G1 Climax

NJPW – G1 Climax 29, Night 8 – Results and Review

This is my review of the eighth night of the G1 Climax 29 that took place on July 24, 2019. This show is headlined by Tomohiro Ishii vs Tetsuya Naito from B Block.

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Commentators for this show are Kevin Kelly & Rocky Romero.

The show opens with the G1 Climax 29 video package. The video shows previous winners, then introduces all entrants to this year’s tournament.

Yujiro Takahashi, Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale vs Yuya Uemura, Tomoaki Honma & Will Ospreay

  • Yujiro and Honma start the match. Two minutes in Bullet Club take this to the crowd. Honma and Yujiro get back in the ring after taking Uemura and Ospreay out at ringside. Ospreay gets a rag and goes straight after Fale. Back in the ring, Ospreay goes for the legal man, Chase Owens. After a slingshot DVD on Ospreay, Will tags Uemura. As Ownes and Fale double team Ospreay at ringside, Yujiro Takahashi pins Uemura. Winners: Bad Luck Fale, Chase Owens and Yujiro Takahashi in 9:20.

Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer & Zack Sabre Jr vs BUSHI, SANADA & EVIL

  • Suzuki-gun get the jump start here as usual. ZSJ goes for EVIL, who he will face in his next Block match. Zack targets the arm of EVIL early on and stretches him at ringside. Suzuki-gun get heat on EVIL for a while but he eventually tags SANADA. As SANADA gets in the ring, Archer tags in. Archer gets the best of SANADA briefly but then SANADA gives Archer a rana. BUSHI and Suzuki tag in but then LIJ take out Suzuki. But the pin on him is broken up. Ar her takes out SANADA with the EBD Claw while Suzuki hits BUSHI with the GSP for the win. Winners: Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer and Zack Sabre Jr. in 8:11.

Kota Ibushi & Ren Narita vs Hiroshi Tanahashi & Shota Umino

  • Tanahashi and Kota start the match but don’t go long. As the Young Lions wrestle, Narita works over the shoulder of Shota. Kota tags in, Shota fights back and hits a spinebuster. Tanahashi tags in and goes against Kota. Tanahashi gets a sharpshooter on Kota but is dropkicked off but Narita. Narita tags in and has a good showing against Tanahashi but is beaten by the Slingblade. Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi and Shota Umino in 7:45.

Karl Fredericks, Clark Conners & KENTA vs Toa Henare, YOSHI-HASHI & Kazuchika Okada

  • Kazuchika Okada will face KENTA in the next Block match, and they start this tag match off. Both Okada and KENTA have 4 wins and 0 loses in this tournament. KENTA plays heels in this match by mocking the Rainmaker pose as fans boo. Fredericks tags in against Okada. Okada tags Henare. Okada takes shots at KENTA when he is in the ring. KENTA takes Okada to ringside and throws him into the barriers. As YOSHI-HASHI tags in against Conners, Okada and KENTA fight at ringside. YOSHI-HASHI submits Conners with the Butterfly lock. Winners: YOSHI-HASHI, Toa Henare and Kazuchika Okada in 8:51.

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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


G1 Climax Tournament Matches

Scoring system for the G1:

  • Win: 2 Points
  • Draw: 1 Point
  • Loss: 0 Point

Juice Robinson vs Toru Yano

  • Yano shakes Juice’s hand but immediately rolls him up. Juice kicks out. Yano takes a buckle padding off and tries to roll up Juice again. They go to ringside and Yano tries to tape Juice to the barrier, Juice gets in the ring at 19. After a few roll up attempts by both, Juice is sent into the exposed buckle and rolled up but kicks out. Nit long later, Juice hits Pulp Friction fir the win. Winner: Juice Robinson in 4:30.

