G1 Climax

NJPW – G1 Climax 29, Night 11 – Results and Review

This is night eleven of the G1 Climax 29 tournament and is headlined by Hiroshi Tanahashi vs EVIL.

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Commentators for this show are Kevin Kelly & Rocky Romero.

The show opens with the G1 Climax 29 video package. The video shows previous winners, then introduces all entrants to this year’s tournament.

Yota Tsuji, YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto vs Yuya Uemura, Tomoaki Honma & Tomohiro Ishii

  • Goto and Ishii kicks the show off with tackles, followed by forearms. Goto finally takes down Ishii and Ishii backs him up and beats on Goto. Tsuji tags in and so does Uemura. Honma tags in to face YOSHI-HASHI after a few minutes of Young Lions fighting. Uemura tags in to face off with YOSHI-HASHI. Goto gets in to help YOSHI-HASHI with the Young Lion and Ishii came to help Uemura. Goto and Ishii fight to ringside and YOSHI-HASHI submits Uemura with the butterfly lock. Winners: YOSHI-HASHI, Yota Tsuji and Hirooki Goto in 9:24.

Jon Moxley & Shota Umino vs Toru Yano & Ren Narita

  • The match starts with Yano tried to sell Moxley a DVD for ¥5000. Moxley tells “Shooter” to go get money and Umino goes to the ring announcer. Shota Umino gives the money to Moxley and he buys the DVD. Yano turns around with the money, counting it, and Moxley rolls him up. The Young Lions tag in for a few minutes but then Yano tags back in. Mox and Shota hit the Hart Attack on Yano but moments later, Yano shoves Shota into Moxley and rolls Shota up for the win. Winners: Toru Yano and Ren Narita in 4:09.

Yujiro Takahashi, Chase Owens & “Switchblade” Jay White w/ Gedo vs Minoru Suzuki Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Taichi

  • This starts with a jump start from both. The camera focuses on Taichi and Jay White who will face on night 12. Takahashi and Kanemaru fight on the ramp and Chase Owens gets victimised by Minoru Suzuki. Everyone fights all over so the ref starts counting, everyone gets in at 19. About 3 minutes in, Taichi and jay are the first two in the ring on their own therefore the first legal men in the match. Yujiro and Suzuki tags in and “The King” is still very angry that he is not is this year’s G1 tournament and takes it out on everyone. Kanemaru goes for a Deep Impact but Chase falls back and put his knees up into the groin of Kanemaru. Chase hits Kanemaru with a package piledriver. Suzuki kills a Young Lion at ringside and a screw flys into the lap of Kevin Kelly. Winners: Chase Owens, Yujiro Takahashi and Jay White in 7:40

BUSHI, Shingo Takagi & Tetsuya Naito vs Toa Henare Jeff Cobb & Juice Robinson

  • Cobb and Shingo start the match to preview their next Block match. Cobb throws around Shingo, then Shingo takes Cobb down with a tackle. LIJ then attack Juice and Henare at ringside. LIJ work as a team to get the heat on Cobb using quick tags. Cobb fights back and suplexs Naito and BUSHI. Cobb tags Juice and Juice goes one-on-one with Naito. Lots of fast paced action in this match. Naito and Juice fight into the crowd as Shingo and Henare are legal. Shingo finishes Toa Henare with a pumping bomber. Winners: Shingo Takagi, BUSHI and Tetsuya Naito in 9:27.

G1 Climax Tournament Matches

Scoring system for the G1:

  • Win: 2 Points
  • Draw: 1 Point
  • Loss: 0 Point

Kota Ibushi vs Bad Luck Fale w/ Jado & Chase Owens

  • Fale gets the jump start and immediately takes it to ringside. As Fale gets out of the ring, Chase and Jado attack Ibushi. Fale trys to get a count out by taking Kota up the ramp and pulling barriers in the way. Back in the ring, Fale works over Ibushi while Chase and Jado take shots when the ref isn’t looking. Ibushi fights back with kicks. Ibushi looks to go up top but Chase stops him and Fale splashes Ibuhsi in the corner. Ibushi fights back again but when he runs the ropes, Jado hits him with a Kendo stick, Fale hits a Granade but Ibushi kicks out. Ibushi keeps fighting, and kicking. Kota hits a BomaYa, followed by a Kamigoye to beat Fale. Winner: Kota Ibushi in 9:28.

