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Ring of Honor – Summer Supercard – Results and Review

Ring of Honor host the ROH Summer Supercard live from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Friday, August 9th, 2019.

The ROH Summer Supercard will present talent from Ring of Honor, CMLL and New Japan Pro Wresting.

This show is available on Honor Club and Fite TV.

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The commentary team for this show is Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman.

The show opens with very respectful ten bell salute for Harley Race. Wrestlers stood round the ring and fans cheered the idea and everyone was silent as the bell sounded. Very nice.

After the “Honor Is Real” opening we see a graphic for Summer Supercard as Ian Riccaboni welcomes us then he and Caprice run down the card.

The Kingdom vs Villain Enterprises(Brody King & P.C.O.)

  • PCO and TK O’Ryan start the match and, for some reason, The Kingdom seem very confident against Villain Enterprises. TK chops PCO and PCO goes nuts, gets TK in the corner and dropkicks him in the back. King tags in and so does Marseglia. King takes out Marseglia and tags PCO. PCO asks King to chop him, so he does and PCO fires up. The Kingdom take out Brody and get the heat on PCO. After a few minutes, PCO fights back and manages to get to his corner and tag Brody King. King takes it to everyone then sends them to ringside. King tags PCO then dives on The Kingdom then PCO dives on them. King hits a Gonzo bomb on TK O’Ryan then shouts at PCO to “Go up top” and PCO moonsaults on TK for the win. Good match. Villain Enterprises are great and I could watch PCO all day, The Kingdom has a good following too.

After the match Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas are laughing at The Kingdom so The Kingdom starts a fight. Beer goes everywhere and security comes to separate them. The fans chant “let them fight” for a moment.

Rhett Titus joins commentary and he has a shirt on. He normally wears tiny pants and oil all over him but says his wife has complained about him and the Honor Girls.

PJ Black vs Silas Young Marty Scurll

  • Silas looks like he’s just strolled off the beach and is no way dressed to wrestle. Young takes the microphone and says he thought the match was later on and he has been drinking. Silas says they have already wrestled and Silas knows he can beat PJ. Silas just leaves and that’s that. As PJ is asking the fans who they’d like to see, he says “Or, what about..” then Marty Scurll’s music hits. Marty says “let’s not waste anymore time, let’s ring the bell.” The bell rings and they go at it very fast at the beginning until PJ takes control. It gets very technical in the first few minutes at PJ Black plays to the crowd. Marty fires up with European uppercuts, sending PJ to ringside then Marty hops over the top rope and superkicks PJ Black. Back in the ring, Marty looks for the Black Plague but PJ Black fights out. Scurll takes PJ down with a clotheslines turning him inside out. Marty hits a powerbomb with a pin and stacks PJ up for a two. PJ hits a moonsault then goes for a second but Marty gets his feet up, which looked brutal. Marty stomps on the fingers then snaps them, which gets a good reaction. PJ counters the Black Plague into a roll up for a two. A quick exchange and Marty hits the Black Plague and wins. Good back and forth match that the crowd seemed to enjoy. Winner: Marty Scurll in 8:04.

Women of Honor World Championship Match – Kelly Klein(c) vs Tasha Steelz

  • This starts with some quick back and forth but when Steelz goes for a monkey flip, Klein blocks and slams her. Steelz sells a lot early on but comes back with a head scissors then gets cut off instantly. Steelz knocks Klein off the apron and goes for a dive, unfortunately Klein wasn’t ready, then Steelz clips the ropes. They trade shots which are somewhat mistimed and don’t get a great reaction. Klein hits a really good looking high angle Saito suplex which gets an okay reaction. Klein hits multiple suplexs which gets better reactions but it just goes silent after. Steelz slips out of a vertical suplex and hits a cutter, which is her finish, but Kelly Klein rolls to the ropes. Steelz gets a sleeper but Klein fights out. Kelly Klein hits her finisher the K-Power for the win. Winner: Kelly Klein in 8:14.

Angelina Love attacks both women after the match from behind and poses with the WOH belt.

Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal vs Mark Haskins & Bandido

  • Ring of Honor are still going with the LifeBlood thing even though the New Japan wrestlers don’t want to work ROH shows anymore, so I suppose it’s just Haskins, Bandido and Williams left. Haskins and Gresham start the match and they grapple as some fans chant “Ring of Haskins”. Haskins keeps getting holds on Gresham but Gresham gets out in a creative manner. Gresham seems to get in the head of Haskins momentarily but then tags Lethal. The fans cheer for Bandido so Haskins tags out. Bandido and Lethal go back and forth with tie ups until Bandido gets a headlock then it went crazy fast for about thirty seconds. Haskins tags in and they double team Lethal. Haskins runs wild on Lethal, backs him in the corner, chops Lethal and tags out. Bandido did a similar thing, keeping Lethal in their corner. As Lethal runs the ropes Gresham tags in but Haskins doesn’t see it so when Haskins goes to leapfrog Gresham catches him and German suplexs him. Lethal and Gresham work over Haskins for a bit until a tilt-a-whirl backbraker. Gresham goes nuts under gets a chair and tries to hit Bandido but Lethal stops him. Gresham and Lethal fight over the chair and LifeBlood take advantage. Gresham is laid out at ringside while Haskins and Bandido work over Lethal. Lethal and Gresham get back on the same page. Lethal gets Haskins in a figure four and they really tease a finish but Bandido picks up Gresham and powerbombs him on Lethal. Back to their feet, Bandido and Gresham trade shots and Bandido throws Gresham high in the air and hits a cutter then Bandido reverses a Lethal Injection into his GTS like move and Bandido hits a 21-Plex on Lethal then Haskins gets a Sharpshooter on Lethal as Bandido dives so high over the ropes onto Gresham at ringside. Really fun match. Winners: Mark Haskins and Bandido in 19:35.

ROH TV Championship Match – Shane Taylor(c) vs “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams

  • Flip Gordon runs to the ring with a kendo stick and beats up Tracy Williams before Taylor makes his entrance, then they show ads for ROH Live shows. The crowd boos loudly and chant “Bull Shit”. No match happened.

No Disqualification Match – Dalton Castle vs RUSH

  • Dalton comes down with two guys in bull masks and a matador hat. Castle slays the “bulls” in the ring and puts one foot on them. RUSH doesn’t look happy. Dalton runs at RUSH but gets punched down. RUSH kicks the hell out of Dalton for about a minute as Dalton tries to get his breath back. RUSH is not playing around and shouts at Dalton to fight. Dalton tries to walk out but RUSH chases him down. RUSH throws Dalton over a barrier and Dalton flips right over it. RUSH with a snapmere on the stage and a kick to Daltons back. Castle fights back with the stick he slayed the bulls with in his entrance and takes it to ringside. Castle hits RUSH with a chair to the head and chokes him with it. Castle throws RUSH into the ring post then sits him on the chair and dropkicks RUSH. Dalton hits RUSH with a German suplex on the floor at ringside. RUSH fights back and runs at Castle but Castle picks up RUSH and slams him on the fans at ringside. Dalton slams RUSH at ringside then throws a chair at his face. Dalton throws RUSH in the ring and gets a one count as Castle isnt in a hurry. Dalton chops at RUSH but RUSH fires up, German suplexs Castle and takes the fight back to ringside. RUSH powerbombs Dalton on a table but it doesn’t break, so RUSH stands on Dalton on the table. RUSH throws a chair in the face of Dalton and Castle rolls back in. RUSH throws a bin(trash can), chairs, and anything he could get hold of all in the ring. RUSH hits a German suplex and hits running dropkick in the corner for the win. Winner: RUSH in 15:22.

Tracy Williams comes back out holding his arm to his chest and calls out the TV champion, Shane Taylor.

ROH TV Championship Match – Shane Taylor(c) vs Tracy Williams

  • This doesn’t start with a hand shake but rather Talyor running at Williams. Williams dodges and has a brief moment of fire until Taylor throws Williams in the corner on his injured shoulder. Taylor gets the heat on Williams as he chops Williams and targets the shoulder. Taylor takes it to ringside and throws Tracy into the barriers. Taylor lays Williams’ arm over the apron and leg drops it. Shane takes Tracy up to the top rope but Williams fights back and Taylor falls off. Williams gives Taylor a frog splash for a two count. Williams fights back with kicks and chops. Williams trys a suplex but Shane is too heavy. Taylor starts to climb up top and is kicked from behind. Williams hits the suplex on Taylor from the second rope. Tracy trys to hit a piledriver but can’t lift Taylor and the crowd boos. Tracy tried the crossface again but Taylor fights out, picks up William and hits a sit down piledrive for the win. Winner: Shane Taylor in 8:23

Joe Hendry is announced as the newest member of the ROH roster. Hendry is a Scottish pro wrestler with a very legit background. “The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry is a very good wrestler and a great sign by ROH.

