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Ring of Honor – Death Before Dishonor 2019 & Preshow – Results and Review

This is my review of the Ring of Honor – Death Before Dishonor 2019 show, including the preshow.

Our commentary team for this show is Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman.

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The show opened with the Villain Enterprises music as Brody King makes his way to the ring. Ian Riccaboni says this main event level match is completely free because he know you, as a wrestling fan, have a choice and ROH would like you to chose them and buy this PPV. Pretty simple.

Brody King vs Jeff Cobb

  • Fans chant for both as they lock up. They feel each other out with a knuckle lock a minute in. Brody hits a northern lights suplex on Cobb while in the knuckle lock, then Cobb does the same. They hammer into each other with shoulder tackles but no one goes down. This is a good match to get the crowd going for the night. Cobb gets an early advantage wth chops and forearms but King fights back and takes over for a while. They hits clotheslines on each other then a double clothesline for a double down. They hammer each other back and forth until King hits a black hole slam for a two count. Jeff Cobb fights back and hits a stalling superplex but King kicks out at one. King hits a rana on Cobb, sending him to ringside. King hits a great dive on Cobb. Back in the ring King hit a piledriver for a great nearfall. They German suplex each other again and again until Cobb hit a Tour of the Islands to win. Very good match, and it’s free on Fite TV. Winner: Jeff Cobb in 12:58.

Brian Zane interviews The Bouncers.

Quinn McKay talks to us from the ring as she hypes the card. She welcomes her guest, Dalton Castle. Dalton throws confetti all over while shouting “Entertainment”. Joe Hendry interrupts. Dalton reveals what he has under a cover thing, and it’s a mimosa. A drink. Dalton says the champagne was made in France but the bubbles was put in by shouting monks on top of a mountain in Nepal. The fans chant “That’s impressive.” Hendry says we’ll have a karaoke. Hendry sings a funny song and the pay off was Dalton hurt his back trying to reach his Peacock in the middle of a match. Dalton wasn’t happy and left so Hendry gave two guys dressed as Boys a fall away slam at once.

Main Show

The main show starts with a video package claiming the people on this show are the best of what they do and, most importantly, choose Death before Dishonor.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman welcome us to the pay-per-view and run down the card. We have. a tournament todetermine the number one contender.

Number 1 Contender Tournament Match – Marty Scurll vs Colt Cabana

  • They start with some mat wrestling with British style moves as Colt is a big fan of that style and Marty learned it in England while training. They do this for the first few minutes. This picks up as they fight to the top rope and Marty superplexs Colt. Marty kicks Colt Cabana and lock in a straight jacket hold on. The fans chant “let’s go Marty, Colt Cabana.” Colt fights back after a superkick from the apron from Marty. Colt goes for a moonsault off th second rope but is kicked in the air and Marty hits a piledriver for a two count. They fight over submissions with Colt rolling out of a Chicken Wing, Colt hits a great moonsault from the top. Lots happens in the finishing few minutes and it was awesome. Great opener to this PPV. Marty wins with a Black Plague in just over fourteen minutes. Winner: Marty Scurll in 14:01

Number 1 Contender Tournament No DQ Match – Kenny King vs PCO

  • King comes out with loads of guys, Amy Rose and giant concrete blocks. PCO comes out and everyone is chanting for him. PCO is great. The match starts and PCO is still wearing the jacket I assumed was a ring jacket. King stalls but PCO hits a pop-up powerbomb early and the ref takes PCO’s jacket off. PCO beats up King at ringside and suplexs him on the ramp. PCO hits a senton on King who was on the apron but PCO flys off and hits into a table, face first. PCO goes to dive on King but has another electrical malfunction and dives the wrong way. King jumps PCO when he is being checked out. King gets some heat and rips the mats off the floor at ringside. King tries to hit a sunset powerbomb off the apron but PCO lands on King’s head. The finish comes when King pours water on PCO and Amy Rose shocks PCO with a taser of some sort but that fired PCO up and he chokeslams King for the win. PCO chokes King on the mat for a while after. Winner: PCO in 11:48.

Women of Honor Championship Match – Kelly Klein(c) vs Angelina Love

  • This starts with some tie-ups. A few minutes in they fight to ringside and Angelina Love throws Kelly Klein into the barrier. Before they go back in, Kelly fights back and throws Love at the barrier. In the ring Angelina Love gets a Koji Clutch on Klein but Kelly gets to the ropes. Klein reversed something and slams Love with a K-Power but Love kicks out. Mandy Leon distracts the ref as Love uses hairspray and a superkick that she calls Botox Injection. Kelly kicks out at two so Mandy gets in the ring and takes a spear from Klein. Love hits another Botox Injection and wins. Love and Leon attack Kelly Klein after but the “Man eater” Maria Manic comes to the ring and attacks both Love and Leon, the lots of ‘Security’ AKA Indie wrestlers. New champ in less than ten minutes. Winner: Angelina Love in 9:06.

Video package for Jay Lethal vs his friend and former tag partner, Jonathan Gresham.

