NJPW – Final Three Nights of G129 Block Matches – Results and Review

This is my written reports of each block match of the final three nights of the G1 Climax tournament. I have reviewed every match on every show of this tournament which are all available here.

See full results from;

  1. Night 1
  2. Night 2
  3. Night 3
  4. Night 4
  5. Night 5
  6. Night 6
  7. Night 7
  8. Night 8
  9. Night 9
  10. Night 10
  11. Night 11
  12. Night 12
  13. Night 13
  14. Night 14
  15. Night 15
  16. Night 16

See my G1 Climax 29 Primer HERE.

The final three nights are available on Fite TV as well as njpwworld.

G1 Climax Tournament Matches

Scoring system for the G1:

  • Win: 2 Points
  • Draw: 1 Point
  • Loss: 0 Point

A Block Final Night

EVIL(4-4) vs Lance Archer(2-6)

  • This starts as Archer and EVIL run into each other. It starts with two powerhouses smashing at each other. Archer gets the upper hand early on and takes it to ringside and Archer moonsaults off the apron onto EVIL and Young Lions. At another point Archer flips over the top rope but EVIL moves. The referee gets. This was a really good back and forth match and Archer looked great again. Lance Archer pins EVIL with the EBD Claw. Winner: Lance Archer(3-6) in 10:02

SANADA(4-4) vs Bad Luck Fale(2-6)

  • Fale comes out with Jado and Chase by his side again. Fale can make me laugh sometimes but these G1 matches have not been good, with constant interference from Jado and Chase. This is so ridiculous that Chase gets in the ring, in front of the ref, and runs spots with SANADA. So much interference from Bullet Club but when SANADA gets the upper hand at any point the fans go nuts for him. Most of this match was centred around SANADA getting the bodyslam on Fale, and he got it. SANADA gets the Skull end on Fale and Chase pulls the ref out of the ring. SANADA rolls both Chase and Jado into Paradise locks then goes for the win but Fale gives SANADA the biggest Small Package to win. Winner: Bad Luck Fale(3-6) in 10:38.

KENTA(4-4) vs Zack Sabre Jr(3-5)

  • This starts like most ZSJ matches with some mat wrestling. KENTA backs Zack to the ropes and goes for a kick but Zack moves. Zack backs KENTA to the ropes and Zack hits a few European uppercuts then KENTA takes over with strikes. KENTA kicks Zack in the back and in the head, the crowd boos. Zack fights back and wraps up KENTA. ZSJ gets KENTA in a double leg lock then rolls over for the Kimura but KENTA knees his way out. Zack goes for lots of submissions now as he wears down KENTA. Zack kicks KENTA so KENTA slaps Zack. Zack takes down KENTA and twisted the next with his legs. KENTA keeps fighting and hits a powerslam. KENTA hits a running dropkick in the corner at the ten minute call. KENTA goes for a double stomp but Zack moves. ZSJ targets the arm of KENTA with a double wrist lock, then an armbar but KENTA gets to the ropes. KENTA takes ZSJ down with a spinning backfist but collapses in pain. As they get up they trade strikes and ZSJ gets the upper hand briefly until KENTA gets up and hits a clothesline. KENTA hits the double stomp and a two count. Zack fires back with a kick, leg sweep and another big kick. They trade again and KENTA gets the better of that. They both trade submissions and counters until KENTA gets the crossface and makes Zack get to the ropes. KENTA goes for a GTS but Zack turns it into a triangle, then moves to behind KENTA, pulling the arms back and stomping on the head of KENTA and KENTA had to submit. Winner: Zack Sabre Jr(4-5) in 16:26.

Hiroshi Tanahashi(4-4 vs Will Ospreay(3-5)

  • This starts with the two feeling each other out but Tanahashi is having trouble Ospreay’s speed. Ospreay starts to get the upper hand until Tanahashi hits the dragon screw leg whip. The fans chant “Go Ace” and “Ospreay”. Tanga works over the legs of Ospreay. Ospreay fights back and sends Tanahashi to ringside. Ospreay hits a dive on Tanahashi but sells the knee. Ospreay hits a Pip-pip Cheerio. Tanahashi gets a Clover leaf on Ospreay but Ospreay gets to the ropes. This got so good, I couldn’t write it all down. Ospreay hits a shooting star on Tanahashi for a two count then Ospreay hits a Oscutter for a two. Tanahashi fights out if the Stormbreaker and hits a High Fly Flow but Ospreay rolls through and gets a two count. Ospreay hits the best hook kick I’ve ever seen him hit, it was right on the mouth of Tanahashi. Will hits the Stormbreaker to beat The Ace and win. Amazing match. Winner: Will Ospreay(4-5) in 17:12.