Stuka Jr, Caristico & Soberano Jr vs Hechicero, Templario & Cavernario

  • Silas Young joins the commentary team for this match. Stuka Jr and Hechicero start the match and after a minute or so they trade chops. About two minutes in this turns into Lucha madness. They all do moves in the ring then his three different dives at ringside. I don’t really know what to call most of these moves as I don’t watch enough Lucha but this is a lot of high flying and multi man spots. This was great and the finish came when Caristico hits a tilt-a-whirl into a Fujiwara armbar on Cavernario for the win. Winner: Caristico, Stuka Jr and Soberano Jr in 11:54.

ROH World Championship Match – Matt Taven(c) vs Alex Shelley

  • They shake hands before the bell. The match start with some chain wrestling as fans geer and shout. Shelley blows his nose on Taven and Taven slaps him. The first few minutes they are feeling each other out. About five minutes in the fans are all looking over one direction and counting to ten, not sure what was happening but the wrestlers responded with a rest hold. The fans stop counting and start paying attention so Taven and Shelley go to ringside. A guy has fallen asleep in the front row so Alex Shelley wakes him up and he jumps up and starts clapping, looking very confused, I laughed. Taven tries to chop Shelley but Shelley moves and Teven nearly chops and fan, Shelley goes for sliced bread off the ring post but is thrown through a table. Alex Shelly gets back in the ring at nineteen and Taven gets the heat. Taven applies a bow and arrow hold for a moment but Shelley fights back but is cut off with some quick offense by Taven, finishing with a swinging neckbreaker. Taven goes for a swinging neckbreaker off the apron but is reversed and thrown off the ring in a great looking spot as they both bump to the floor. Alex Shelley hits a sliced bread over the barrier. Taven fights back at ringside and throws Shelley in and goes for a a frog splash but Shelley gets the knees up. In a quick exchange Alex Shelley gets a few good nearfalls on Taven with rolls up but Taven comes back with a running knee and a Climax(Front DDT) but Shelley rolls Taven up for another believable nearfall. Taven hits another Climax for the win. Good match that got really good in the final five minutes or so. Winner: Matt Taven in 18:06.

After the match Matt Taven cut a promo saying that he’s beaten everybody that’s challenged him but doesn’t get his closing line out before he’s interrupted by RUSH. Taven seems to accept the challenge.

ROH Tag Championship Ladder War – The Briscoes(c) vs G.O.D.(Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa)

  • Jay and Mark come out with chairs so G.O.D get chairs and they stand off hitting chair on chair. Mark dives on Tama and this turns wild. They brawl all over ringside with chairs then Jay Briscoe gets a table out and the fans cheer. Jay sets Tanga Loa on the table and puts an ladder on Tanga then Mark runs, jumps off a chair and dives over the top rope onto the ladder. The Briscoes set up a table against the ring and Tama gets suplexed throws it. This gets crazier and Tanga Loa is bleeding from the head and Mark is spitting blood. Tanga Loa backdrops Mark on a chair. Another table set up outside as, in the ring Tama throws Jay’s head through a chair in the corner. Jay is now bleeding heavily. Mark takes a running powerslam to a ladder against the ropes. Tanga hits Mark in the head with a chair, completely unprotected, and it was so loud. Jay is pouring blood as Tama stomps him down in the corner. Ladders are laid out all over the ring, tables are broken at ringside, it’s a mess. Mark Briscoe gives Tanga Loa a blockbuster from the top rope, to the floor, through two tables. Tama and Jay are in the ring punching each other and swearing at each other. Blood is squirting out of Jay’s head. They both pick up chairs, Jay knocks the chair out of Tama’s hand but misses and Tama German suplexs Jay on his head. Jay hits a clothesline then gives Tama Tonga a Jay Driller from the apron, to the floor, through a table. This is insanity. Mark and Tanga Loa are back up but mark is sent out. Jay comes in and is powerbombed through a ladder by Tanga Loa, that looked brutal. Mark Briscoe climbs a twelve foot ladder and jumps off to put Tanga Loa through a table. For the first time in the match someone attempts to get the belts as Mark climbs the ladder but Tama Tonga hits a gun stun out of nowhere. Tama climbs the ladder and Jay meets him up there. Jay’s back is bleeding bad from the ladder powerbomb. Jay fights Tama off the ladder and claims the belts to win. Jay looks to be in terrible shape, not that Mark got off easy but The Briscoes win. Winners: Jay and Mark, The Briscoes in 22:00.

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