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Game Changer Wrestling – Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport II – Info & Full Results

Tonight(September 14th, 2019) Game Changer Wrestling returns to Fite TV to present Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport II. The original main event for this show was Josh Barnett vs Jon Moxley but due to MRSA, Moxley has had to pull out.

This show is a pay-per-view on Fite TV but comes with a free pre-show with two scheduled fights.

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See my full preview HERE.

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The show opens with a short video package of Bloodsport, with Josh Barnett and Minoru Suzuki for the first Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport. The video package is in an old fighting film style an goes on the build intrigue in the upcoming Bloodsport 2.

Our commentary team, Larry Legend and Emil Jay, welcome us and run down the show, while explaining that Bloodsport is a hybrid mix of pro wrestling and MMA.

They then show “The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickenson vs Andy “The Butcher” Williams from Bloodsport 1.

The first match of the Bloodsport II pre-show starts now.

Rory Gulak vs Matt Makowski

  • In the first of two preliminary bouts, Rory Gulak takes on Matt Makowski. The ring has no ropes and contests ca only end with a knock out or submission.they grapple fro the fist few moments as fans chant for Rory. Rory seemed to have the better of Makowski while fighting on top, but Makowski nearly got an armbar, then flips over Gulak andnthey get bak to their feet. Makowski gets a double leg takedown. Makowski pulls off an O’Conner roll and throws Gulak up, and into an armbar. Gulak submits seconds later. Good match. Winner: Matt Makowski in 5:43 – Submission

Get see promo videos from people on the card. Then back to the commentators to continue to plug the PPV. We see the promo video for the show again.

Sumie Sakai vs Lindsay Snow

  • In the second preliminary bout of the show, GCW present the first women’s match at Bloodsport. Filthy Tom Lawlor joins the commentary booth for this match. The match starts with sme strikes that doesn’t go well for Sumie early. Sumie gets an armbar but only lets go when she is kicked in te head. Snow gets a nice throw and beats on Sumie. Snow grabs the foot from a kick but Sakai goes for a guillotine choke. Snow reverses the guillotine with a brainbuster. Sumie Sakai goes back to the armbar and gets the submission victory. Winner: Sumie Sakai in 4:42 – Submission

We go to interviews that were recorded earlier in the day by people on the card.


Support altprowrestling

altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


The main show opens with Larry Legend, in the ring, welcoming us to Bloodsport II. All fighters are welcomed to the ring in match order, except for the participants in the first match. Josh Barnett makes his way to the ring last and welcoms us to Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport II.

Zachary Wentz vs Anthony Henry

  • This starts with a running kick from Wentz and a German suplex. They both stand up and begin to grapple. Wentz controls a lot of this fight with grappling but Henry shows moments of submission awareness and picks up the win with a triangle choke. Winner: Anthony Henry in 4:20 – Submission

Erik Hammer vs JR Kratos

  • Tom Lawlor makes his way back to commentary and does a very good job. These two big lads grapple early as Hammer takes Kratos down but Kratos fights back up and slams Hammer. They roll around as Hamme looks for an armbar but they nearly roll out of the ropeless ring and the ref breaks them up before they roll out. Kratos cartwheels past the guard and gets a headlock but Hammer takes the back. Kratos lands a kick before they get back to their feet. They stand face-to-face and start trading forearms. They trade punches as both punch at the same time, then Hammer hits a German suplex. Hammer controls this for a minute until Kratos fires up and throws Hammer. Hammer escapes onthe mat and goes for an armbar. After Hammer tries a few submissions on the larger Kratos, they stand up. Hammer comes in with hard knees and suplexs Kratos ino a guillotine but translations to a neck crank and the bloody Kratos tap out. Winner: Erik Hammer in 10:27 – Submission

Nicole Savoy vs Allysin Kay

  • They grapple to begin and down on the mat, Savoy goes for an armbar but Allysin Kay rolls out and gets one of her own. They both defend well from the submissions early. Savoy get back on top and beats on Kay but misses most, then Kay throws Savoy out of the ring. They fight over heelhooks as they strike each other. Ka rolls back to the heelhook and they start kicking each other in the back. They fight of control of the ankle as they both roll out of the ring. Savoy fires up and starts striking with chops and kicks but Kay double legs Savoy. Savoy fights and gains top control and elbows Kay a few times. Kay fights and gains top control again. They trade strikes and Svoy hits a Saito suplex, Kay rolls out of the ring. Kay gets back in at eight. They trade submission attempts and Kay gets Savoy in a crucifix and elbows her unconscious. Good match. Winner: Allysin Kay in 10:48 – KO

Filthy Tom Lawlor leaves commentary at this point.

