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AEW: Dynamite – Episode 4 – Full Results and Review

AEW holds episode four of Dynamite on October 23rd in Pittsburgh. On this episode, Jon Moxley faces PAC in the main event, also the continuation of the tag team tournament.

This show is live on TNT in the United States, TSN in Canada and Fite TV internationally.

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Our commentary team for this show is Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

The show starts with a cold open as Private Party and The Lucha Brothers are introduced to the live and TV audience.Fenix and Marq Quen start the match quick and the fans are already very loud. Lucha Bros get the upper hand early but Private Party fight back quick. This match is very fast and often three to four people in the ring. Lucha Bros hit a dropkick to one of Private Party which forces him to hit a reverse rana on his partner. Isaiah Kassidy runs wild on both Lucha Brothers for about a minute after a hot tag. Quen gets a nearfall just before the ten minute call on Fenix with a shooting star press. Fenix makes a comeback against both Private Party and tags Penta. The Lucha Brothers end this insanity with a assisted package piledriver and dive. Penta pinned Quen as Fenix hurled his body at Isaiah Kassidy at ringside. Winner: The Lucha Brothers in 12:24.

Video package for WARDLOW.

Recap of Christopher Daniels being injured last week, then SCU come out looking serious.

Dark Order video package using images and clips with piped in commentary that has occasional voice effects.

SoCal Uncensored vs Dark Order

  • Kaz and Stu Grayson start the match but it isn’t long until Evil Uno tags in. A large portion of the match is Dark Order. Jericho and his crew walk through the crowd in the middle of this match, people are very distracted and watching Jericho. Dark Order control a high percentage of this match. Jericho and The Inner Circle are shown in a VIP Booth. Nearly fourteen minutes in, Scorpio Sky pins Stu Grayson to a huge reaction. Jericho eats popcorn. Winners: SoCal Uncensored in 13:59.

Cody is shown arriving at the building earlier on.

Joey Janela vs Kenny Omega

  • Before the match starts, they show a recap of the lights of match Kenny and Jenela had on AEW Dark. Jenela takes over early and throws Kenny to ringside. Jenela dives on Kenny from the top rope, to the floor. Jenela takes it back in the ring and pins Kenny for a two. They go to break. During the break Kenny takes over and hits a Rise of The Terminator. Kenny dominates most of the break and when he goes for a You Can’t Escape, Jenela gets the knees up. Jenela gives Kenny a German suplex into the bottom buckle then hits an elbow drop for a two. Kenny hits a snap dragon and a V-Trigger for a nearfall. The Inner Circle still look on from their booth. Jenela hits the ropes three times then hits a lariat for a two count. Kenny Omega rolls tothe apron and Jenela goes for a senton bomb but Omega moves and Jenela crashes and burns hard. Kenny hits one final V-Trigger, knocking Jenela silly, then a One Winged Angle for the win. Winner: Kenny Omega in 13:35.

Adverts for AEW Live, goto

Cody comes out to an absolute tone of pyro then we go to break. Fans watching on Fite TV see Cody make his entrance as fans go nuts. Jericho does not look happy about this. Cody stands there with Tony Schiavone and the fans chant “AEDUB” Cody says. “Guys, I dont know if you know this but we’re in commercial break”. Cody wants to tell a joke but no one has a joke to tell. I heard “Okay Tony, you’re back.” Then Tony welcomes us back. As they try to speak, Jericho and The Inner Circle starts making noise with airhorns. Cody says he can make his way up to where Jericho is and they can fight. Jericho says Cody won’t because it’s 4-on-1. First Dustin Rhodes comes out, followed by MJF and when Jericho says it’s 4-on-3, DDP comes out. They all walk up to the booth but they backs out and Jericho locks the door. Cody gets MJF’s scarf and punches the window through into Jericho’s face. They brawled throughout the back and eventually separated by ‘Security’. It is mayhem and fans seemed to like it.

Best Friends come out with Orange Cassidy.

Best Friends vs The Young Bucks

  • Orange Cassidy gives the Bucks superkicks but they stand there looking at him as he barely touches them. The Bucks superkick Orange Cassidy to lay him out. This starts hot and within a couple of minutes they fight at ringside and Best Friends hit a doomsday knee to Nick on the floor. They go to break and Trend throws Matt into the barrier. Matt hits three consecutive northern lights suplexs but on the fourth it’s reversed by Trent. Matt and Nick take over as Nick tags in. Chuck Taylor hits a Falcon Arrow and Excalibur screams “He’s done the deal!” But Matt kicks out. Orange Cassidy dives on the Bucks as Best Friends hug. Best Friends hit Strong Zero on Matt but Nick senton bombs on the pin. Superkick party. Nick dives on Trent and Orange Cassidy at ringside as Matt pins Chuckie T after More Bang For Your Buck. Really good match. Winners: The Young Bucks in 12:08.

Video package for the home-town girl, Britt Baker as she welcomes us to Britts-Burgh.

Jamie Hayter vs Britt Baker D.M.D

  • Britt comes down with a mascot and gets a big reaction. Hayter is one of Bea’s tag partners in Japan and doesn’t like Britt or the fans. Jamie starts strong but Britt hits a Slingblade at ringside. Hayter still fights back but Britt get a couple of roll ups. Hayter takes over again and uses a cobra clutch then gives Britt a wet-willy and fans chant “You sick fuck”. This match gets a bit sloppy but not too messy. They kept it together and the finish came across well. Britt gets the Lock Jaw on Hayter who taps immediately. Winner: Britt Baker in 8:33.

Recap of Cody/Jericho angle earlier and a look at the match coming up at Full Gear, November 9th.

Jamie Hayter is interviewed backstage and Brandi attacks her. Weird segment. Brandi acts very strange.

Ad break. During the break we see crowd shots with signs and hear the AEW music.

(Video credit: Twitter)

Jon Moxley vs PAC

  • As Moxley makes his way out to the ring, he is attacked by PAC with a chair. PAC chokes Moxley then throws him into barriers at ringside. PAC goes in the ring and Moxley follows, starting the match. Moxley rolls out of the ring and PAC dives on him. PAC stays on Moxley going into the final break of the show. In the ad break PAC launches Moxley off the apron and into the barrier. PAC keeps the pressure on but Moxley shows no give as he begs for more, PAC gives him more. PAC looks for a German suplex on the apron but Moxley reverses it into a front DDT on the apron. Moxley finally fights back and hits a suicide dive on PAC. It is announced that five minutes of TV Time remain, fans boo. Then as Moxley gets a Cloverleaf hold in, four minutes is announced. Moxley goes up top but is met by PAC, PAC hits a top rope falcon arrow but Moxley kick out. Three minutes remain. They continue to fight as two minutes remain. PAC hits a 450 Splash on the floor from the apron then rolls Moxley in and misses a Black Arrow as one minute remains. Moxley hits a double arm DDT but can’t make the cover quick enough. The match ends with aa time-limit draw. Winner: Time-Limit Draw in 12:10.

After the show ends, PAC attacks Moxley and wraps his head in a chair. PAC goes to jump on it but Omega runs down to save him so PAC retreats up the ramp. Kenny and Moxley stare each other down in the ring and as PAC backs off, Hangman Page walks out. PAC runs from Page through the crowd and Page grabs a mic. Page challenges PAC to a match at Full Gear and PAC does not look happy about that.

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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


That was an excellent show with lots of really good in-ring action. I can’t recommend this show enough.

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