Will Ospreay vs Zack Sabre Jr

  • Will Ospreay, the IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion faces Zack Sabre Jr, the British Heavyweight Champion in round six of th G1. The first few minutes of this is high end technical wrestling with Ospreay using his flying abilities to escape some holds. Zack does well with holds but Ospreay kicks him to ringside and Zack gets angry. Zack viciously attacks the neck of Ospreay. Zack stomps on the head and neck of Ospreay in the corner then continues the holds and submissions, not staying on one hold too long. Ospreay rolls out of a snapmere, into a hand spring off the ropes and flips and kicks ZSJ. Ospreay fights and hits a Pip-pip Cheerio on ZSJ then lines up the Robinson’s special. ZSJ fights back after the shining kick from Ospreay and ZSJ hoss straight for the neck again. ZSJ mockingly kicks Will until Ospreay asks for more and ZSJ kicks as hard as he can. Ospreay fires up and, in a quick exchange, kicks Zack down. Zack reverses an Oscutter into a sleeper but Ospreay fights out and hits an Oscutter on the second attempt. Ospreay misses the Hidden Blade and ZSJ wraps him up in an Octopus-like hold. Zack reverses a Stormbreaker into a European clutch pin but Ospreay kicks out. Cheeky Nando’s to Zack. Ospreay goes for a shooting star but Zack catches him in a triangle. Ospreay hits a shooting star on the back of Zack after fighting out with a powerbomb. Zack wraps Ospreay in an Octopus hold, they fall to the mat and Zack wrenches it harder and Ospreay taps. Great technical match with high flying, very enjoyable. Winner: Zack Sabre Jr in 20:04.

Kazuchika Okada vs Lance Archer

  • Archer gets a jump start on Okada and squashes Okada in the corner a few times then this heads to ringside. Archer smashes Okada around at ringside for a few minutes, while scaring a kid. Back in the ring, Archer mockingly stands on Okada’s head. Archer grabs the hand of Okada, pulls him up and walks the rops while holding on. Archer, while holding onto Okada’s hand, moonsaults off the ropes onto Okada. Okada fights back with a sliding dropkick but Archer is too powerful. Archer gets the EBD Claw but Okada gets to the ropes. Archer hits Okada with a huge chokeslam and somehow Okada kicks out. Archer hits Blackout on Okada but Okada gets a foot on the ropes to stop the pin. Archer controlled most of the match and beat the hell out of Okada but deep into the match, Okada holds off the EBD Claw and turns it into a Rainmaker, pinning the big man. Really good match, Archer continues to impress while Okada is still undefeated. Winner: Kazuchika Okada in 14:15.


  • SANADA climbs on the ropes to get cheers, KENTA does the same. SANADA climbs the ropes again and KENTA jumps him. This quickly heads to ringside and KENTA slams SANADA’s head off the announce table that BUSHI is on. KENTA controls most of the match for atleast ten minutes. SANADA fights back but when he goes for a moonsault, KENTA gets the knees up. The last few minutes got really good, with lots of reversals and back and forth. SANADA reverses a GTS into a Skull end then hits the moonsault to win. Winner: SANADA in 16:11.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs EVIL

  • This starts with some mat wrestling until Tanahashi hits a crossbody from the second rope. This spills to ringside and EVIL wraps a chair around the neck of Tanahashi and hits it off like a baseball bat to a ball. Back in the ring EVIL targets the knee of Tanahashi. EVIL gets the figure four leg lock on Tanahashi and holds it for a while. Tanahashi makes it to the ropes. Tana fights back against EVIL and hits a rolling senton from the second rope. Tanahashi gets the upper hand and sends EVIL to ringside. Tanahashi climbs the ropes and hits a High Fly Flow on EVIL at ringside. Tanahashi sells his knees a lot. EVIL uses Tsuji at ringside as a post for the Magic killer on Tanahashi for a double down, they both get in at 19. After back and forth, EVIL hits a superplex on Tanahashi and gets a nearfall. EVIL hits Darkness Falls but Tana hicks out again. EVIL trys Everything is Evil but Tanahashi reverses and hits two Twist and shouts, then goes for a High Fly Flow bit EVIL gets the knees up. At the twenty minute call, both trade forearms and EVIL comes out on top with a clothesline. Another big lariat but Tanahashi kicks out again. EVIL goes for Everything is Evil but Tanahashi reverses it into a dragon suplex. High Fly Flow to a standing EVIL then another to a prone EVIL. Tanahashi pins EVIL in an intense match that the announcing made feel even more special. The wrestling was great, the tension was high, the announcing was top end and the finish felt like a big deal. This was another really good show with a great main event, among others. Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi in 23:03.

Current G1 Table

A Block

  • Kazuchika Okada – 12
  • Zack Sabre Jr. – 4
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi – 8
  • Kota Ibushi – 8
  • EVIL – 6
  • SANADA – 4
  • Bad Luck Fale – 2
  • Lance Archer – 4
  • Will Ospreay – 6
  • KENTA – 8

B Block

  • Tetsuya Naito – 4
  • Tomohiro Ishii – 6
  • Juice Robinson – 6
  • Toru Yano – 4
  • Hirooki Goto – 4
  • Jay White – 4
  • Jeff Cobb – 4
  • Shingo Takagi – 4
  • Taichi – 4
  • Jon Moxley – 10

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