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NJPW – Destruction in Beppu – September 15, 2019 – Results and Review

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Destruction tour comes to close as the final three nights begin in Beppu, then moves on to Kagoshima and Kobe on the final night.

On this show, Hiroshi Tanahashi defends the British Heavyweight Championship that he won at Royal Quest in London, against Zack Sabre Jr. Also on the show is the IWGP Heavyweight tag team championship match with Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa defending against YOSHI-HASHI and Tomohiro Ishii.


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The English language commentary team for this show is Kevin Kelly & Gino Gambino.

The show opens with a video package that shows everything that has led us to this tour.

Karl Fredericks vs Yota Tsuji

  • These two Young Lions shove each other around and with Tsuji backed up to the ropes, Fredericks breaks clean. Tsuji backs Fredericks up to the ropes and doesn’t break clean as he chops Fredericks. Tsuji is working hel in this match and it’s not long until he starts beating down Fredericks but not getting much heat. Fredericks makes a comeback wth a dropkick that looked great as he corkscrew spun out. The fans popped for that. Karl Fredericks won when he grabbed a leg and locked in the single crab for the submission. I haven’t kept up on this tournament as much as I should of, but these Young Lions are great. Winner: Karl Fredericks in 7:23

Alex Coughlin vs Shota Umino

  • They lock up in the middle for about a minute, trying to gain the advantage but it stays pretty even. Coughlin is showing marks on his chest from chops throughout the tournament. Only a couple of minutes in, Coughlin takes over and stomps Shota in the corner. Coughlin chops Shota hard which seems to fire him up. Coughlin fights back just after the five minute call and hooks in the Boston Crab and sits down with it. Shota gets to the ropes so Coughlin chops Shota. They trade European uppercuts, then chops. The LA Dojo guys can chop really hard. Shota hits a missile dropkick for a two count, followed by a fisherman’s suplex with a bridge for the win. Winner: Shota Umino in 8:14

Michael Richards, Clark Conners, Toa Henare & Manabu Nakanishi vs Yuya Uemura, Ren Narita, Ryusuke Taguchi & Yuji Nagata

  • Ren Narita starts with Clark Conners. They roll around for a minute or so Henare and Uemura. Uemura gets a headlock but cant take Henare down withthe shoulder tackles. After a little scuffle, Henare wears Uemura downthen tags Nakanishi. Nakanishi tlls the Young Lions “Hey, kick him” and they stomp Uemura down. After a beating from all of Nakanishi’s team, Uemura hits a dropkick on Henare and tags out to Narita. Narita hits a dropkick on Nakanishi but he doesn’t go down so Narita bodyslams Nakanishi. “Blue Justice” Yuji Nagata tags in and the match breaks down for a bit. Taguchi tags in and runs wild for a moment but then takes big moves from all the Young Lions. Richards is left with Taguchi and submits when Taguchi gets an ankle lock. A good, fast paced match with the mix of Young Lions and veterans. The Young Lions fought after. Winners: Yuji Nagata, Ryusuke Taguchi, Ren Narita and Yuya Uemura in 11:18

Minoru Suzuki, DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs SHO, YOH & Jyushin Thunder Liger

  • Suzuki-gun get the jump start, obviously. After about a minute, Kanemaru and YOH are in the ring an YOH has the upper hand. Less than one minute later Suzuki-gun hav taken their opponents to ringside, thrown them into barriers and beaten up around the crowd. YOH gets back in at eighteen. Suzuki tries to kill Liger and then tags in. YOH begins to fire up but Suzuki puts hm down with one forearm. Liger tag in, takes out all of Suzuki-gun, then calls out Suzuki. DOUKI gets a pipe so the ref tries to stop him, meanwhile, Suzuki is untying Liger’s mask. Liger fights back and tags out to SHO. At ringside Suzuki continued to attack Liger. DOUKI and SHO are left in the ring. Roppongi 3K hit the 3K to win as SHO pins DOUKI. Liger an Suzuki fight at ringside. Suzuki coms back to attack Liger, he then kills the Young Lions and kicks the barrier into Kevin Kelly. Winners: SHO, YOH and Jyushin Thunder Liger in 10:37.

Liger grabs the house mic and calls out Suzuki for a fight right now. Suzuki walk down, grabs the gate, then turns around and walks away.

El Phantasmo, Taiji Ishimori, KENTA, Yujiro Takahashi & Bad Luck Fale vs Will Ospreay, Robbie Eagles, Kota Ibushi, Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe

  • Bullet Club get a jump start but its quickly turns around as Eagles and Ospreay dive on Ishimori and ELP. Bad Luck Fale beats people up in front of the English commentary whil swearing loudly. BC get the heat on Eagles after taking everyone out at ringside. About four and a half minutes in, Eagles tags Makabe. Kota ad KENTA tag in to preview their singles match for the Wrestle Kingdom main event. They run at each other with kicks to the head, then they continue to punch each other and kick each other in the head. They both go down and Kota tags Honma. Bullet Club take out the other team then beat down Honma. KENTA gets the win when he hits Tomoaki Honma with the Go To Sleep. Winners: Bullet Club in 9:17.