Kazuchika Okada(7-1) vs Kota Ibushi(6-2)

  • This starts slow as fans chant for both. Ibushi seems to get the upper hand early until Okada places him in the top rope and dropkicks Ibushi to ringside. Okada hits an ugly DDT on the floor. Ibushi gets back in and Okada starts to get aggressive as he rams Kota’s head into the corner. Okada wears down Ibuhsi for a while as he takes his time. Kota fights back and sends Okada to ringside and dives on him. Kota keeps fighting but will get cut off every so often. Ibuhsi hits a powerslam followed by a springboard moonsault but Okada gets the knees up. Okada goes to the top rope but Ibushi meets him there. Ibuhsi goes for a butterfly suplex from the top but Okada fights out. Ibuhsi gets back up and hits a super rana for a two count. Ibushi goes for a last ride powerbomb but slips backwards and hits the sit down powerbomb in a corner. Okada goes for a tombstone but Ibushi fights out and reverses into a “Bastard Driver”, basically a package tombstone. They trade forearms as they get back up. Okada hits a great shotgun dropkick but Ibushi rolls through and hits a lariat for a double down. Ibuhsi is the first up and goes for a lawn dart but Okada fights out, gives Ibushi a backslide and a short arm Rainmaker. Okada picks up Ibushi and hits another but when Okada goes for a third, Ibuhsi reverses. Some back and forth and when Okada goes for a dropkick, Ibushi hits a powerbomb for a nearfall. Ibushi goes for a knee strike but Kazuchika Okada hits a great dropkick. More back and forth and when Okada goes for a spinning Rainmaker Ibushi jumps and hits a knee to the jaw. Kota hits the Kamigoye and pins the champion but Kazuchika Okada kicks out. Ibushi immediately hits another Kamigoye just after the twenty five minute call to win the match and the A Block. That was another amazing match. Just incredible. Winner: Kota Ibushi(7-2) to win the A Block in 25:07.

B Block Final Night

Toru Yano(4-4) vs Jeff Cobb(3-5)

  • The ref checks Yano and finds six rolls of tape, so he checks Cobb and finds nothing so Yano says to check behind him. As Cobb turns around Yano rolls him up but Cobb kicks out. Cobb forces Yano to wrestle and in just over five minutes, Cobb hits the Tour of the Islands to win. Good match. Winner: Jeff Cobb(4-5) in 5:18.

Tomohiro Ishii(4-4) vs Taichi(3-5)

  • Taichi starts fast and runs out of his corner and hits a clothesline and a high angle Saito suplex. Taichi gets a good nearfall in the first ten seconds. Taichi starts hard, unlike most of his matches where he is known to stall and cower. Ishii wanted the fighter Taichi and he got it as Tauchi kicks Ishii in the corner. Ishii shows a few flurries of offence but is shut down by Taichi. Ishii fights back after taking kicks so Ishii hits a powerslam. Ishii give Taichi a German suplex then they trade chops for kicks. Ishii takes Taichi to the top rope and hits a great delayed superplex but Taichi kicks out. Ishii hits a backdrop but Taichi gets up. Ishii hits a clothesline the the sliding lariat for a two. Ishii goes for a brainbuster but Taichi escapes and hits an enziguri to the back of Ishii’s head. Taichi regains control in a quick exchange with kicks. Ishii backdrops out of a powerbomb but Taichi takes Ishii down with a lariat. Taichi hits a huge last ride powerbomb for a two. They trade clotheslines and Ishii headbutts Taichi in the face and gets a huge reaction. Ishii hits a murderous clothesline and Taichi kicks out. Quick exchange after quick exchange, this gets very good. Taichi wins with Black Mephisto in what is Taichi’s best tournament match. This was great. Winner: Taichi(4-5) in 11:56

Juice Robinson(3-5) vs Jon Moxley(5-3)

  • Juice starts cautiously as Moxley slides and reaches for the legs. They trade forearms and at one point Juice’s knee buckles so Moxley targets the leg. Moxley gets Juice in a figure four but Juice turns it over. Juice fights back and goes for a Juice Box but can’t do it on one leg and Moxley turns it into a Clover leaf. Juice fights out by biting the ear of Moxley and ripping his earring out. Seriously, Juice bit the earring off Moxley’s ear. Moxley gets a table out at ringside but Juice dives on him and puts it back. Moxley tries to hits Juice’s leg with a chair but Juice moves. They trade shots back in the ring until Moxley takes Juice down and goes for Deathrider. Juice reverses but so does Mox and Moxley gets an ankle lock on. When Juice nearly gets to the ropes, Moxley pulls him back and gets the STF with a sleeper. Moxley thinks Juice is out so he lets go thinking he’d won. After realising that the match was still going on, Moxley goes to ringside and throws in a table, some chairs, a bucket with what looked like drinks, and a cameraman’s camera, Red Shoes gives the camera back. Moxley bites Juice on the face again so Juice hits a load of punches and a Pulp Friction to win. Winner: Juice Robinson in(4-5) 16:26.

Hirooki Goto(5-3) vs Shingo Takagi(3-5)

  • After a few lock ups, Shingo chops Goto and it turns into a striking battle early on. Shingo goes to ringside and invites Goto to join him but Goto stays in the ring. Shingo slides in and is jumped by Goto. Goto hangs Shingo from the top rope and hits a neckbreaker. Shingo keeps fighting and shows his explosiveness with every move as he hits a back suplex. Very back and forth as they seem to reverse every other move. Shingo hits the Nostragami but Goto kicks out. Goto fires up and kicks the hell out of Shingo but Shingo somehow fights back and hits a Made in Japan for a two. Shingo hits a Pumping Bomber for another nearfall. Shingo shouts that’s the end as he goes for Last of the Dragons but Goto fights out. Goto headbutts Shingo and hits a reverse GTR. Shingo takes down Goto with a short lariat. Shingo hits a huge Pumping Bomber when both run the ropes. Shingo hits the Last of the Dragons to win an incredible match. Winner: Shingo Takagi(4-5) in 15:10.