Anthony Carelli vs Simon Grimm

  • This starts with some grappling for arms and Carelli get a single leg take down and elbows Grimm hard. Grimm goes for a leg submission but Carelli fights back. Grimm drops some elbows on the mat but Carelli dodges most of them. Carelli gets another good take down but Grimm counters well. As Carelli is on the mat, Grimm hits some kicks to the body of Carelli. Looking for heelhooks, they both roll out of the ring. Grimm looks for another leg submission and Carelli fires up and chops his way out. Simon Grimm gets heat on Carelli for a few minutes with stomps and submissions but Anthony Carelli gets the win with an armbar. Winner: Anthony Carelli in 10:40 – Submission

Timothy Thatcher vs Ikuhisa Minowa

  • Ikuhisa Minowa starts out with a dropkick that takes down Thatcher and kicks him. Thatcher grabs a leg and gets a half crab. Thatcher hits Minowa with a European uppercut and takes down Minowa. They roll around looking for control and when they stand up they get an applause. They grapple again, which leads to Thatcher hitting and chopping Minowa. Minowa almost gets a Kamora but Thatcher gut wrench suplexs Minowa across the ring. They continue to brawl and grapple on the mat until Thatcher submits Minowa with a neck crank. That was really fun. Winner: Timothy Thatcher in 9:33 – Submission


We see images with some background music for upcoming GCW shows.

Larry Legend welcomes us back and reminds us of the hashtag.

Filthy Tom Lawlor vs Davey Boy Smith Jr

  • This starts with a handshake and they begin striking. They roll around early, as Tom and Smith feel each other out. Davey Boy Smith Jr uses his size advantage while wrestling with Filthy Tom. Tom, who was supposed to face Barnett at Bloodsport 1 but had to pull out, keepstargeting the arm of Smith while Smith is strong enough and skilled enough to escape as they go hold-for-hold. Smith uses his father’s powerslam on Lawlor and beats on him with palm strikes. Lawlor fights ot and gets a guillotine but Smith escapes and hits a German suplex. Smith almost gets a sharpshooter but Tom rolls out. Lawlor hits a running lariat to knock both men to the floor. Bck in the ring, they trade huge shots ad the fans go nuts. Smith suplexs Tom on his head then powerbombs To on him head for the KO win. Very good match. Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr in 12:01 – KO

Killer Kross vs Nick Gage

  • Nick Gage gets his usual reception as fans chant “Nick fucking Gage” before his music starts. Gage walks around meeting fans, getting hyped and getting a star reaction. This place is electric. As the bell rings, Gage runs at Kross but is caught and slammed. Cross gets a heelhook but Gage slaps Kross and sticks a finger in the face of Kross. Kross nearly submta Gage so Gage headbutts Kross in the jaw hard. While Kross wa down, Gage kicked Kross in the head. Kross fought out of a sleeper an gets a choke on Gage. The referee stops the fight but there is a bit of confusion as to why from Gage. Gage throws the ref out of the ring after theannouncement is made that Kross wins by submission. Winner: Killer Kross in 3:28

After the match, Killer Kross calls out BATISTA.. Huh? Surely they wouldn’t teas something like that and not already have something up their sleeves?

Chris Dickenson vs Josh Barnett

  • They lock up to begin as they feel each other out. Barnett takes Dickenson down but Chris Dickenson does well at ground defence. Dickenson gets a knee strike on the back of Barnett’s head. Dickenson take over but Barnett fights back and hts hard strikes. The roll around and Barnett gets a heelhook so Dickenson gets an ankle lock. They trade holds asBarnett is on top. Barnett gets an armbar but Dickenson fights out with punches and knees. They roll into the corner an the ref stands them up. Josh Barnett gets a front facelock on Dickenson and suplexs him. Barnett has the back of Dickenson with the hooks in but Dickenson turns it around and punches away. Barnett gets a big headlock takedown but Dickenson fights out and kicks Barnett. Barnett picks up Dickenson and slams him hard. Barnett has the back but Dickenson turns it around again, jumps up and drives his knees in the guts of Barnett. Dickenson starts to get the better of Barnett so they get back up and trade huge shots. Chris Dickenson hits so great shots on Barnett, and a German suplex, but Josh Barnett picks up Dickenson and hts a gut wrench powerbomb then kics Chris in the jaw to win by KO. Great fight! Winner: Josh Barnett in 16:56 – KO

After the match Dickenson grabs the microphone and puts over Josh Barnett. Barnett gets the mic after and says this won’t be the last one. Barnett says that Moxley wants to fight him at Bloodsport in the future, so hopefully that’s the main event of the next show.

That was another great Bloodsport show. The main event was a great technical battle at times, and a brutal fight at other times. The crowd was hot for the whole show and the entire card was filled with intriguing bouts that paid off. This is definitely worth watching if you can.

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