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NXT Takeover Toronto – Results and Review

This is my review of NXT Takeover Toronto on Saturday, August 10th, 2019.

Listen to Triple H talk to media before this show and see full lineup HERE

The commentary team for this show is Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Pheonix.

The show opens with Mauro welcoming us and a video package for the show and Slipknot playing in the background.

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We see the announce team, then the Spanish announce team.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match – Street Profits(c) vs Undisputed Era

  • Angelo Dawkins starts the match with Kyle O’Reilly. O’Reilly is the better grappler but Angelo has the size advantage. Fish tags in and so does Ford. Ford works over Fish as The Street Profits use quick tags to wear down Fish. O’Reilly tags in but Ford is distracted by Fish standing on the apron doing nothing. Fish and O’Reilly work over Dawkins until Ford gets the tag and the fans are fully behind Ford. Montez Ford went for a People’s Elbow type move but unfortunately my stream went down for a moment and I didn’t see the end of the move. O’Reilly tags in as Fish superplexed Ford. O’Reilly gets a heel hook on Ford and they tease a submission but Dawkins tags in. Dawkins runs through Undisputed Era but O’Reilly knees Dawkins in the face. Ford tags in but O’Reilly misses it and gets a guillotine choke on Dawkins. Ford hits a blockbuster on O’Reilly. This got very good and fast paced. I couldn’t write everything but Ford pins O’Reilly with a frog splash to retain. Winners: Street Profits in 16:56.

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Ricochet is in the crowd.

Io Shirai vs Candice LaRae

  • Candice runs to the ring and attacks Shirai. The match starts and Candice gives Shirai a sliding dropkick at ringside but Shirai fights back and suplexs Candice on the announce table. The ref counts LaRae out but when she gets in, Shirai kicks Candice down. Candice goes for a headscissors but Shirai handstands out of it. Hard air raid crash on Candice for a two. Shirai goes for a missile dropkick but Cnadice moves and beats on Io in the corner. Candice LaRae hits a brainbuster for a two count. LaRae gets a Octopus hold on Io but Io gets to the ropes. Io and Candice are on the top ropes and Io dropkicks LaRae. As they get up, Io hits a 619 to the back of Candice’s head on the apron. Io Shirai hits a snap German suplex, the Candice LaRae hits one of her own. Very back and forth leading to the ten minute point. Reverse rana on Io that was so high that the ref counted it as a pin. Io Shirai kicks out of a swinging neckbreaker from the second rope and the fans chant “This is awesome.” Io hits a top rope Spanish Fly for a two and the fans chant “Ma’ma Mia” in reference to commentator Mauro Ranallo. Io hits her finisher, the moonsault on Candice LaRae and Candice kicks out. Io loses it and wraps Candice LaRae up with what looked like a reverse triangle choke and Candice went unconscious. Io Shirai wins by ref stoppage. Really good match. Winner: Io Shirai in 14:59.

It is announced that the North American Championship match will be next, but then Matt Riddle came to the ring and called out Killian Dain. Dain comes through the crowd and the fight at ringside. Referees come down and the fans boo and chant “let them fight”. Dain stomps on Riddles bare feet then walks up the ramp. Riddle chased Killian Dain up the ramp and jumped on him. People pull Riddle off and Matt Riddle takes them all out then Dain crossbodys Riddle. Riddle jumps on Dain’s back and Killian Dain tries to put him through the LED wall but instead, Dain runs, with Riddle on his back and jumps off the stage through a security guard and two tables below.

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North American Championship Match – The Velveteen Dream(c) vs Roderick Strong vs Pete Dunne

  • Dunne and Velveteen Dream stare at each other and Strong doesn’t like that so he attacks both. After some offence by Strong, Dunne and Dream beat him down and take him out. Dunna and Dream have so good back and forth but when Dunne went for the pump handle and Dream escapes but is pulled backwards into the post, groin first. Strong takes out Dunne and Dream at ringside. So much back and forth, I cannot write it all, but it’s very good. They all hit enziguris on each other. Then they all hit finishers as all lay on the mat. Dream gets up first and climbs to the top rope but Dunne cuts him off. As they fight on the top ropes, Strong meets them there and Strong slams Dunne as Dunne pulls Dream by the fingers. Dunne has Strong in a triangle and Dream hits a coast-to-coast elbow drop on Dunne. Dunne hits his pump handle on Strong but the Dream stops the refs count. Lots of insanity. The Dream hits Dunne with the Dream Valley driver then Strong shoves Dream out of the ring and hits Dunne with a backbreaker, then the Dream fly in to break up a pin and pins Dunne to retain. Winner: Velveteen Dream in 17:25.

