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Ring of Honor – Manhattan Mayhem – July 20, 2019 – Results and Review

This is my review of Ring of Honor’s Manhattan Mayhem show held on Saturday July 20th, 2019 in New York, NY from the Hammerstein Ballroom.

This show is available for Honor Club members on or the ROH app.

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The commentary team for this show is Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman and Colt Cabana.

The show opens with fans shots as our commentary team welcome us to Manhattan Mayhem. They run dow the card, including a “triple main event”.

Dragon Lee vs Jonathan Gresham

  • They start fast with Gresham trying an Octopus hold and Dragon Lee speeding up proceedings. They face off and start striking. Lee gets the upper hand and lays down like his brother RUSH. They beat each other with chops and forearms, Gresham throws his tape down and winds up a chop. The ref clears the tape and when his back is turned, Gresham low blows Dragon Lee. The crowd boos Gresham as Gresham wraps up Leein multiple ways. Gresham gets aggressive with Lee and the ref. Gresham wears down Lee with lots of submissions. With one opening, Lee fights back, puts Gresham in the corner with a kick and delivers a running dropkick in the corner. Springboard moonsault by Gresham, Lee catches him but Gresham turns it into a DDT. Lee fights back but Gresham gets a delayed German suplex. They go up top and, sitting in front of each other, they trade shot. Lee wins that exchange and Gresham falls backwards into the ring but holds on. Lee hits a double stomp on Gresham who was holding on to the ropes. Lee hits a running knee strike under the chin to beat Gresham. Fast, technical and crisp. Good opener. Winner: Dragon Lee in 10:11.

Matt Taven comes out for a promo. He calls the fans “Melvins” and is wearing a Red Sox Jersey with “Taven” and the number 69 on the back. Kenny King makes his way to the ring. King says this is the new ROH and its supposed to be wild and unpredictable. King wants to be added to the main event for the ROH title and Taven accepts. Lethal comes to the ring angry that he has lost his one-on-one opportunity, they brawl and lots of security have to break it up.

We see adverts for Honor Club. This show is only available on Honor Club so it’s kind of a redundant ad.

Triple Threat Tag Match – Coast to Coast(Shaheem Ali & LSG) vs S.O.S(Moses and Khan) vs The Bouncers(Brian “Brawler” Milonas & Beer City Bruiser)

  • Milonas start with LSG but Ali and Khan tag in after Milonas bites Ali then claims he can’t bite, he “ain’t got no teeth”. Moses and Milonas have a striking battle which Moses of the Soldiers of Savagery(S.O.S) gets the upper hand. It breaks down around the five minute point. People fight all over as S.O.S take out BCB at ringside then put him through a table. The referee “Ejects” S.O.S from from the match but the match continues. That makes no sence. Milonas pins Shaheen Ali after backdropping LSD out of the ring. Winners: The Bouncers in 7:36.

Immediately after the match, The Kingdom lays out The Bouncers with chairs. They sit on the chairs to cut a promo about the number one contenders for the tag titles, The Bouncers. Vinny Marseglia is smoking a cigar that he stole from The Bouncers then puts it out on BCB’s chest. TK O’Ryan calls out RUSH saying he feels bullet proof right now. RUSH makes his way to the ring.

TK O’Ryan vs RUSH

  • This starts fast with no hand shake. RUSH gets the best of TK O’Ryan as TK runs away. O’Ryan jumps RUSH getting back in the ring but RUSH headbutts O’Ryan to ringside. O’Ryan gets the heat on RUSH and plays up to the crowd loads. RUSH fires up, lets TK chop him then hits TK with a forearm and takes it to ringside. RUSH throws TK into all four barriers, starting by throwing TK into a man with gray hair on his knees. RUSH takes it back in the ring and hits the running dropkick in the corner for the win. Those dropkicks look brutal. I hope the man is okay. This match picked up when RUSH got angry in the last few minutes. Winner: RUSH in 7:49.

RUSH meets fans and a “fan” wearing a big mask with horns jumps the rails and beats up RUSH. The fans takes it into the ring and delivers a running dropkick in the corner. The fan reveals he is Dalton Castle. Dalton calls RUSH a “moron sandwich”.

We get a pre-taped promo from Jay Lethal talking about losing the title at MSG and what it means to win it back in New York. We see a graphic for the triple threat match coming next.

Alex Shelley takes Caprice’s place on commentary.

