NJPW – G1 Climax 29, Night 14 – Results and Review

This is night 14 of the G1 Climax tournament and the second night in Osaka. This show is headlined by the B Block as Shingo Takagi facing his Los Ingobernables De Japon stablemate Tetsuya Naito. Also on the show is Goto vs Cobb, Moxley vs White, Ishii vs Yano, Juice vs Taichi and undercard tag matches that will set up the next night of A Block action.

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See my G1 Climax 29 Primer HERE.

Commentators for this show are Kevin Kelly, Rocky Romero & Chris Charlton.

The show opens with the G1 Climax 29 video package. The video shows previous winners, then introduces all entrants to this year’s tournament.

Ren Narita & Shota Umino vs Toa Henare & Yuya Uemura

  • Henare and Narita start the match and the show as the beat the hell out of each other’s chests as they chop one another in the corner. The Young Lions fight with intensity. Shota gives Uemura a spinebuster and his head bounces off the mat. Shota gives Uemura a fisherman’s suplex fornthe win. Henare is annoyed at losing to Young Lions. Winners: Shota Umino and Ren Narita in 6:07.

Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer & Zack Sabre Jr vs SANADA, EVIL & BUSHI

  • Suzuki-gun get the jump start as Minoru Suzuki takes on BUSHI, Archer beats up SANADA and Zack takes ot EVIL. The match settles down as Archer beats on SANADA and screams at the ref. Ar her won’t tag ZSJ so he tags Suzuki. Minoru Suzuki and ZSJ both move around the body of SANADA with submission holds. SANADA fights back against Ar her and gets a tag to EVIL. Suzuki tags in against EVIL and EVIL manages to tag out to BUSHI. Suzuki hits a delayed GSP as Archer Claws SANADA on the announce table. Suzuki pins BUSHI and plays to the crowd after the match to the song “Kaze Ni Nare“. Winners: Suzuki-gun in 6:39.

Yujiro Takahashi, Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale vs Tomoaki Honma, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kota Ibushi

  • The team of Honma, Tanahashi and Ibushi come out to Kota’s music but Tanahashi is announced last. When Tanahashi is announced Bullet Club get the jump start. Fake pulls Tanahashi out of the ring and chokes him in front of the English commentary team with a cord for a microphone. Back in the ring Bullet Club get the early heat on Tanahashi. Tanahashi tags in Ibushi and he shows off with a backflip kick as Kevin Kelly speculates that the ankle is healing. Chase and Honma tag in. Honma goes for Kokeshi but Chase moves. Honma get the Kokeshi then all three of Honma, Kota and Tanahashi hit Kokeshi on Chase. Chase Owens come back and hits a knee to the face of Honma followed by a package piledriver to win. Winners: Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale and Yujiro Takahashi in 8:17.

KENTA, Karl Fredericks & Clark Conners vs Kazuchika Okada, YOSHI-HASHI & Will Ospreay

  • Will Ospreay and KENTA begin this match as they prepare for their singles bout on Wednesday’s Night 15 show. Ospreay slaps KENTA so KENTA slaps Ospareay back. They trade forearms and slap each other again. KENTA gets the upper hand and they both tag out. Okada and Fredericks tag in. Fredericks looks nervous against the IWGP Heavyweight champion. They trade wrist locks for a bit then Okada takes over with a flapjack then tags in Ospreay. YOSHI-HASHI then tags in against Fredericks. After taking a beating, Fredericks fights back with a dropkick to YOSHI-HASHI. Conners tags in and comes in a house of fire as he takes it to YOSHI-HASHI, knocks Okada off the apron and takes out Ospreay. KENTA and Conners double team YOSHI-HASHI. Ospreay helps YOSHI-HASHI and Conners and YOSHI-HASHI trade moves. Conners looks great in this until YOSHI-HASHI submits him with a butterfly lock. KENTA and Ospreay get dragged away from each other at ringside. Good tag match. Winners: YOSHI-HASHI, Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada in 8:24.

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G1 Climax Tournament Matches

Scoring system for the G1:

  • Win: 2 Points
  • Draw: 1 Point
  • Loss: 0 Point

Tomohiro Ishii vs Toru Yano

  • Before Ishii makes his entrance Yano starts untying the buckles. Yano jumps Ishii with two of the buckles off already. The first fourty seconds was lots of hitting into exposed corners and roll ups. Yano goes to ringside, gets a chair and waits for Ishii on the ramp but Ishii doesn’t follow him. The ref starts to count and Yano gets back in at nineteen. With all the buckles exposed most of the match revolves around hitting into them and roll ups but at one point Ishii and Yano trade forearms and Yano actually gets the upper hand. Yano shows that he can actually wrestle as he reverse a clotheslin with one of his own then a belly-to-bell suplex on Ishii. This got pretty good for a Yano match but Ihsii picks up the win with a vertical drop brainbuster. Winner: Tomohiro Ishii in 9:36.

Juice Robinson vs Taichi

  • Kanemaru attacks Juice on his way out then rolls him in to begin the match. Taichi hits a buzzsaw kick but Juice kicks out at two. They go to ringside and Miho Abe slaps Juice. Taichi beats on Juice at the Japanese commentary booth with a chair.the ref counts and Juice rolls in at sixteen. Taichi rakes the eyes and chokes Juice. Taichi kicks Juice in the back and Juice fires up but Tachi rakes the eyes again. Juice chops Taichi and spinebusters him. Juice fires up again hits a clothesline in the corner and a cannonball to squash Taichi. Taichi fights back and goes for a last ride powerbomb but Juice escapes and hits Juice Box. Juice and Taichi trade reversals then Kanemaru gets on the apron and Juice punches him and Whisky sprays up. Juice dives on Kanemaru. Back in the ring Tachi used the Whiskey and hits Black Mephisto to beat Juice. Winner: Taichi in 12:28.

