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All Elite Wrestling – Fyter Fest & Buy In – Results & Review

Tonight(Saturday June 29, 2019) is the second show for the young promotion, All Elite Wrestling, after Double or Nothing. This is my review of the Fyter Fest show and the Buy In preshow.

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This show is free on BR Live in the U.S., and available to purchases on Fite TV for £8.99/€9.99.

Buy In

The show opens with a video of Michael Marshall, a backstage coordinator, eating an apple and telling us he had to do something to get the ring in the building.

We see our commentary team, led by Excalibur, with Logan & Goldenboy

Triple Threat Tag Match – Private Party vs Best Friends vs SoCal Uncensored

  • Private Party are a new team to most of the fans in attendance but SCU and Best Friends are largely well known and fan favourites. This match starts with Private Party facing off against both SCU and Best Friends. Private Party gets taken out one at a time by SCU and Best Friends as they tag in and out, then SCU goes up against Best Friends. Marq Quen of Private Party tags himself in and Private Party make an exhilarating comeback that gets the fans cheering loudly and chanting “AEW” and “Private Party.” Very quickly it all breaks down and after brawls all over, Best Friends are beating down Isiah Kassidy of Private Party. This match is obviously put together to get over the younger team, Private Party and it does that and they don’t diminish either SCU or Best Friends. Best Friends suplex Kassidy at ringside while SCU take out Marq Quen. Best Friends hug and the fans go nuts, they then chant “Best Friends.” The Best Friends win this with a Strong Zero on Kassidy of Private Party. Winners: Best Friends in 15:57.

After the match a video package shows the Dark Order on the screen and they say they choose Best Friends to be their “first.” Then the lights go out and when they come back on Dark Order Minions surround the ring. The lights turn off again and they disappear.

We get a skit with Matt and Nick Jackson claiming they were promised a bunch of things, such as private jets, high class meals, top hotels and what they got was economy flights, bad food and tents, and a kids pool instead of a pool party. Also, Kenny Omega and the Bucks have lost their gear so Kenny gets them new gear but he blow half the budget so they have to remove two of the four models on the stage.

This leads to a Librarian skit. The two Librarians, Peter Avalon and Leva Bates are telling people to read while Shhhing them. The Librarian gimmick isn’t getting over, even with this adoring crowd. Allie comes to the ring for a match with Leva.

Leva Bates vs Allie

  • The “Shhhing” of the Librarians isn’t catching with the fans, I’m not sure people know how to take it. This was clunky and the finish came off very flat as Peter tried to throw a book to Leva, in front of the ref, but throws it very dramatically over Leva and to Allie. Allie throws the book to Leva and superkicks her for the win. The superkick missed by a mile and most of the match was sloppy. Winner: Allie in 8:53.

Kenny Omega is backstage collecting items for a band and is told that “Blink” had pulled out.

Hardcore Match – Michael Nakazawa vs Alex Jebaily

  • Alex Jebaily is not a wrestler, he tries, but he is most definitely not a wrestler. That match was interesting, they used a small swimming pool, Nakazawa’s underwear, lots of gaming equipment and a table. This was fun but very much not a must see. Winner: Michael Nakazawa.

Fyter Fest

We are welcomed by our commentary team; Jim Ross, Excalibur and Goldenboy.

Christopher Daniels vs Cima

  • They begin with some chain wresting which Daniels gets the upper hand. Cima sends Daniels outside and dropkicks him into the barrier. On the outside, Daniels hits a release northern lights suplex. Cima kicks out of a Angel’s Wings as they trade big moves. Cima hits a huge Meteora from the top rope for the win. Really good match and the crowd enjoyed it. Cima will face Kenny Omega at Fight for the Fallen so this was a good win for him. Winner: Cima in 9:39.

