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AEW and ITV announce disappointing TV deal for Dynamite in the UK

It was announced today by ITV on social media that the new weekly TV show, for American wrestling company All Elite Wresting, will air on ITV4 as of next month. ITV announced that AEW: Dynamite will air on a four day delay in the UK, at 8:20am on a Sunday morning followed by a one hour highlights show on Monday at 11:45pm. The show will air live in the States on Wednesday nights on TNT.

I’m finding it difficult to express my full disappointment with the decision to air a brand new show(one that fans have been clamouring for) on such a terrible time but for you, I will try.

Cody has said before that AEW’s TV deal will blow anything the WWE has out of the water, but that is not correct. This has been built up to be a “war” between AEW and WWE’s NXT brand but as far as the UK goes, neither will be available until days later.

By time the weekend comes rolling by fans in the UK will already know what happened on each show with spoilers, clips and GIFs will be online. British fans will either get bored of waiting and stop watching, or they will find other ways to watch.

Tony Khan responded to the tweet saying:

“We’ll work together to ensure there will always be a free to air broadcast of the most recent episode of AEW: Dynamite before Saturday PPVs including Full Gear. We’ll also be announcing a live viewing solution soon for the UK + many other countries with great AEW fans. Thank you!”

I’m assuming the “live viewing solution” that Tony speaks of will be some sort of a streaming service but as far as price or any details, that is all still to come. Tony had to reply to this tweet as ITV got over 500 comments in under an hour, and all of them are negative. I think it is safe to say that this announcement has not gone down very well at all, and AEW executives know about it.

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