Hirooki Goto vs Jeff Cobb

  • Early on they both tease their finishers, the GTR for Goto and Tour of the Islands for Cobb. Jeff Cobb is extremely athletic as he dropkicks Goto perfectly in the face. Cobb follows Goto to ringside and throws him into the barrier. Back in the ring Goto fights back and hits a Saito suplex on Cobb. Cobb shows his power as he slams Goto. They collide with clotheslines and Cobb comes out on top. Cobb takes Goto to the top rope but Goto fights out of a superplex. Goto continues to fight but Cobb picks him up and hits a delayed vertical superplex. Goto drops Cobb over the knee and Cobb bounces off. Cobb fires forearms at Goto but Goto reverses and hits a reverse GTR. Cobb hits a superkick at the ten minute call. Cobb and Goto fight for a belly-to-belly and Goto gets it. Cobb catches a kick, German suplexs Goto and goes for a Tour of the Islands but Goto reverses and hits a GTR to beat Jeff Cobb. Good powerhouse match. Winner: Hirooki Goto in 11:19.

Jon Moxley vs Jay White

  • Moxley runs into the ring and attacks White immediately, then Red Shoes starts the match. Moxley takes this to ringside and pulls out a table. Kevin Kelly explains that the table is there incase their table or the Japanese announce team’s table gets broken then there is a spare, and that’s why Kevin Kelly is great. Gedo takes the table away so Moxley takes the match back in the ring. White takes over from a Gedo distraction and beats on Moxley. Jay White throws Moxley into the barrier then into the ring post. Jay throws Moxley in the ring but Moxley dives out. Moxley throws Jay into the barrier then takes him all over this arena in Osaka. Back at ringside Jay tries to get back in but Moxley grabs the foot and wraps the leg around the post. Moxley gives Jay a figure four round the post. In the ring Moxley gets the clover leaf submission on Jay. Jay gets to the ropes and Moxley turns it into a STF. Jay comes back with a snap Saito suplex followed by a flat liner. Jay tries the Kiwi Crusher but Moxley fights out. Moxley hits a release suplex and the crowd pops. Moxley goes for the running knee but Jay falls to the mat and Gedo gets on the apron. Moxley goes for Deathrider but Jay grabs Red Shoes. Moxley throws Jay who falls on Red Shoes. Gedo gets in the ring with the knuckles but Moxley sees him. Jay hits a low blow and Gedo punches Moxley with the knuckles. Moxley kneels down and put his fingers up at Jay. Jay hits the Bloody Sunday, followed by Switchblade and Jay beats Moxley. Winner: “Switchblade” Jay White in 15:15.

Tetsuya Naito vs Shingo Takagi

  • They trade holds to start as it starts slow. The pace quickens but just for a moment and Shingo goes outside. Naito taunts Shingo so Shingo runs back in but Naito gets the upper hand. Shingo turns things around and takes Naito to ringside. Shingo throws Naito into the barriers, back first then stomach first. Shingo throws Naito into the post then DDTs Naito on the floor. Shingo places Naito against the ropes, slaps him then hits a clothesline while Naito is against the ropes which bounces Naito out, Shingo come back immediately with a hard shoulder tackle. Naito chops Shingo and Shingo hits one back to floor Naito. Naito fights back and picks up the pace with quick dropkick combination cabrón. Shingo fights back with a Death Valley driver. Shingo hits a Dragon Spirit elbow for a two count. Naito goes for a hurricanrana from the top but Shingo escapes and hits a Noshigami. Naito goes for a top rope rana but is caught by Takagi. Shingo tries powerbombing Naito and Naito turns it into a rana. Saito suplex to Naito, Dragon suplex to Shingo. Naito runs in with a flying forearm but is caught and Shingo hits a Made in Japan for a two count. Pumping bomber to Naito for a great nearfall. Shingo goes for a Last of the Dragons but Naito reveres it into a reverse DDT. At the twenty five minute point they trade strikes, Naito slaps Shingo so Shingo headbutts Naito. Nait goes for Destin but Shingo stays standing, runs the ropes and hits a Pumping bomber but Naito kicks out. Naito hits a Destino but Shingo kicks out. With the minutes left Naito hits another Destino and wins. That was a great match to end another really good show from New Japan Pro Wresting. Winner: Tetsuya Naito in 27:15.

Current G1 Table

A Block

  1. Kazuchika Okada – 12
  2. Kota Ibushi – 10
  3. Hiroshi Tanahashi – 8
  4. KENTA – 8
  5. EVIL – 8
  6. SANADA – 6
  7. Will Ospreay – 6
  8. Zack Sabre Jr – 6
  9. Bad Luck Fale – 4
  10. Lance Archer – 4

B Block

  1. Jon Moxley – 10
  2. Jay White – 8
  3. Tomohiro Ishii – 8
  4. Tetsuya Naito – 8
  5. Hirooki Goto – 8
  6. Toru Yano – 6
  7. Jeff Cobb – 6
  8. Juice Robinson – 6
  9. Taichi – 6
  10. Shingo Takagi – 4

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