Hirooki Goto vs Taichi

  • As Goto makes his way to the ring Taichi beats up Karl Fredericks who is a Young Lion at ringside and trained with Goto in the LA Dojo. Taichi rips the “LA DOJO” tee off Fredericks. Goto attacks Taichi and this spills to ringside. Taichi lays out Goto at ringside and Goto gets back in at 18. Taichi works over Goto for a while using any underhanded tactic he can. Taichi pulls his trouser off to reveal his tiny pants. Goto fights back with kicks. Goto hits some big moves and tease a GTR but is kicked low and rolled up with the Gedo clutch to win. Winner: Taichi in 12:15.

Jon Moxley vs Shingo Takagi

  • As Moxley gets in the ring he runs up to Shingo and goes face-to-face as they seem very intense. 45 seconds in and Shingo has blood coming from his mouth. They brawl all over the ring, then to ringside. At ringside Moxley pulls a table and sets it up. They head back into the ring without using the table yet. Back in the ring they beat the hell out of each other as Moxley targets the knee. Shingo fights back but is having issues with his knee. At the 10 minute call Shingo goes for a Last of the Dragons but its reversed into a Deathrider, the double arm DDT. Shingo kicks out and this goes back to ringside. At ringside Moxley drops Shingo on his knee on the table then wraps the leg with a chair and hits it with another. Back in the ring Shingi tries Last of the Dragons again but can’t on his knee. Moxley submits Shingo with a cloverleaf to win. Shingo taps out fornthe first time in NJPW. That was a very intense match with a good story. Another really good Moxley match. Winner: Jon Moxley in 14:47.

Jeff Cobb vs “Switchblade” Jay White

  • Jay White spends the first few minutes trying to stay away from Cobb. At ringside Switchblade wraps Cobb’s head with the apron and gives Cobb a neckbreaker. Jay White targets the neck of Cobb after that. Cobb’s neck is strong and he fights back. Cobb suplexs Jay all over the ring. Cobb hits a pop-up Samoan drop but when he tries to kip up, White grabs the hair, pulling Cibb back down. Jay goes for his own deadlift suplex but its blocked. Cobb throws the elbow backwards ay Jay but he is Saito suplexed. Later into the match, the ref is bumped in the corner and Gedo gets in, Gedo is slammed by Cobb. Cobb and Jay White both go for finishers but White hits a low blow. Moments later Cobb trys a Tour of the Islands but its blocked and reversed into a Bladerunner. Jay White pins Jeff Cobb to win his first match. Winner: Jay White in 15:50.

Tomohiro Ishii vs Tetsuya Naito

  • This kicks off with hard forearm strikes from both. The first five minutes is really strong back and forth. Tetsuya Naito gets the upper hand as Ishii spits blood to ringside. Ishii fights back with forearms and chop in the corner, picking Naito up and does it again. Naito targets the neck of Ishiibut Ishii is tough and fights back. Ishii gives Naito a spinning powerslam onto his head. Naito gives Ishii a load of German suplexs on Ishii’s head. They beat the hell out of each other with big moves back and forth. Naito drops Ishii on his head with Gloria but Ishii kicks out. Naito hits a short Destino but Ishii kicks out. Naito goes for another Destino but Ishii reverses it and goes for a Brainbuster. Naito reverses the brainbuster into a DDT. Naito picks Ishii up vertically and upside down, and drops him on his head. Ishii kicks out again. Naito hits one last Destino to finish Ishii. Winner: Tetsuya Naito in n 18:59.

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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


Current G1 Table

A Block

  • Kazuchika Okada – 8
  • Zack Sabre Jr. – 2
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi – 4
  • Kota Ibushi – 4
  • EVIL – 4
  • SANADA – 2
  • Bad Luck Fale – 2
  • Lance Archer – 4
  • Will Ospreay – 4
  • KENTA – 8

B Block

  • Tetsuya Naito – 4
  • Tomohiro Ishii – 4
  • Juice Robinson – 6
  • Toru Yano – 4
  • Hirooki Goto – 2
  • Jay White – 2
  • Jeff Cobb – 2
  • Shingo Takagi – 4
  • Taichi – 4
  • Jon Moxley – 8

New Japan Pro Wresting will return for G1 Night 9 on Saturday July 27, 18:00 (JST), 10:00am (BST), 5:00am (EDT), 2:00am (PDT).

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