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AEW: Dynamite – Episode 3 – Full Results and Review

October 16th marks the date of the third weekly episode of AEW: Dynamite. On this episode, AEW World Champion Chris Jericho defends his title against Darby Allin who beat Jimmy Havoc last week. Also on this show is a Women’s Championship match as Riho defends her championship against Britt Baker DMD, and a lot more.

This show is live on TNT in the United States, TSN in Canada and Fite TV internationally.

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Our commentary team for this show is Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

The show opens with the AEW: Dynamite opening and pyro. We start the show quick with a tag team tournament match. As SCU make their entrance, the Lucha Bros attack them from behind. Scorpio Sky runs down to save Daniels and Kaz. Daniels was given a piledriver by Pentagon on the ramp and was stretchered out. Scorpio Sky wil take Christopher Daniels place in this match.

SoCal Uncensored(Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) vs Best Friends(Chuck Taylor & Trent?)

  • This is a first round tournament match and has a twenty minute time limit. Best Friends start this by attacking SCU as the bell rang. BF beat down SCU with double team moves in and out of the ring. Good team work by Best Friends, and they get cheered. Best Friends get heat on Kaz for a few minutes until Kaz gets the tag. Sky is wrestling with no shoes as he throws his shoe to the crowd. The fans throw his shoe back. Huge doomsday knee to Kaz but Kazarian kicks out at two for a great reaction. Trent looks for a piledriver on the apron but Kazarian backdrops Trent on the apron. SCU hits a powerbomb into a dropkick on Trent and Sky pins Trent to win. SCU face the Dark Order next week in round two. Winners: SoCal Uncensored in 9:56.

We go to break but during that time Santana and Ortiz leave their dressing room and walk backstage towards the ring. Excalibur explains they will be in action next.

Jim Ross speaks to people backstage, talkng about how “The Inner Circle” is the phrase to “get over”. Then realises he is live on Fite TV and TSN in Canada, not just TNT in the US. He says “JR’s had too much coffee.” Hilarious.

Santana & Ortiz vs John Silver & Alex Reynolds

  • This seems to be presented as an enhancement match as Silver and Reynolds don’t get a televised ring entrance. Santana and Ortiz run wild from the beginning, in and out of the ring. Santana and Ortiz pins Silver when the hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combination. Good squash match. Winners: Santana and Ortiz in 2:01.

Chris Jericho shows up on the big screen and claims that Santana and Ortiz are the best team in AEW and want to take on The Young Bucks at Full Gear, November 9th.

We get a video package about Cody facing Jericho for the title. We see Brandi, DDP, MJF, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone speaking about Cody and this upcoming match. We see clips of Cody training and in a bath. Really good video package that built up the Cody vs Jericho match at Full Gear.

During another break we see the ring as the Dynamite music plays. Justin Roberts asks the fans if they are “having a good time so far?” And they cheer.

AEW Women’s Championship Match – Riho(c) vs Britt Baker

  • This starts with a lock up as they both test the waters. They start to wrestle and as they roll around, Riho ends up on the outside of the ropes. Riho dives back in with a crossbody but Britt rolls through and pins Riho but Riho bridges out. Riho is very over. Britt hits a TKO and pins Riho but the champ kicks out. Britt gets a good nearfall with a big punch. Riho fights back and gets Britt in a single leg crab, which Britt sells great. Britt gets to the ropes and Riho lands a double stomp to the back but Britt kicks out. Britt gets Riho down and trys to get the Lock Jaw submission but Riho rolls back and pins Britt. The fans loved this and so did I. Really fun match. Winner: Riho in 8:20.

We go to break and when we come back the commentary team give us a recap of what happened to Christopher Daniels and an update. CD suffered a stinger but is okay.

Jurassic Express(Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt) vs Lucha Brothers

  • We are told that Luchasaurus is in the hospital which means Marko Stunt has taken his place. I hope he is okay. While we are in a break, Marko and Jungle Boy run around the ring. Marko gets the mic and Pentagon snatches it away. Pentagon asks where Luchasaurus is. He calls Marko Baby-Saurus. Aubrey Edwards snatches the mic from Fenix and they start the match. Penta and Fenix are amazing, absolutely amazing. Pentagon beats down Marko Stunt in the ring with leg kicks, that flips Marko upside down, and hard chop. Meanwhile, Fenix attacks Jungle Boy(AKA Jungle Jack) at ringside. Pentagon holds Marko high above his head and throws him at Fenix who superkicks Marko out of the air. Jungle Boy gets a tag after a very long heat segment on Marko but when Marko tags back in, Lucha Bros show no mercy and finish off Marko with an assisted package piledriver. Winners: The Lucha Brothers in 11:33.

PAC & Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

  • Before the match and before Kenny or Page make their entrances we go to break and JR says that this is the main event, but Jericho vs Darby Allin is. This is the semi-main event. The fans realise this is a break and boo slightly. Moxley grabs the microphone and says “ladies and gentlemen this is what you call a commercial break cos we gotta pay the bills”. Fans chant for Moxley. Omega attacks Moxley before the bell and the match starts. Moxley and Omega fight in the ring while PAC and Hangman fight at ringside. PAC and Moxley beat on Kenny for a few minutes until Page gets the tag. Hangman runs wild until he climbs the ropes. Page is distracted and shoved off the ropes, landing on his back on the apron and hurling to the floor below. Page makes a comeback after more heat on the Hangman. Pag hits a buckshot lariat and makes a tag. The action is all over as fans chant “this is awesome” and it is. Moxley and Kenny go outside to opposite sides of the ring and pull out a barbed wire bat and a broom. PAC stops Moxley, throws both the bat and broom out of the ring so Moxley hits the Paradigm shift on PAC and leaves. Kenny and Hangman hits big moves on PAC, Buckshot lariat, V-Trigger and the dead eye then Page pins PAC to win. Winners: Kenny Omega and Hangman Page in 15:05.

During the break the commentary team prepare to announce matches for next week.

Main event time!

Philadelphia Street Fight – AEW World Championship Match – Chris Jericho(c) vs Darby Allin

  • Allin starts the match with a fast pace and gets the better of Jericho early on but that doesn’t last long. Jericho beats on Darby Allin all over ringside during a break. Allin is thrown into all the barriers and somewhere gets a cut on the back of his head. Jericho beats up Allin with a kendo stick. Jericho gets Allin in the Walls but Allin gets to the ropes, which is apparently a rope break in a street fight. Jericho tapes the hands of Darby Allin behind his back with Gaffa tape. Allin runs spots with his hands behind his back, which was awesome. Allin did loads with his hands taped but in the end it wasn’t enough. Jake Hager runs down and punches Allin off the top rope, which he climbed himself with no hands, and Jericho locks in the Walls once more. Referee Aubrey Edwards ended the match when Darby apparently submitted. Good main event again this week. Winner: Chris Jericho in 15:42.

The show ends with the Inner Circle celebrating in the ring with Bubbly.

Video credit: @AEWrestling on Twitter

Top bits in decending order:

  1. Lucha Bros attack SCU, Daniels is taken out.
  2. SoCal Uncensored beat Best Friends.
  3. Santana and Ortiz win a squash match.
  4. Jericho makes the challenge, Santana and Ortiz vs The Bucks at Full Gear.
  5. That Cody video package.
  6. Really enjoyable Women’s Championship match.
  7. Lucha Brothers maul Marko Stunt and Jungle Jack to advance in the tournament.
  8. Team of PAC and Moxley implode and will face-off next week on Dynamite.
  9. Jericho defends his title, Darby does no hands spots.
  10. The Inner Circle and a little bit of the bubbly.

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