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Ring of Honor – Mass Hysteria July 21, 2019 – Results and Review

This is my review of Ring of Honor’s Mass Hysteria show from Lowell, Massachusetts.

This show was live on Fite TV and Honor Club and is available on-demand.

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Our commentary team for this show is Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana and Caprice Coleman.

The show opens with shots of the crowd as Ian Riccaboni tells us that last night at Manhattan Mayhem Flip Gordon “re-aggravated” his injured arm and Brody King injured his ankle.

ROH Tag Title Match – The Briscoes(c) vs The Bouncers

  • The Briscoes start by throwing chairs in the ring, getting ready to defend against The Bouncers. The Beer City Bruiser(BCB) takes his top off and has a square of tape where he was burnt by Vinny Marseglia yesterday. The match starts with all four running at each other and punching away. This quickly ends up at ringside and BCB sentons off the apron on Jay Briscoe. Jay holds BCB at ringside as Mark runs across the ring and jumps off a chair and lands on BCB. Milonas takes Mark out at ringside then The Bouncers work over Jay. Mark makes his way back to the apron a minute or two later. This settles down to a regular tag match with The Bouncers working over Jay for minutes. Mark finally tags in against Milonas and takes him down with a running single leg dropkick. All four get in and Milonas drops Jay in a really awkward way, then jumps up, opens his legs and falls down on him tailbone, on Jay’s chest. The Bouncers go for their finisher, which is superplex and splash together, but are stopped. Jay powerbombs Milonas off the ropes and Mark hits the Froggy-bow on Brian “Brawler” Milonas for the win. Winners: The Briscoes in 9:02.

After the match the lights go out and G.O.D’s music plays. G.O.D. attack The Briscoes from behind and bust open Jay with a chair. Moments later, Mark is bleeding too. Tama Tonga is swearing and screaming at Jay as he says he wants ladders. Jay and Mark lay bloody as Tama and Tanga Loa continue to beat on them.

We get Ian, Colt and Caprice have a heated conversation about what we just saw as people change the canvas.

Adverts for Honor Club.

Thrill Ride w/ Jared Silberkleit vs Christian Casanova

  • Both guys are new to ROH and I don’t know “Thrill Ride” but have seen Casanova before and he can be very impressive. Thrill Ride gets the jump start on Casanova but Casanova makes a quick comeback. Casanova jumps on the ropes and Jared gets on the apron to distract him. Thrill Ride takes advantage. Thrill ride has the power but Casanova has the speed edge. Big codebreaker by Casanova, followed by a scissor kick from the top rope to win. Winner: Christian Casanova in 5:31.

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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


PJ Black vs Silas Young

  • This starts with a handshake. They trade wresting holds and when Black gets the side headlock, Silas pulls the hair. Young clotheslines Black off the apron as this goes to ringside. Black is thrown into the barrier then back in the ring. Silas kicks Black and shouts his loud mouth. Black fires up but is cut off quickly. Black fights back and hits a high cross, followed by a flurry of springboard moves. Black hits Silas with a Spanish fly but when he goes for a springboard 450, Silas moves. PJ Black jumps to the top rope and is shoved onto the post, groin first. Silas pulls Black off the ropes and delivers Misery fornthe win. Winner: Silas Young in 6:28.

WOH Champion Kelly Klein joins Ian and Caprice on commentary, taking Colt’s headset.

Tasha Steelz vs Karissa Rivera vs Angelina Love

  • ROH seem to be building to WOH division recently and Tasha Steelz and Karissa Rivera are two newer faces. Tasha Steelz has a Title shot against Kelly Kleinand Angelina Love gets her to put her sot on the line in this match. Most of this match was technically sound but had such little crowd heat that it came across kind of bad at points. Tasha Steelz throws Angelina Love out of the ring and hits a cutter on Rivera for the win. The Allure beat down Tasha Steelz after the match and Kelly Klein comes down from commentary to save her. The Allure flee while still be cocky and shouting abuse at everyone. Kelly helps Tasha as some cheer and some boo. Winner: Tasha Steelz in 6:16.

After the match, the lights fo out again and this time, Maria Manic The Man Eater is there. She attacks Rivera and loads of male “security” guys.

Another ad for Honor Club.

Dragon Lee vs Kenny King

  • This doesn’t start with a handshake but when they start trading holds, King gets the upper hand and rolls out to pose. They trade again but this time Dragon Lee gets the upper hand and poses in the ring. Lee picks up the pace, puts King in the corner and kicks him in the groin. At ringside, King throws Lee over the barrier and on a fan. King gets the extended heat on Lee until Dragon Lee hits a rana to send King to ringside and hits a dive. Lee stomps on Lee in the corner then hits a running dropkick. The time keeper Amy Rose starts talking to Lee and King takes advantage. Quick exchange ending with a knee to King, reverse rana to King then a spinebuster to Lee for a double down. That gets a “This is awesome” chant. They fight on the top rope and Lee hits a double stomp on King for a two. As the ref counts that two, you can see King calling Rose over and she distracts Lee again. King hits the Royal Flush on Dragon Lee for the win. King says to Amy Rose “What took you so long” as they meet at ringside. Winner: Kenny King in 13:00.

