All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling – All Out & BUY-IN Results


Goldenboy and Excalibur kick the show off on commentary.

The show starts with the women’s Casino Battle Royale, introduced by Justin Roberts.

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  1. Sadie Gibbs
  2. Ivelisse
  3. Tenille Dashwood
  4. Nyla Rose
  5. Leva Bates
  6. Priscilla Kelly
  7. Brandi Rhodes
  8. Awesome Kong
  9. Britt Baker
  10. Nicole Savoy
  11. ODB
  12. Teal Piper
  13. Jazz
  14. Allie
  15. Bea Priestly
  16. Faby Apache
  17. Shazza McKenzie
  18. Big Swole
  19. Penelope Ford
  20. Solandra Royale
  21. Joker: Mercedes Martinez

I’m not sure if I’ve made mistake but there seems to only be 20 people in the womens Battle Royale, unless you count both Librarians. Nyla Rose started the match and eliminated Britt Baker to win. Winner: Nyla Rose in 20:34.

Ads for the main event, Chris Jericho vs Adam “Hangman” Page.

Private Party vs Jack Evans & Angelico

  • The fans seem more behind Private Party. This match starts a bit slow but picks up after the five minute point. Not to say about this match. It was good, athletic and entertaining. Privae Party win with a rana from the top, into a cutter, Gin an Juice. Winners: Private Party in 11:33.

After the match, Evans and Angelico bea up Private Party.

We see a video for someone called “Wardlow”.

Jim Ross makes his way to the booth and joins the commentary team.


SoCal Uncensored vs Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt & Luchasaurus

  • Early on the team of Luchasaurus and friends get the upper hand. Luchasaurus hits a cool dive and neary hits the back of his head on the apron. Back in the ring, Jungle Boy is tagged in and SCU get the heat on him. This was good with spots for everyone to shine. SCU pick up the win with a Best Meltzer Ever on Jungle Boy and Marko at the same time. Christopher Daniels pins Marko to win. Fans not happy with the winners too much but they appreciate it. Winners: SoCal Uncensored in 11:41.

Kenny Omega vs PAC

  • This starts a bit slow for the first few minutes until PAC is sent outside. At ringside PAC takes over and throws Omega into the barriers. PAC controls the first five minutes or so until Omega hits a dive on PAC but hit his ankles on the barrier. Later on PAC goes for a Black Arrow but Kenny rolls out of the ring. PAC turns to hit a moonsault but when he does PAC hits his legs on the barrier hard. It looks like PAC is seriously injured for a minute. Kenny hits multiple V-Triggers and looks to end it with a One Winged Angel but PAC locks in wat he calls “The Brutaliser”, which is a Rings of Saturn, on a standing Omega and the ref ends the match. Th fans boo the second finish out of two. PAC beats Omega. Winner: PAC in 23:40.

Cracker Barrel Clash – Darby Allin vs Jimmy Havoc vs Joey Janela

  • The match starts, Jimmy Havoc swear at them both and goes to get weapons from under the ring. Havoc gets a staple gun and staples himself twice. Allin and Jenela attack Havoc, tape him to a chair then fill Havoc’s mouth with tacks and tape it shut. Havoc, who is taped to a chair and with tacks taped in his mouth, signals for Darby Allin to give Havoc his best. Allin throws himself off the ringpost and onto Havoc. Jenela hits a sunset bomb on Allin. Janela moonsaults but Havoc moves and Janela splats on the ramp. Allin lands a Ollie on Janela’s back with a skateboard with tacks in the bottom. Allin goes for a coffindrop on Havoc, on the steel steps, but Havoc moves. In the end, Havoc wins with an Acid Rainmaker on a Cracker Barrel, pinning Janela. Insane. Winner: Jimmy Havoc in 14:57.

The Dark Order vs Best Friends

  • Not sure how this started as my Fite TV feed keeps cutting out and freezing, then the pause button won’t go away. Dark Order run the match for atleast six minutes while I struggle with the Fite TV app. Stu Grayson hits a crazy corkscrew moonsault but completely misses Chuckie T and hits his minions. Back in the ring, Uno gets taken out by Baretta and Chuck Taylor hits an awful waffle but Beretta is pulled out of the ring. The Dark Order hits their finish on Beretta and pinning him to win. The dark order start to carry a Beretta of the arena until the lights go out. The lights come back on and freshly squeezed Orange Cassidy is inthe ring. He dives on the minions and the Best Friends hug him. Winners: The Dark Order in roughly 14 minutes.

