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AEW:Dynamite – Episode 5 – Full Results and Review

Tonight(Wednesday, October 30th) sees episode five of All Elite Wresting’s Dynamite. On this episode The Elite(Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Kenny Omega) face off against Kip Sabian & TH2(Angelico & Jack Evans). Also on the show, Best Friends will be in action. Hangman Adam Page faces Sammy Guevara, Cody and Chris Jericho sign the Champion match contract and Jon Moxley speaks plus more.

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Our commentary team for this show is Jim Ross and Excalibur.

The show opens up with Tony Schiavone standing by a plane in which Dustin and Cody step out. Cody and Dustin hug and Dustin leaves. Cody and Tony walk off while talking. They step into a limo and the frame fades out to a recap of last week. Moxley goes to Tony Khan’s office backstage where you don’t see it but the camera records the door and we hear Tony tell Moxley that the PPV match with Kenny has to be an Unsanctioned Lights-out match. Moxley then tells Tony that “what happens to Kenny is on your hands”. JR and Excalibur run down the card after the AEW: Dynamite opening.

Sammy Guevara makes his way to the ring.

Sammy Guevara vs “Hangman” Adam Page

  • Sammy can be seen to be “Vloging” in the ring while Hangman makes his entrance. See his YouTube HERE. They go back-and-forth for the first few minutes with Hangman playing to the crowd while mocking Sammy and gets a good reaction. Sammy Guevara gets booed. Sammy pulls Hangman off the apron by the feet and Hangman slams on his back and head on the apron. Everything Sammy does, he gets booed. Guevara climbs to the top rope and hops down to slap Hangman across the face. That fires Page up. Hangman hits what is called a side-walk slam but looks more like a black hole slam on the apron. Guevara is on the floor after so Hangman hits a huge moonsault on Sammy on the floor and fans chant “A-E-DUB!” Maybe one minute later Page hits a Buckshot lariat for the win. Good match that made Page look really good. Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page in 8:08.

After match Page gets a mic and cuts a short promo. Page says at Full Gear he will do some real “Cowboy Shit”. Then say he will take PACs head off. The fans chant “Cowboy shit”.

We see an ad for Full Gear, “The last PPV of the year.”

AEW Plus viewers see a full recap of the match with commentary talking what this all means and talking the match.

We come back to TNT with crowd shots.

We see Private Party talking to The Rock and Roll Express backstage.

Hikaru Shida vs Shanna

  • Shanna making her AEW debut from France. This starts with some good chain wrestling, including lots of good arm drags. On the outside Shida sets up a chair, runs across the mats, jumps off the chair and drills Shanna with a flying knee which looked great. Hikaru Shida works over the back of Shanna in the ring. Shida goes for a brainbuster but gets rolled up for two. We go to break as Shanna fires up with chops but Shida shuts her down. Shanna flys off the ropes and hits Shida with a flying forearm to the forehead. Shanna hits a PEDIGREE on Shida and Shida kicks out at two. They fight for position on the top rope as we come back from break on TNT. Shanna hits a double stomp on a hanging Shida. Shida reverses Shanna and hits a stuffed reverse piledriver on Shanna. Shanna gets a few believable nearfalls on Hikaru Shida but in the end Shida wins with a running knee strike. Winner: Hikaru Shida in 10:44.

We see Brandi go nuts from last week and a video of what,looks like Brandi Rhodes performing black magic.

The Rock and Roll Express come out to talk to Chris Van Vleit on the stage but Santana and Ortiz jump them. They beat up the Rock and Rolls with a sock and something in it, then they put Ricky Morton threw a part if the stage. The Bucks run out to help and Santana and Ortiz ran away. They go to break,and Ricky is helped out and he hobbled away with people helping him. Roberts talks to the crowd in the background.

Alex Reynolds, QT Marshall and John Silver head to the ring.

Cody and Tony Schiavone are in the limo and still driving to the arena. They exchange stories of older wrestler, including Cody’s dad.

Alex Reynolds, John Silver & QT Marshall vs Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta & Orange Cassidy

  • This match is gimmicked up with all-sorts of Rick and Morty bits even with the entrances. Trent and Chuck play it up while Cassidy stands on the apron wearing a lab coat with his sunglasses. QT breaks up the Best Friends hug and gets heavily booed. Orange Cassidy gets in the ring, now just looking like Orange Cassidy. He gently kicks QT, who goes for a clothesline but is dropkicked out of the ring by Cassidy, then the Best Friends hug him. Best Friends pin Silver with a Stong Zero. Winners: Best Friends and Orange Cassidy in 3:14.