ROH World TV Championship Match – Shane Taylor(c) vs Eli Isom

  • Isom puts his hand out and Shane spits on it. Taylor is all over Isom to start. Taylor hits a pounce on the smaller Eli Isom, sending him into the ropes. Isom fights back and dropkicks Taylor to ringside. Isom hits a couple of dives but Taylor catches him and DDTs him off the apron to the floor. Taylor throws Isom into the barrier then slams his knee into the head of Isom against the barrier. Back in the ring, Taylor chops Isom’s soul out of his body. Isom fights back for a couple of chops but then take one strike and falls out of the ring. Taylor tries to piledriver Isom on the apron but then throws him high in the air as Isom slams on the ground below. Back in the ring Isom dodges Taylor and fires back with right hands. Isom kicks Taylor to ringside and hits a moonsault on him. Isom hits a frog splash on Taylor for a two. Isom hits a DDT as Taylor tries to fight back. Isom somehow picks up Taylor on his shoulders and hits a DVD-like move for a good nearfall. Headbutt by Taylor, powerbomb by Taylor, knee strike and a package piledriver for an excellent nearfall. The place exploded for the kick out but then Shane Taylor picks up Isom for his finisher, the sit-down piledriver for the win. Winner: Shane Taylor in 13:00.

LifeBlood (Mark Haskins & Bandido) vs Marty Scurll & PCO

  • Scurll starts with Bandido as they trade holds. PCO and Haskins tag in and Haskins really takes it to PCO who tackles Haskins down then tag Marty. PCO holds Haskins at ringside as Marty superkicks him, then PCO throws Haskins into ther barrier. Back in the ring, Marty and PCO wear down Haskins with quick tags. Haskins jumps over Marty in the corner and rolls to his corner for the tag. Bandido runs wild, he is so quick and so strong. Haskins and Bandido take it to Villain Enterprises and dive on the at ringside. Back in the ring Bandido gets a two on Marty then tags Haskins. Marty fires up up is shut down with a right from Haskins. They tag out but Marty tags back in against Bandido and hits a German suplex on Bandido’s head. Bandages catches PCO off the second rope and slams him down but PCO sits up screaming and kicks Bandido. Bandido hits a top rope Spanish fly on PCO which gets a huge reaction. Flip hits Bandido in the back with an umbrella and Haskins chases him out. Marty gets a Chicken Wing for the submission win. Winners: Villain Enterprises, Marty Scurll and PCO in 13:20.

RUSH vs Dalton Castle

  • RUSH starts by running at Dalton but Dalton jumps out of the ring. RUSH dropkicks Dalton into the corner then teases a running dropkick but just punts his head. RUSH does his Tranquilo pose. RUSH kicks Castle all over the ring for a few minutes. At ringside, Dalton slams RUSH against the barrier and hits a rana. RUSH is thrown into the barrier again. Dalton gets in the ring but RUSH gets up so he throws RUSH into another barrier. In the ring Dalton wrestles with RUSH as they roll around, Dalton being an amateur wrestler, gets the upper hand. Dalton knees RUSH in the corner. RUSH fires up and swears at Dalton in Spanish. RUSH takes Dalton to ringside and throws Dalton into a few barriers, then throws a big bin at Dalton. RUSH drags Dalton into the centre of the ring and Dalton low blows RUSH. The ref calls for the bell. Dalton then beats down RUSH with a chair. RUSH wins by DQ. Winner: RUSH in 9:58.

Another ad for Honor Club.

We come back from break and the announcers inform us that it is time for our main event.

Six-Man Tag Match – Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham vs The Kingdom

  • The Kingdom get a good response from this Lowell crowd. Shelley and Marseglia start the match but Shelley is obviously distracted by Taven, who Shelley will face fornthe title. This is Alex Shelley’s return to in-ring competition for over a year and he looks good. Lethal tags in and he wants Taven but TK O’Ryan tags in. TK goes toe-to-toe with Lethal, then TK calls in Gresham. As Gresham gets in TK backs off and Taven tags in. Gresham gets the upper hand but is cut off by Taven. Taven tags Marseglia as The Kingdom begin to get the heat on Gresham. Gresham finally makes a tag to Shelley. Shelley hits a high cross on TK and Marseglia, then sprays mist or something on Taven. Alex Shelley grabs the testicles of Taven and Marseglia then pulls them off and shoves his hand in TK’s mouth. Shelley gets a two count with the mandible claw. Gresham, Lethal and Shelley beat down TK O’Ryan. TK O’Ryan fights off Gresham, Shelley and Lethal at ringside them finally makes a tag to Marseglia. The fans are very into The Kingdom. The Kingdom take out Lethal, Shelley gets in and takes on Taven and they all end up down. Lethal injection to TK then Lethal dives on The Kingdom, Shelley submits TK then stares down Taven. Taven will defend against Alex Shelly on August 9th at Summer supercard. Winners: Alex Shelley, Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal in 18:18

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