Jonathan Gresham vs Jay Lethal

  • This does not start with a handshake. They wrestle for a few minutes with Gresham seeming to keep up with Jay and even show he is better at chain wrestling and reversals. Lethal hits a dive but hurts his wrist. Lethal goes for a cartwheel dropkick but holds his wrist after. Gresham lands a springboard moonsault from the second rope but seems to hurt his knee. Gresham targets the wrist with a wrist lock. They fight to ringside and Lethal trys a drop toe hold on a chair but Gresham blocks it. Gresham goes to use a chair but Todd Sinclair stops him. Lethal asks “is that the only way you can beat me?” They hammer away with forearms as they get back in the ring. Gresham out wrestles Lethal and get Lethal in a Octopus hold and they fall to the mat so Gresham locks it in more. Lethal taps out. Gresham and Lethal shake hands after and hug as fans chant “Hug it out!” Winner: Jonathan Gresham in 17:20.

Bar Room Brawl Match – The Bouncers vs Silas Young & Vinny Marseglia

  • As Vinny Marseglia makes his entrance, The Bouncers attack him from behind. The Bouncers are wearing plain white vests, which tells me this will get messy. The Bouncers control the first few minutes but Milonas is zip tied to the ropes as Young and Marseglia takes out BCB. A beer bottle is broken and Vinny is cut. Glass is in the ring and they keep bumping on it. Vinny Marseglia presses a broken pool cue into the head of Milonas. Marseglia throws darts into the back of Beer City Bruiser as Silas holds him in the corner. Vinny Marseglia comes off the top rope and lands on Milonas on a table at ringside. BCB hits a driver on the apron to Silas so Josh Woods, who was with Silas and on commentary, picks Silas Young up and carried him out. BCB DDTs Marseglia on a chair and pins him. This was quite bloody. Winners: The Bouncers in 14:25.

ROH TV Championship Match – Shane Taylor(c) vs Flip Gordon vs Tracy Williams vs Dragon Lee

  • Before this starts, we have a late entry to this match, Dragon Lee. Lee has recently left Mexican promotion CMLL. Williams and Gordon go at each other at the beginning. There was no way I could keep up with the high paced action in this match but in just under nine minutes Shane Taylor pins Flip Gordon with a sit down piledriver. Good match which looks to set up Shane Taylor and Dragon Lee. Winner: Shane Taylor in 8:26.

ROH Tag Championship Match – LifeBlood vs The Briscoes(c)

  • Bandido and Haskins represent LifeBlood in this match against Jay and Mark Briscoe. Haskins has his wife, Vicky Haskins, in the crowd. The shake hands before the bell and Mark Briscoe and Mark Haskins start the match. They are very intense and tag out early. This picks up quickly as they fight at ringside. Apparently this is not a no DQ match but the Briscoes fill the ring with chairs and pull a table out. Back in the ring the Briscoes beat down Bandido and get the heat. Haskins gets back to the apron and gets the tag. LifeBlood take over for a while with good double team moves but the Briscoes fight on. All four fight until all four are down. Superplex from the top rope by Bandido on Mark Briscoe thena double stomp by Haskins by Jay Briscoe breaks it up. The Briscoes fight back and Jay hits a Jay-Driller on Haskins but Mmark kicks out. At the end Mark Briscoe hits a Froggy-bo on Bandido and Jay hit another Jay-Driller on Haskins to retain the Championships. Good match. Winners: The Briscoes in 20:16.

After the match Bully Ray attacks LifeBlood and Tracy Williams comes down to help. Flip takes out Tracy, stares at Bully and leaves. Bully then puts Mark Haskins through a table at ringside in front of his wife, Vicky. Vicky tends to Mark and Bully tells security to “get her outta here, she jumped the barrier.”

ROH World Championship Match – Matt Taven(c) vs RUSH

  • The match starts with them running at each other and punching away. The fight to ringside and Taven throws RUSH into the barrier where RUSH’s brother and father are. RUSH takes over with a backdrop on the ramp to Taven. Minutes later Taven hits a bodyslam on RUSH from the apron and RUSH splats on the floor below. Taven works over RUSH for a while after. RUSH fires up with a snap German and takes the barrier apart, hitting a woman in the front row in the leg. RUSH then suplexs Taven on the barrier that is not laid flat. Taven stands up and RUSH throws the barrier at him. RUSH suplexs Taven on the announce tables with the ring bell on it. RUSH hits a missile dropkick from the top rope, then minutes later a missile dropkick from the apron, to the floor. Taven somehow hits just the tip of the knee and a Climax but RUSH kicked out. They slap each other really hard and Taven is bleeding from the mouth. Taven climbs the ropes but is shoved and lands on the ropes. RUSH puts Taven in the tree of woe and delivers a running dropkick, followed by another to a seated Matt Taven. RUSH pins Taven to win the championship. Really good match, I had some feed issues waching it back so don’t have a precise time. Winner: RSUH in 16:20.

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