G1 Climax

NJPW – G1 Climax 29, Night 7 – Results and Review

Ther seventh night of the G1 Climax 29 sees A Block head-to-head in singles action. The Block matches for this show will include; Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Lance Archer, Zack Sabre Jr vs Bad Luck Fale, Kota Ibushi vs SANADA, KENTA vs EVIL & IWGP Heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada vs IWGP Jr Heavyweight champion Will Ospreay in the main event.

The singles matches from this show, and every Saturday show, will air on AXS TV on the same day. See more.

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Commentators for this show are Kevin Kelly, Rocky Romero and Chris Charlton.

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Jon Moxley & Shota Umino vs Yota Tsuji & Juice Robinson

  • Shota comes out with Moxley through the crowd and he’s wearing a Moxley tee and and holding the US Title. When Juice comes out he looks serious and throws his sunglasses and jacket off. Juice and Moxley throws their own partners out and start fighting. Both Young Lions get blind tags and Moxley and Juice keep fighting and roll outside, they brawl to the back. Tsuji gets Shota in a Boston Crab and Moxley runs back and knees Tsuji in the face. Shota and Moxley hits the Hart Attack on Tsuji and Shota submits him with the Boston Crab. Juice comes running back out and attacks Moxley, they end up biting each other on the face and head until they were eventually broken up by Young Lions and refs. Juice and Moxley will meet on the final day of the tournament in singles action. Winners: Moxley and Shota “Shooter” Umino in 3:56.

Minoru Suzuki, Taichi and Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs Hirooki Goto, Toru Yano and Yuya Uemura

  • Suzuki-gun get the jump start on the Chaos team as Minoru Suzuki continues to wreak havoc on anyone he wants. Taichi and Goto start in the ring as Suzuki kills Uemura with multiple chair shots. Taichi gets the best of Goto by choking him with a chair. Suzuki-gun take it back to the ring as they get heat on Goto. For some reason Uemura gets in the ring and tries to stop Suzuki. Minoru Suzuki lets go of Goto and slaps the Young Lion away. Uemura continues to fight in this match but is taken out by Kanemaru with a second rope DDT called Deep Impact to pin Uemura. Winners: Minoru Suzuki, Taichi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru in 8:53.

“Switchblade” Jay White, Chase Owens & Yujiro Takahashi vs Jeff Cobb, Tomoaki Honma & Toa Henare

  • Honma and Yujiro start the match and, early on, Bullet Club take control of the match. All three bullet Club members wear Honma down until Takahashi tags back in and Honma fights back to hit the Kokeshi headbutt. Honma tags Cobb and Jay is desperate to get a tag. Jay thinks he can trade with Cobb so Cobb lays him out and Bullet Club has to come in to help. Cobb suplexs Chase and Yujiro out of the ring at the same time then tags Toa Henare. Moments later Jay sends Cobb over the ropes but Cobb pulls Jay out and slams him into the barrier, in the ring Chase hits the package piledriver on Toa Henare for the win. Winners: Chase Owens, Yujiro Takahashi and Jay White in 9:50.

Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi & BUSHI vs Tomohiro Ishii, YOSHI-HASHI & Ren Narita

  • Naito teases whether he wants to start with Ishii or not, in the end Shingo starts with YOSHI-HASHI. After YOSHI-HASHI and Shingo have a battle of the shoulder tackles, Naiyo and Ishii get in. Naito and Ishii fight like wild men. Ishii chops Naito and Naito spits on Ishii and smiles. Narita and BUSHI tag in and as Naito and Ishii brawl at ringside BUSHI hits the MX on Narita for the win. Winners: BUSHI, Shingo Takagi and Tetsuya Naito in 7:34.

After the match Naito and Ishii continued to brawl, Ishii chopped Naito over the barrier and onto a fan. They were split up by Young Lions and that was that.

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G1 Climax Tournament Matches

Scoring system for the G1:

  • Win: 2 Points
  • Draw: 1 Point
  • Loss: 0 Points

Zack Sabre Jr vs Bad Luck Fale

  • Zack runs at Fale to begin the match. ZSJ gets the guillotine choke leading to a sleeper. Zack moves from limb to limb as he tries to pick apart Fale. Fale halts the submissions of Sabre and goes for a Bad Luck Fall but somehow ZSJ turns it into a Octopus lock. Fale takes this to ringside and beats up ZSJ all over the crowd area. Fale tries another Bad Luck Fall down the concrete steps but ZSJ slips out. ZSJ reverses a Granade from Fale into a triangle choke and holds Fale until the count of 13 then runs down to the ring. Fale is just too slow and gets counted out. Sabre Jr wins by count out for his first victory. Winner: Zack Sabre Jr in 6:31.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Lance Archer

