the meeting in a baseball somewhere. Evil Uno is speaking without his mask. He speaks about how society has failed them, their friends have failed them. The Dark Order is all knowing and everyone. The light flicker and most people have masks on now and they ask they guy if he will join the Dark Order.

A recap video of Cody’s return to Dynamite. Cody wins quick and calls out MJF. The ring is cut open from underneath as “The Blade” climbs up and attacks Cody. Then “The Butcher” climbs up and attacks Cody. Then Allie, who is now named “The Bunny” and wears a black half mask, is lifted up by The Butcher and The Blade. They leave.

We go to the next match, Spears vs Sonny Kiss.

Shawn Spears W/ Tully Blanchard vs Sonny Kiss

  • They wrestle back and forth to start, Sonny Kiss gets the better of Spears and shakes his ass. Spears takes Kiss down with a back elbow and applies pressure. They go to ringside and Spears hits a backdrop on the apron while Tully tells Spears to “stay on him”. Back in the ring, Shawn Spears kills Sonny Kiss with an brutal Death Valley Driver to win in just under four minutes. Winner: Shawn Spears in 3:58.

After the match Spears and Tully hit a spike piledriver on the floor at ringside, with Tully coming off the ring steps.

A plug for “A Little bit of the Bubbly” from

A recap of Dustin Rhodes taking to Jen Decker on Dynamite when The Inner Circle come to attack him. The Elite come to Dustin’s aid and hit superkicks.

The Lucha Brothers talk backstage with Jen Decker and Christopher Daniels of SCU jumps Pentagon for attacking him weeks ago.

Jon Moxley talks. He stands by a fence as he looks for a new opponent. Moxley says he is looking for someone to step up and get seriously hurt.

We then go to Jericho vs Scorpio Sky from Dynamite as Sky taps out and Moxley walks out into the crowd to stare down the champ.

Schiavone and Dasha run down the upcoming events. All tickets are available at

We see a very strange David Attenborough-like nature style video package about the Jurassic Express. First is The Jungle Boy, then Luchasaurus, and finally Marko Stunt. When Jurassic Express come out, it is Marko and Jungle Boy.

Santana & Ortiz vs Jurassic Express

  • Jungle Boy and Santana start the match as fans chant for Jungle Boy. Santana over powers Jungle Boy early on. Jungle Boy uses his speed to gain advantage. Jungle Boy and Marko use quick tags to take out Ortiz briefly. Ortiz fights back and begins to beat down Marko. Santana tags in and goes for a vertical suplex with Marko but holds him in the air. Santana and Ortiz tag in-and-out while holding Marko upside down. Marko gets a nearfall with a small package but Santana kicks out and hits three amigos then continues to hold Marko. Both Jungle Boy and Marko are beaten down at ringside when they are put on two chairs and Santana runs and jumps off the back of Ortiz and cannonballs through Jurassic Express. Back in the ring Marko and Jungle Boy fight back and pull off some good offense. Santana pins Marko when Ortiz hits a powerbomb and Santana hits a knee right after. Good match. Winners: Proud & Powerful, Santana and Ortiz in 13:25.

Sammy Guevara comes down to celebrate with his Inner Circle friends. They beat up Jurassic Express a bit then Luchasaurus comes down. They start to get the better of Luchasaurus and the crowd boo, but then Luchasaurus makes a comeback as he flips around and kicks their heads off. Luchasaurus clears the ring and Jake Hager makes his way to the ring. Hager gets in the ring and Hager shoves Luchasaurus. Hager clotheslines Luchasaurus but he doesn’t go down. Luchasaurus kicks Hager but he doesn’t go down. The Inner Circle attacks Luchasaurus but then The Bucks run down to help. The Bucks hits superkicks and Marko hits an insane assisted destroyer on Sammy.

Tony Schiavone and Dasha sign off.

Another good Dark show, only an hour and well worth the time spent to watch it even without an outstanding match that really sells the show. The real main event was when Luchasaurus was out there and when The Young Bucks joined in.

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