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Ring of Honor – Saturday Night At Center Stage – Results and Review

Ring of Honor heads to Atlanta, GA for the Saturday Night at Center Stage show. This show is available live and on-demand via Honor Club and Fite TV.

The commentary team for this show is Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman.

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The show opens with with a crowd shot of a packed Center Stage. Ian welcomes us to the show and tells us the Champions vs the All-Stars in the main event. Ian and Caprice run down the card.

LifeBlood(Haskins & Williams) vs Villain Enterprises(Brody King & PCO)

  • Villain Enterprises attack LifeBlood before the bell. King makes a mistake early on and forearms his own partner, PCO. King and PCO are at ringside as LifeBlood dive on them. Villain Enterprises take over, King holds LifeBlood as PCO dives but, due to an electrical malfunction, PCO dives out the wrong side and onto no-one. PCO is bleeding bad from just above the eye but dives again but this time hits LifeBlood. The fans chant “He’s not Human” and “PCO” but I think PCO is feeling his injured face and it looks horrible. Haskins rolls out of one corner and across the ring to make the tag. PCO takes over, slams Williams and hits a senton from the top. PCO looks completely out of it but still hits everything and it looks good. This man is insane. Haskins and Williams continue to fight but PCO looks lost. Haskins hits a DVD on PCO on the apron, why is PCO still doing spots?! In the end, Flip Gordon comes to the ring and hits Tracy Williams in the back with a chair. King hits the Gonzo Bomb on Williams to win. That was a bloody fight and I hope PCO is okay. Winners: Villain Enterprises in 14:31

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We come back and Ian Riccaboni is in the ring as he introduces the Rock n Roll Express. Rock n Roll Express will have a tag match on the next show against The Briscoes. As Ricky Morton is talking to the fans about the opportunity they have, they are interrupted by the Briscoes. Jay asks if they got enough of a beating last time and Ricky Morton snatches the microphone and says “a cup of soup and a good night sleep and you gotta do it,again tomorrow”

Matt Taven has an ad for his DVD in which he insults the viewers. Not the best way to get people to buy your stuff.

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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


Kelly Klein joins Ian Riccaboni and Caprice on commentary for the next match.

Angelina Love vs Sumie Sakai

  • Love wouldn’t shake the hand of Sumie and attacks her before the bell. The fans get behind Sumie alot but go quiet when Love takes over. Sumie was good but not good enough to save this match. Mandy Leon sprayed hair spray in the face and Love hits a really weak looking kick to the mid-section(I think it was supposed to hit the face) of Sumie for the win. Winner: Angelina Love in 6:46.

Shinobi Shadow Squad vs Felino, Okumura & Silus Young

  • Okumura and Cheeseburger kick the match off. ROH are using more CMLL wrestlers, probably to mix things up a bit, and Juice Robinson opted to not work ROH. Shinobi Shandow Squad are so much smaller that it is ridiculous when they sell for Cheeseburger. Isom hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Silas Young and moonsaults on all three opponents at ringside. In the end Nova went for a rana from the top rope on Felino but it’s reversed into a powerbomb. After the match Josh Woods, who was in Silas’ corner, low blows Okumura and suplexs Felino. Winners: Felino, Okumura & Silas Young in 10:29

Chase Owens vs LSG vs PJ Black

  • The winner of this match gets a TV Title shot on the Honor For All show tomorrow. This starts with back and forth with Chase knocked out of the ring to start. Black is sent to ringside next as Chase takes it to LSG. Black slams LSG onto Owens and moonsaults on them both. They all trade chops and Black is sent out again. LSG hits a 450 on Owens but Black breaks up the pin. Black comes off the ropes and Owens gets the knee up and knees Black under the chin. Chase Owens hits a package piledriver on LSG to win. Good l fun match. Winner: Chase Owens in 9:58.