Hikaru Shida vs Riho

  • Shida over powers Riho and is much bigger because Riho is very small. Shida uses her size and strength to her advantage but Riho holds on for ages. Riho will not give up. This match was good and drew the fans in with som big moves from both. Despite only weighing 98 lbs, Riho managed to roll Hikaru Shida for the win and moving on to face Nyla Rose for the first ever AEW Women’s championship on TNT. Winner: Riho in 13:23.

Shawn Spears W/ Tully Blanchard vs Cody W/ Maxwell Jacob Friedman

  • This starts with a dive from Cody on Spears. They fight in the crowd and wen it gets back to the ring. MJF keeps causing a disturbance so Spears can take over. At one point Shawn Spears gets the belt of Tully Blanchard and whips Cody all over until Cody has had enough and jumps up. The finishing sequence was, Arn Anderson comes to the ring ad give Spears a AA spinebuster, Cody gives Spears the chair and gives te chair a kick into the face of Spears. Cody then hits a Cross Rhodes to win. Maxwell Jacob Friedman did not turn on Cody, yet. Winner: Cody in 17:23.

Escalera De La Muertes AAA Tag Championship Match- The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Brothers(c)

  • This starts with a stare off between both sets of brothers and that was the last sane moment. They hit each other with ladders, using ropes and ladders together to springboard. Matt spears Fenix and Penta spears Nick Jackson through the ropes, out of the ring and through some tables. Nck takes a rana from the top rope and smashes onto his back on a ladder. Ladders come in the ring, get ued and disposed of as more tables ar coming out. Penta hits a destroyer from the top of the ladder, through a table on Matt Jackson. Penta is put ona table at ringside as Nick climbs a ladder, on the other side of the ring, Mtt is placed on a table while Fenix clmbs a ladder. They both jump at the same time, putting Matt and Penta through tables. Nick climbs a ladder in the ring and Penta pushes th ladder, the only issue is the ladder is in the centre of the ring so Nick clips his feet on the ropes and goes head-first through a table at ringside. Te Lucha Brothers the put Matt Jackson through a ladder at ringside wth a package piledriver. With Matt and Nick down The Lucha Brothers get the titles and win the match. Winners: The Lucha Brothers in 24:10.

After the match The Lucha Brothers and the Young Bucks get laid out by LAX who recently left Impact. They will probably team with Jericho on the first episode of AEW on TV.

AEW Full Gear November 9th on Pay-PerPay-Per-View.

AEW Championship Match – Adam “Hangman” Page vs Chris Jericho

  • This starts slow as they feel each other out but after just a few minutes Jericho takes over by shoving Page off the apron and Page flush back and smashes against the barrier hard. Jericho targets the arms of Page. Page tries to run the ropes but taes a hard dropkick to the face. Page gs for a Tomohiro but it’s reversed into a Walls of Jericho. Page forces his way out of the Walls. Jericho is bleding above the left eye so he rolls ot of the ring. Jericho walks around ringside, bleeding and Hangman Page starts to stalk Jericho. they end up on the top rope and Hangman hits a massive swinging neckbreaker on Jericho from the top. Page hits a buckshot lariat. Page goes for a Deadeye but Jericho reverses into a Walls. Page gets to the ropes and that starts an arguement between Chris and Aubrey Edwards, the ref. Aubrey wns the fight by pointing in Jericho’s face and shouting, that was great. Pag hits a moonsault at ring side but hurts his leg on the ramp. Page goes for a running shooting star press but Jericho gets the knees up to Hangman’s face. Page hits his finisher, the Deadeye, but Jericho kick out. In the end, Jericho reverses aother Deadeye and hits the Judas Effect to beat Hangman Page and win the Championship. Jericho is the first ever AEW Champion. Winner: Chris Jericho in 26:22

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