During the break I heard Justin Roberts say on AEW Dark, Jurassic Express will face Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela plus more.

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We come back from break and Jericho makes his way to the stage where he sits at one end of a long a table on the stage. A lady who’s name I did not catch sits in the middle. Cody comes out and Jericho looks perturbed by the situation. Tony Schiavone explains the match will take place at Full Gear and will have a sixty minute time-limit and three judges incase of a time-limit draw. Cody signs the contract then Jericho pretends to throw the table but instead cuts a promo. Jericho calls the fans “entitled millennial Jackasses” and says he will show Cody what it’s like to be a loser. Fans chant stuff so Jericho says “calm down hillbillies” and they boo very loudly, then chant “asshole”. Cody and Jericho shake hands but then The Inner Circle are shown on the screen in the parking lot beating up Dustin. Jake Hager slams Dustin on the bonnet of the Limo. Hager gave Dustin a knee in the balls(like his most recent MMA fight) then slams Dustin’s head into the limo, which dents it, then slams the car door on the left arm of Dustin Rhodes. Dustin is in a lot of pain after what looked like a real beat down of Dustin. This looked painful.

Kip Sabian & TH2 vs The Elite

  • The Elite dress for Halloween but as they make their entrance, Sabian and HT2 get the jump start. This match is just everywhere, great action but almost impossible to keep up with for a few minutes. It settles down with Sabian and Matt Jackson in the ring. Sabian hits a top rope rana on Matt and gets a two. Angelico tags in just before the ad break on TNT. Angelico takes his time, annoying the fans, and Matt Jackson makes a comeback with a flipping stunner. Matt tags Kenny. Angelico gets a modified figure four and all six guys get in and they break it up. Sabian and Nick tag in and Nick is a house of fire, Nick tags Matt and they double team everyone as the fans go nuts. Omega tags in and takes all three down with snap dragon suplexs. Sabian mocks Kenny with a “Rise of the Terminator” dive but the Elite catch him and triple powerbomb him on the apron. Kenny hits a vicious V-Trigger on Evans, followed with a One Winged Angel for the win. Really good, action packed match. Winners: The Elite in 11:36.

After the match “fans” with Rick and Morty masks on attacks The Young Bucks at ringside. They turn out to be Santana and Ortiz. They run when Kenny shows up. Then we go to break.

The Librarians come out. Peter Avalon gets some cheap heat and Moxley walks out threw the crowd and DDTs Avalon. Moxley cuts a promo.

Moxley talks about his unsanctioned match against Omega and is angry that the match won’t count to his win/loss record. He calls himself “Unsanctionable” and says Kenny Omega’s blood will be on AEW’s hands. Good, short promo explaining that Moxley is pissed and this match will be violent. Moxley leaves threw the crowd and the Lucha Brothers music plays.

AEW Tag Team Championship tournament Final – Lucha Brothers vs SoCal Uncensored

  • This is the final of the AEW tag tournament and the winners will be crowned the inaugural tag team champions. Kaz and Pentagon start but immediately all four are in the ring. Sky and Fenix fight at ringside. Action is all over with nearfalls early on. Fenix tags in and it spills to ringside. Kaz is laid on Pentagon’s knees at ringside and Fenix comes flying over the ropes and leg drops Kazarian. Pentagon and Kazarian fight in the ring as Fenix takes out Sky at ringside. Fenix tags in and they double team Kazarian. Kaz fights out of the Lucha Bros corner and hits an Angel’s Wings and tags Sky. Scorpio Sky takes it to the Lucha Bros and hits a huge dive after ducking a clothesline. Kaz goes for a rana off the apron but hits his head. Fenix hits a rolling cutter for a two count. Pentagon pulls Kazarian off the apron and into a powerbomb through a table at ringside. With two minutes of TV time left, Scorpio Sky reverses a piledriver and rolls up Pentagon while Kaz jumps on Fenix in the corner. Sky pins Pentagon to win the match and the titles. Very good match and a good choice for champions. The division is stacked with greatly talented wrestlers who I look forward to seeing challenge SCU. Winners: SoCal Uncensored, Scorpio Sky and Kazarian in 12:37.

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The show goes off the air with SCU celebrating with the belts. Another really fun episode of AEW: Dynamite. A true variety show for wrestling fans with lots of great action. I would recommend this show.

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