Before the next match, Dalton Castle makes hi way to the ring in a custom made Peacock style suit. Dalton says that the ROH officials keep ignoring the most entertaining man in Ring of Honor, him. Dalton says without him ROH would be just “a bunch of works cutting the sleeves off t-shirts”. The fans chant random stuff. Dalton wants the Championship belt back. Joe Hendry interrupts Castle with his classic indicative ring music where he signs his own song and has a video of him in Scotland. Hendry starts cutting a promo but the mic cuts off and we miss it. Dalton says “I don’t 6we quite caught that.” These fans are still chanting whatever they want. Hendry claims he sees himself as a world champion as fans now chant for Dalton. I’ve watched Hendry for a while and he is great, so is Dalton so I am very excited for this program.

Marty Scurll vs Bandido

  • Before the match the Marty fans were chanting and were interrupted by Bandido fans chanting and looked surprised. Bandido calls Marty a “Puto” so Marty kicks his sombrero out of the ring and celebrates. They start with some mat wrestling. It speeds up soon and gets really good, really quick. Marty hits the superkick on the apron. Marty goes in to the crowd, grabs a fans belt and celebrates with it, then takes the belt and puts it on the table at ringside. Marty works over Bandido for a few minutes. Bandido fights back with a spinning crossbody, a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a cutter. This match got better and faster as it goes on, some fans chanting “lucha lucha” while others chant for Marty. Scurll blocks the 21-Plex and goes for a Chicken Wing but Bandido rolls through and hits a standing shooting star press for a two. Bandido hits his fall away moonsault from the top rope as fans chant holy shit. After a great exchange, Marty hits the Black Plague to pin Bandido and win. Great match. Winner: Marty Scurll in 18:57.

Lanny Poffo joins commentary for the main event.

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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


Champions vs All Stars – Matt Taven, Shane Taylor & The Briscoes vs Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb, Kenny King & RUSH

  • Amy Rose joins Kenny King at ringside as the licensed manager for the first time. Jay Lethal tells Rose to leave so King and Lethal trade blows before the match. RUSH is a superstar to these people. Taven starts with Cobb but Matt Taven wants RUSH. When RUSH steps in Taven tags Jay Briscoe. Lethal and Mark Briscoe tags in. The story of these teams is Cobb will challenge for the TV Title soon, Lethal will face longtime rival Kenny King, the Briscoes will face the Rock n Roll Express who aren’t in the match, and Taven will defend the ROH World title against RUSH. Taven tags in against Cobb and after a giant suplex on the champ, the All Star team take turns chopping Taven in the corner. King holds Taven in the corner and Lethal tags in by slapping King hard in the face. The champs get heat on Lethal. Lethal fights back against Mark Briscoe with hard chops and King tags in. Jay Briscoe spits on RUSH and all hell breaks loose. At seventeen minutes in, Kenny King rolls up Jay Briscoe to eliminate him after Jay covers Amy Rose in water. Kenny King is eliminated by Taylor with a sit down piledriver at twenty two minutes. The champs get heat on Lethal again but at ringside, Taven goes to kick Lethal but accidentally kicks his partner, Shane Taylor. Back in the ring, Lethal eliminates Mark Briscoe at the 28 minute point. Todd Sinclair gets knocked down and Lethal tags RUSH, Sinclair didn’t see it so Lethal is back in the ring. Taven kicks Lethal low and they get a near fall until it’s broken up by Cobb. At the thirty two minute point Shane Taylor hits a sit down piledriver on Lethal and pins the former world champ. This is down to Taven and Taylor vs Cobb and RUSH. Cobb and Taven are in the ring and Cobb hits Taven with a super F-5. Taven hits RUSH with a chair in front of the ref for no reason as RUSH goes for his dropkick on Taylor in the corner, then Honor Club just stopped working for me. 37 minutes in and the feed just stopped. I get these issues on every Ring of Honor show, I normally watch on Fite TV but decided to watch on the ROH app this time. I turn the show back on after Honor Club crashed and this match is no a two-on-one with RUSH and Cobb against Shane Taylor. RUSH pins Taylor after hitting a running dropkick in the corner. Good match to end a really good show, just a shame about the technical issues. Winners: All Stars; RUSH, Jeff Cobb, Kenny King and Jay Lethal in NO TIME RECORDED.

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