Tetsuya Naito(5-3) vs “Switchblade” Jay White(5-3)

  • Jay starts by sliding outside and stalling, then when he finally gets back in, Naito slides out to play the same game. Naito throws Gedo into Jay outside and takes it back in the ring. Jay takes over in the ring then takes it back to ringside. Jay throws Naito into the barriers multiple times then back and forth from the barrier to the ring. Jay works over the neck of Naito for a while but then Naito fires up and starts to speed up with a combination cabrón then a quick running dropkick then targeting the neck of Jay. Jay fights back and goes for a Kiwi Crusher but Naito reverses into a DDT. Naito continues to work the head and neck area of Jay White, preparing for Destino. Naito goes for Gloria but Jay pulls in the ref and he takes a bump. Gedo gets in but Naito blocks the knuckles and kicks Gedo in the balls. Naito hits Gloria but is stopped when he foes for Destino. Whiye hits two snap Saito suplexs, followed by a Kiwi Crusher for a two. Naito hits Destino but White kicks out. Naito hoists Jay up for a second but Jay reverses into a sleeper suplex. A whole load of quick reversals from both. Jay hits the Bloody Sunday to set up for Bladerunner, then Jay wins. People are not happy and some are leaving. The rest of the people who stayed booed the Switchblade. Winner: “Switchblade” Jay White(6-3) in 18:51.

Jay calls out Ibushi after the match and says that tomorrow will be one-on-one, with no Gedo, but tonight Gedo is there. Gedo grabs the leg of Ibushi and Jay goes for his injured leg. Jay attacks Ibushi with a chair, leaving Kota laid out. Jay wrapped the injured leg with a chair and hit it with another chair.

G1 Climax 29 – Final Match

Kota Ibushi vs “Switchblade” Jay White

  • The entire Bullet Club walk to the ring with Switchblade, including the newest member, KENTA. Before the match, Red Shoes Uno throws out the Bullet Club but Gedo can stay. When all of the Bullet Club leaves the match starts, Jay leaves the ring instantly but Kota doesn’t follow. They lock up about a minute in. Gedo grabs at the leg of Ibushi early and Red Shoes Uno loses it and throws Gedo out too. Kota goes for a Golden triangle but is stopped and White targets the ankle of Ibushi. White takes Ibushi around ringside, wrapping the leg around barriers and the ring post. White continues to target the leg in the ring but Kota won’t stop fighting. Kota takes White down with a kick and moonsaults on him. Kota goes for a moonsault on his knees to Jay White but he moves and Kota crashes down on his knees. White looks for a chop block to Kota but Ibushi jumps and double stomps on the back of Jay. Jay reverses kicks for Kota and German suplexs Ibushi on his neck. Jay goes for a superplex but Kota fights so Jay smashes at the leg and rakes the eyes. Jay hits the superplex. Jay looks for a Kiwi Crusher but Ibuhsi reverses it into a Bastard Driver. They get to their feet as they trade shots. Ibushi gets the upper hand with the forearms but Jay comes back with a combo. Kiwi Crusher to Ibushi but he kicks out at the fifteen minute call. Jay goes for a sleeper suplex but is reversed with a half and half suplex by Ibushi. Ibushi has great facials as he looks for the lawn dart. White throws Ibsuhi into the ref who goes down and rolls outside. Gedo comes out and Jay hits a chop block. They attack Ibushi’s leg with a chair then White puts the TTO submission on Kota. Kota fights out of a sleeper suplex and hits a backflip kick. Ibushi his the lawn dart, throwing Jay head first into the corner. Kota gives Jay White a German suplex off the second rope for a two count. That was the safest version of that move I’ve ever seen. Jay chops Kota and Kota looks pissed. Kota Ibushi, former kickboxer, slaps, chops and kicks the hell out of Jay. Jay comes out of the corner and slaps Ibushi but as he does, Kota hits him back and takes him down. Kota goes for Jay but Jay hits a leg whip. Kota still keeps fighting and hits a last ride powerbomb for a two at the twenty five minute call. Gedo gets in behind the back of Red Shoes but Kota kicks his head off. Red Shoes calls Rocky Romero to take Gedo away as he’s laying in the ring. Kota looks to put Jay away with lots of huge shots, Jay reverses a Kamigoye and hits a Bladerunner but can’t cover. Switchblade has red eyes by this point. Jay hits the Bloody Sunday to set up Bladerunner but Bladerunner is reversed. Kota hits a Kamigoye to get the greatest nearfall of the tournament. Kota then hits another Kamigoye and pins Jay White to win the G1 Climax 29. That was amazing, Kota Ibushi is amazing. Winner of the G1 Climax 29: Kota Ibushi in 31:01.

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