SANADA, BUSHI & Shingo Takagi vs Rocky Romero, Hirooki Goto & Kazuchika Okada

  • Shingo and Goto start off the match as Shingo seems to be looking to prove himself after moving up to the Heavyweight division. BUSHI tags in ad is taken down easily by Goto and Goto tags Rocky. Rocky is only in for a few seconds but I’m sure Rocky enjoyed beating on BUSHI. Rocky thentags his best friend, Okada. CHAOS isolates BUSHI until BUSHI hit a DDT on Okada then tags SANADA. SANADA gets the Paradise lock on his second attempt. Okada wil defend his Championship against SANADA next and we see a few of minutes preview here. Rocky tags in, ranas BUSHI out of the ring and begins to hit the forever clotheslines. Everyone runs in and hits a big move, except Okada whose tombstone is blocked by SANADA. SANADA then locks in the Skull End on Rocky Romero who taps out. That ws fun. Winners: Los Ingobernables De Japon in 10:40.

“Switchblade” Jay White & Chase Owens vs EVIL & Tetsuya Naito

  • Bullet Club wait to see Naito and EVIL fist bump and they jump them. Naito and EVIL get the better of Bullet Club and work over Chase. Switchblade pulls EVIL out of the ringand Chase hits him with a dropkick through the ropes. After Chase attacks EVIL at ringside, EVIL gets back in at eighteen. EVIL and Chase fight for a suplex and EVIL wins with the fisherman’s suplex. Jay ad Naito tag in and we now get a preview for this match. EVIL hits Darkness Falls on White then Naito hits Chase with Destino for the win. Another good match. Winners: Tetsuya Naito and EVIL in 11:10

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match – YOSHI-HASHI & Tomohiro Ishii vs Gorillas of Destiny(c)

  • Tama Tonga and Tomohiro Ishii start the match. Tama runs into Ishii but Ishii is a brick wall. A few minutes in, Tama and Tanga Loa double team Ishii to gain advantage. Tanga Loa hits Ishii and Ishii shouts at him while on the mat, so Tanga Loa choked Ishii and tags out. G.O.D use quick tags to wear down Ishii. Tanga Loa slams Ishii by the ropes and G.O.D come flying in, on top of Ishii. Ten Tama Tonga hits a shotgun dropkick on YOSHI-HASHI to send him back out. YOSHI-HASHI tags in and lays both G.O.D on the ropes and kicks Tama out while kicking Tanga Loa in. Ishii tags in to double tea Tanga Loa. Tanga Loa goes to powerbomb Ishii but Ishii backdrops him. Tanga no-sells it so they trade forearms. YOSHI-HASHI gets in with Tama. Lots of back and forth with all four guys. G.O.D hit an inverted Magic Killer on Ishii then a Magic killer on YOSHI-HASHI but YOSHI-HASHI kicks out. Tanga Loa is not selling anything so Ishii runs at him and headbutts him hard. Brainbuster by YOSHI-HASHI on Tama but Tama Tonga kicks out very late. KENTA walks to the ring and and YOSHI-HASHI gets distracted and pinned. G.O.D retain in a match that started slow but really picked up just past the halfway point. Winners: Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa in 21:35.

British Heavyweight Championship Match – Hiroshi Tanahashi(c) vs Zack Sabre Jr

  • Zack looks disheveled and desperate when circling Tanahashi, looking for a limb. ZSJ focuses on the arms early, holding Tanahashi down with his arms held behind the back. They fight over this hold for the first five minutes as Tanahashi reverses it and they keep reversing the hold. Tanahashi uses Zack’s playbook against him when he targets the legs of ZSJ. Zack rolls to ringside and sells his ankle. At ringside Zack gets a chair but Uemura takes it away so Zack attacks him. Tanahashi goes for Zack at ringside then takes it back in the ring. ZSJ quickly reverses Tanahashi into an armbar. From ther ZSJ targets the arms heavily for a few minutes. Tanahashi fights back a hits the rolling senton on Zack for a two. Tanahashi baseball slides to kick ZSJ but Zack catches the leg and gets a knee bar on the apron and an armbar in the ropes. Zack argues with the ref and when he climbs back in the ring, Tanahashi hits two Dragon screw leg whips in the ropes. ZSJ fights back and goes for an armbar. Tanahashi reverses into an armbar of his own but ZSJ escapes and wraps up Tanahashi. They get up and Tanahashi hits a Slingblade. Tanahashi goes up top and hits a High Fly Flow to the back and locks in a clover leaf but ZSJ gets to the rope. Zack is bleeding from the mouth. Tanahashi hits two twist and shouts but Zack reverses a third into a Zack-Driver. They trade strikes as Zack looks wobbly. Tanahashi catches a PK. In the last minutes they trade reversals and Zack rolls up Tanahashi, holds him down and wins with a ground cobra twist. Zack wins the British Heavyweight Championship back. That was excellent, I highly recommend this match. Winner: Zack Sabre Jr in 26:43.

At the end Zack claims he wants to be the first to hold three belts as he wins the International championship and Heavyweight championship.


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