All Elite Wrestling

AEW and Fite TV announce deal for Live Weekly shows, AEW Plus and more

All Elite Wrestling are less than one week away from the debut of their weekly TV show, AEW: Dynamite.

AEW: Dynamite has been announced for TNT in America for a few months but an international deal has taken longer.

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All Elite Wrestling announced a deal with ITV on September 25th that ITV will show a first run broadcast of AEW: Dynamite on Sunday mornings at 8:20am and a one hour highlight of the show on Mondays. This caused a great uproar on Twitter as British fans thought they would have to wait four days to see the show, and on a Sunday morning.

That all changed just a few hours later when AEW and Fite TV announced a deal to air AEW: Dynamite live across the World, only excluding the US and Canada. AEW Plus is a service that is available on Fite TV for $4.99(£4.89) per month and will bring you AEW: Dynamite live and on-demand as well as exclusive backstage footage.

(September 25,2019) – FITE. The leading digital streaming combat sports platform, announced today a new global subscription feature called “AEW Plus. – The new offering will provide live and replay access to the highly anticipated weekly television series from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on a subscription basis as well as an a la carte option. It will be available in numerous countries and regions outside the U.S. and Canada including the United Kingdom, Ireland. Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Chile, Brazil and the Middle East.

The weekly TV series, called AEW: Dynamite, debuts on Wednesday, October 2, from Washington, D.C., on the TNT network for U.S. viewers. Now, for the first time ever, a TV
series will be available LIVE worldwide at the same time through the innovative AEW Plus digital option.

In available countries, AEW Plus will feature the live two-hour AEW: Dynamite show every Wednesday at 8 P-m. ET for a $4.99 monthly subscription price on FITE. In addition, the monthly subscription will offer extra exclusive programming including behind-the-scenes footage. Additionally, there will be a weekly a la carte option for $2.99 providing even more options for consumers.
FITE offers a seamless, device-agnostic way to watch live events online, via mobile or OTT
devices. Here is the link to subscription page.

We are very pleased to expand our relationship with AEW,”said FITE COO Mike Weber. “We have worked with AEW since their inception, and this is the next step in their growth. We are thrilled to continue our working relatiomhip with them and delivering what their fans want to

“FITE answered our call, and the call of AEW fans outside of North America, to offer the best global platform and partner for our wildly successful DOUBLE OR NOTHING event earlier this year, but that was just the start,”said Tony Khan, President and CEO of AEW. “The power of AEW will now be readily available live and internationally with AEW Plus, and that’s thanks to
FITE, which combines the best technology with the passion of delivering our shows to audiences throughout the world.’

Sign up to Fite TV with code “n7djq9” to receive $10 free Fite Credits.

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