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NXT Women’s Championship Match – Shayna Baszler(c) vs Mia Yim

  • The match starts with some technical wrestling. Baszler gets the upper hand but Mia fights back with a rana. They go to ringside and Yim traps the arm of Baszler inbetween the steps and ring post. Yim dropkicks the steps, injuring the arm. Baszler sells the arm but eventually fights back and targets the arm of Yim. Baszler stomps on the elbow of Yim. Baszler forearms Mia in the back and sells her arm, six minutes in and both women are selling their arms. Yim keeps breaking the rules by pulling hair and thumbing the eye. Beth Pheonix says it’s okay that Mia is breaking the rules because Shayna has done it her whole career. Baszler and Yim forgot something or got lost and in turn, lost the crowd. Mia hits a Code blue of the top rope for a nearfall. Yim tells Baszler “this is karma” as she stomps on the elbow. They trade submissions until Shayna wraps her legs round the neck of Yim and tapped her out with the legs as she couldn’t use the arms. It was going so well but they really lost the crowd in this one. Winner: Shayna Baszler in 14:35.

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WALTER is in the crowd.

Tyler Bate is in the crowd.

Triple H will be on Facebook Live after the show.

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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


NXT Championship Match – 2-Out-Of-3 Falls – Adam Cole(c) vs Johnny Gargano

  • Gargano comes out dressed like Wolverine and the fans chant for Adam Cole even before he’s there. Cole picked the stipulation of a straight wrestling match but Gargano seems unto have an advantage as he beats on Cole. Gargano works on the right knee of Cole. Adam Cole fights back and slide outside, Cole wheelbarrowed Gargano back first into the ring apron. Cole has Gargano in a choke as he tells the ref “He’s out”. Gargano fires up after that. Johnny Gargano continues to beat on the knee of Adam Cole and gets him in a figure four but Cole makes the ropes. The first fall continues on and on and on as they hitt all their biggest moves but I feel the live crowd are waiting for the weapons to come into play. Cole gets a chair but the ref takes it away so Cole kicks Gargano in the balls. At 20:49 Gargano hits Cole with the chair in front of the ref and gets disqualified, then beats up Cole with the chair. Gargano takes Cole through the crowd and beats him up all over the arena. Gargano crossbody Cole through the barrier to get back to ringside. Cole tries a powerbomb from one announce table to the other but Gargano reverses and backdrops Cole through a table. Gargano throws Cole in the ring and gets two tables out from under the ring. The fans chant “Johnny Tables” as the ring fills up with tables and chairs. Gargano lawn darts Cole head first into a chair then applied the Gargano-escape for the win at 23:33. The third fall is an insane cage match with barbed wire around the top and covered in weapons. It is announced that “there is no escape from the cage”. They punch each other, they clothesline each other, they hit each other with kendo sticks and then they superkick each other for a double down. Gargano puts a table directly under a table that’s on the top of the cage in the corner. Gargano is thrown into a chair hooked on the cage. Cole sets up two chairs and puts Johnny on the top rope. Gargano sprays Cole in the face with a fire extinguisher and hits a DDT on Cole on the edge of a chair which looked horrible. Cole jumps off a ladder and gives Johnny with a second Canadian destroyer but Johnny kicks out. Gargano sets up some tables in the corner with a ladder but they don’t use it because Cole rolls away as Gargano climbs the ladder. Gargano gives Cole a top rope Canadian destroyer. Gargano cuts off some barbed wire from the top as Cole climbs up the ladder. They stand on a platform as Gargano wraps barbed wire round the head of Cole, they both go off the cage and through a table. Cole rolls over and pins Gargano. Cole is bleeding from the back but he is still Champion. Winner: Adam cole wins the first fall by DQ, loses the second by submission and wins the third to retain by pinfall in 51:01.

That main event was insane, I obviously didn’t write every little detail down because so much happened. A great way to finish a great show.

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