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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


ROH World Championship Match – Matt Taven(c) vs Jay Lethal vs Kenny King

  • Before the bell the fans chant for Lethal and Taven, King is not happy. Todd Sinclair starts the match when King won’t shake hands, Taven did though. Taven steps out for King and Lethal to start. Taven pulls Lethal out and King dives on them both. King and Taven get in the ring and King gets the upper hand. Taven rolls out and Lethal rolls in. Taven gets in and wears down Lethal but Lethal fights back with slaps. They slap each other and Taven wins that exchange. Lethal ties up King and Taven in the corner with Taven upside down, Lethal hits two running kicks, one to Taven then one to King. Taven slaps Lethal into the corner while he mouths off but Lethal fires up and slaps Taven down. They all trade punches then Taven kicks King, Lethal kicks King the Kenny King hits a double clothesline to both, taking all three down. Taven dives on Lethal and King, then just King. Lethal gets in the ring and dives on Taven then dives on King. Lethal gets King in a figure four and Taven splashes him and out the figure four on King. King reverses the figure four and Lethal puts a crossface on Taven after missing an elbow. Lethal hits a Lethal Injection in an exchange but Taven kicks out. The crowd go nuts for that and start the Lethal and Taven chants start. Lethal gets hits with a Lethal Injection from King and a Royal Flush but Taven hits a Climax on King, pinning Kenny King to retain his title. Shelley will be facing Taven in Toronto later in July. Winner: Matt Taven in 15:57.

Taven shakes the hand of Lethal, then kicks him in the nuts. Lethal is down in the ring as Taven walks out.

A Marty Scurll advert for Honor Club. More Honor Club advertising to Honor Club members.

8-Man Tag Match – LifeBlood vs Villain Enterprises

  • LifeBlood is joined by PJ Black as the other members are in Japan and might not be returning to Ring of Honr anytime soon. Villain Enterprises includes Marty Scurll, PCO, Brody King and the newest member Flip Gordon. Tracey Williams kicks off the match with Marty. They trade technical holds and reversals for over a minute with Williams coming out on top, Marty is not happy with that. All eight get in the ring but it’s calmed down and Bandido tags in. Brody King tags in and takes ot to Bandido with lucha high spots. King tags Marty back in and LifeBlood target Scurll. Villain Enterprises takes out all of LifeBlood and King dives on them. Marty backdrops PCO over the ropes and onto Haskins’ left arm. Marty finally tags out and PCO tags in. PCO hits a huge senton to Williams from the top rope. Flip tags in and he cannot move his left arm, which is in a brace of some sort. King tags in and kicks Williams straight in the head. Scurll tags in and so does Bandido. Williams chases Flip out with a chair. They covered for Gordon’s injury quite well. Williams returns but Flip doesn’t. Haskins takes out PCO and King, then Scurll takes out Haskins with a kick on the apron. They all brawl at ringside while PCO climbs to the top rope and moonsaults on everyone. Haskins beats up King then kicks him as King holds onto the ropes. Bandido hits his 21-plex to King then PJ Black hits a springboard 450 on the fallen Brody King and pins him to win. Good exciting match. Winners: PJ Black, Mark Haskins, Tracey Williams and Bandido in 17:31.

ROH World Tag Team Championship NYC Street Fight Match – G.O.D(c) vs The Briscoes

  • Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa are in the ring as The Briscoes get chairs and start smashing the corner posts of the ring. The Briscoes circle the ring with chairs when they go under the ring and get Kendo sticks. Briscoes jump G.O.D as the bell sounds. They scrap around the ring with the sticks, then to ringside. Tama is beating up Mark with a chair in the ring while Tanga Loa sets up a table at ringside. Jay Briscoe puts Tanga Loa on the table and Mark jumps off the chair in the ring and jumps over the ropes and onto Tanga Loa. The table doesn’t break but it looked painfully for both. So much is happening in this match and it’s only five minutes in. Tanga Loa backdrops Mark off the ropes and to the floor on a pile of chairs. G.O.D set up Mark for the Magic Killer but Jay comes in with a chair. The Briscoes hits Red Neck Boogie on Tama on a chair but he kicks out. Mark Briscoe sets up another table at ringside. They fight with Kendo sticks again, taking shots to the head, back and all over the body. Tama Tonga puts Jay on the table and chokes him, Tanga Loa powerbombs Mark off the apron and onto his brother through the table. That gets a “This is Awesome” chants. Magic killer to Mark on chairs but he kicks out. Jay gets in and Tanga is sent out. Mark throws a chair at the head of Tama at one hundred miles an hour. The Briscoes get a ladder and another table then take them in the ring. The ladder is in one corner the table is in the other while Mark Briscoe climbs the ladder looking for Tama but is stopped. The feed cuts out and Tama is looking to superplex Mark off the ladder but Jay takes Tama off the ladder and onto his shoulders. Mark and Jay hit a Doomsday/elbow drop through the table. Mark pins Tama Tonga in one of the craziest finishing moves in ROH history. The Briscoes win and regain the championships from G.O.D. Winners: and new ROH World Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes in 17:41.

Final Thoughts: that was a very fun and exciting show, the crowd seemed lively and the place wasn’t half full but looked good. Most of the matches were good to great and the only thing that didn’t make sense to me was the triple threat tag match with the DQ but they were eliminated from a match that wasn’t elimination rules. Good show and definitely worth watching if you are an Honor Club member.

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altprowrestling has been in commission since May of 2018 and continues to grow. By donating just £1 you are aiding the progression of this site, future upgrades and updates, and for that, I am eternally grateful.


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