  • Tanahashi takes it to Archer at the beginning to start the match. They quickly go to ringside and Archer chokeslams Tanahashi on the apron. Archer then comes flying off the apron a d hits a rolling senton on Tanahashi. Tanahashi chops Archer three times, then Archer chops back once to floor the ace, they repeat that a few times. The Korakuen fans chant “Go Ace” & “Archer”. They fight back and forth as Tana keeps targeting the leg of the big man. This gets very exciting as Archer looks for the EBD(Everybody Dies) Claw on Tanahashi but they end up with Tanahashi sat on the top rope. Archer places Tanahashi on his shoulders and walks into the middle of the ring, Tanahashi then victory rolls Archer up and pins him. Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi in 11:59.


  • This starts slow with a lock up but quickly picks up. After KENTA disrespects EVIL everyone boos. Then they fight to ringside, EVIL hits a chair off the head of KENTA and it leads to a backstage brawl. They head back into the crowd, EVIL clears a space and piles chairs but KENTA suplexs EVIL on them. Everyone starts to boo Kenta so he begs it on. They head back to the ring and KENTA beats down EVIL with kicks. EVIL tries to fight back but is shut down until EVIL reversed a GTS into a German suplex. Fighting back, EVIL hits an Everything is Evil for a two. They are both worn down and visibly tired but KENTA hits a running knee for a two, followed by another. KENTA then hits a PK followed by a GTS and pins EVIL. That was a fun fight, leaving KENTA with eight points. Winner: KENTA in 15:04.

Kota Ibushi vs SANADA

  • This starts with some mat wrestling followed up with some fast takeovers and headlocks. Fans chant for both so Ibushi and SANADA get on the ropes and try to see who gets the more chants, it seems pretty even. They spend alot of the first five minutes playing to the crowd which is great to watch as the fans get very worked up. When Ibushi is doing something the fans cheer for him, when SANADA does something they cheer for him. Kota takes some chops then kicks SANADA to the mat. Ibushi goes for a standing moonsault but SANADA gets the knees up. At the ten minute call Ibushi hits his powerslam into second rope moonsault, Ibushi holds his knee. SANADA goes for sliding dropkick but Kota lands a double stomp. They trade strikes and SANADA seems to get the upper hand but Inushi fires back and foes for a Kamigoye but SANADA moves. After a struggle, Kota picks up SANADA and lawn darts him in the corner and they play up SANADA’s neck issues. Finally, after much back and forth, Kota Ibushi hits the Kamigoye to pin SANADA. Hell of a match by these two great wrestlers. Winner: Kota Ibushi in 19:15

Kazuchika Okada vs Will Ospreay

  • This starts with a lockup and for the first few minutes they trade holdson the mat but then Ospreay rolls backwards, using his feet he throws Okada over him. Okada rolls outside. Okada hits a dropkick on Will when he is sat in the corner on the top rope, sending Ospreay outside. Ospreay rolls in selling his shoulders, back and neck. Okada works over the neck of Ospreay but Will keeps fighting. Will chops Okada but Okada doesn’t sell it, then Okada hits Ospreay and Will goes down. Ospreay fights back using speed and bounces off the ropes to hit a kick. This got really good as they trade bigger shots and bigger moves. They fight to ringside as Ospreay kicks Okada off the apron. At ringside Ospreay kicks Okada again then a Oscutter on the floor. I cannot recap this to it’s fullest, so I will say, this was amazing. Ospreay reversed a Rainmaker into a Spanish fly, Okada reversed a Stormbreaker into a tombstone, Ospreay reversed the tombstone into one of his own and so much more. Go see that if you haven’t already. Okada wins with a Rainmaker. Winner: Kazuchika Okada in 21:57.

*Final thoughts: Another hell of a night. That main event was something special, among a plethora of great matches. There really wasn’t a bad match on the show but I would say Zack and Fale was the weakest match and even that was exciting for the six minutes it went.

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Current G1 Table

A Block

  • Kazuchika Okada – 8
  • Zack Sabre Jr. – 2
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi – 4
  • Kota Ibushi – 4
  • EVIL – 4
  • SANADA – 2
  • Bad Luck Fale – 2
  • Lance Archer – 4
  • Will Ospreay – 4
  • KENTA – 8

B Block

  • Tetsuya Naito – 2
  • Tomohiro Ishii – 4
  • Juice Robinson – 4
  • Toru Yano – 4
  • Hirooki Goto – 2
  • Jay White – 0
  • Jeff Cobb – 2
  • Shingo Takagi – 4
  • Taichi – 2
  • Jon Moxley – 6

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