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Chris Jericho comments on NXT going live on Wednesdays and AEW vs WWE

Chris Jericho, former WWE Champion and current AEW roster member is facing Hangman Adam Page on August 31st at All Out. All Out is the second Pay-Per-View from All Elite Wresting and comes thirty three days before the first ever episode of AEW on TV.

The weekly AEW TV show name hasn’t been announced yet but is likely to be Wednesday Night Dynamite. WWE have reacted to the news of AEW getting on TNT in America by putting NXT on the USA Network at the same time, extending the length of the show from one to two hours.

It has been made official that WWE’s NXT brand will be live on the USA Network from 8pm – 10pm(ET) every Wednesday.

On August 19, 2019, Chris Jericho made an appearance on the Sirius XM radio station with Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray to talk AEW selling out every show to date, NXT moving to USA and the war between WWE and AEW.

Chris Jericho:

“I think WWE is great, but the point is there’s too much WWE as it is and by and by adding another two hours that really dilutes the product, it dilutes there mindset, it dilutes there focus, it’s a reactionary move. It’s done by a guy who wants to start a war when we don’t care if you wanna start a war or not, that was never our intention. There’s no war for us, we’re just doing what we’re doing.”

Bully Ray:

“We were talking early about the competitiveness of Vince McMahon. We both know that he has not been in a real fight in a long time, if we do get an announcement tonight or in the near future that the WWE will move NXT to the USA Network to go head-to-head with AEW, how much involvement do you think Vince will have and/or will he be wise enough to sit back and let Hunter continue to run NXT?”

Jericho continues to talk about how Vince will be involved in NXT and how NXT, Raw and Smackdown will interact with each other and NXT will become “just another WWE show”.

All Elite Wresting starts on TNT in America on October 2nd and NXT starts on the USA Network on September 18th.

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