Triple Threat Match – Riho vs Nyla Rose vs Yuka Sakazaki

  • This starts with Nyla attacking both Riho and Yuka, they basically work as one against the bigger Nyla Rose for the first few minutes. Yuka makes a comeback on Nyla with a running rana then climbs the ropes and dives off, landing on both Nyla and Riho. Yuka throws Riho into the ring. Riho hits a 619 on Nyla then Yuka lands a seated senton to Nyla from top rope, then Riho hits a double stomp from the top to Nyla. Nyla lays Riho on the ropes and climbs to the top in the corner. Nyla delivers a diving need to the back of Riho’s head which looked brutal. Riho hits a crossbody on Nyla but Nyla catches her, then Yuka goes for a crossbody from the top too and Nyla catches her too, the crowd goes nuts for that. Almost out of nowhere, Riho reverses a powerbomb from Nyla and rolls her up for the win. Very good match. Winner: Riho in 13:02.

Kip Sabian joins the announce team because he will face the winner of the next match at Fight for the Fallen.

Four Way Match – Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs Jungle Boy W/ Luchasaurus vs Jimmy Havoc vs Adam ‘Hangman’ Page

  • MJF gets the mic before anyone else comes out and everyone boos before he even speaks. They all chant “You suck” and MJF comes back with a “Your Mother swallows” joke. MJF closed with “I used to love video games, then I lost my virginity.” Page gets lot of pyro, looks good. Page and Havoc fight will Jungle Boy takes on MJF. Havoc and MJF are thrown out as Page and Jungle Boy face off. It was in this match that I realised that AEW needs replays, the action was fast at times, with multiple people and I’d love to see some replays. The finish comes when Page goes for a buckshot lariat on MJF but he moves and Page takes out Havoc. MJF tries to throw Hangman out of the ring but is reversed and Page hits his finish on Havoc for the win. Winner: Hangman Adam Page in 10:49.

Video package for Cidy vs Darby Allin

Cody vs Darby Allin

  • Cody is a lot bigger than Allin but Darby Allin is lightning fast and never gives up. Cody throws Darby Allin through the ropes and into the post, as Allin spins out of the ring and drops to the floor JR says “Darby Allin’s body broke his fall… and his neck and his head.” Darby gets up and gets in the ring. A few minutes later, Darby is thrown into the corner again and goes to ringside. As Allin gets in Cody goes to pull him in but Allin slams Cody’s hand against the ring post. Cody continues to best down Allin with suplexs, slams and stomping on body parts. Allin comes back and targets the hand again. Darby Allin picks up the pace and hits a great dive. With just five minutes left in this twenty minute match, both men are down but Allin gets up first. Allin climbs the ropes but is met by Cody, who delivers a huge superplex. Allin goes for a ‘Coffin Drop’ (a trust fall) from the top onto Cody on the apron but Cody moves and Allin bounces off the apron. Cody hits a Cross-Rhodes but the time-limit runs out. Winner: time limit draw.

After the match Shawn Spears came out and smashed Cody in the head with a chair, cutting Cody’s head. It looked brutal and Cody either sold it great or it messed him up. Real serious angle here, Cody didn’t get his hands up and they kept replaying it. I hope Cody is fine.

Main Event

Six-man Tag Match – Pentagon Jr, Rey Fenix & Lorado Kid vs The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

  • The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega come out dressed as characters from Street Fighter to a huge reaction. This gets good quickly, with action non-stop and the normal tag team rules thrown out of the metaphoric window. The crowd goes insane for Kenny Omega getting a tag, not a hot tag, just a regular tag. This is your classic Elite/Lucha match with multiple destroyers, superkicks and V-triggers. About 19 minutes in the fans chant “fight forever” and just over a minute later, Kenny Omega hits Larado Kid with a One-Winged Angel for the win. Omega shakes hands with everyone and takes selfies with people on his way out. Great match, must see. Winners: Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, The Elite in 20:31.

*Note This next match is the final match but not the main event as it isn’t sanctioned by the company and is being called a “lights out match” by Jim Ross.

Un-sanctioned Street Fight – Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela

  • The bell rings, they start fighting then, very quickly, head towards the crowd. They go back to ringside and Jenela gets a table and a prosthetic leg out, Jenela hits Moxley with the leg. Back in the ring, Moxley slams Jenela on a chair. Moxley hoss under the ring and pulls out a chair wrapped in barbed wire. Moxley stomps on the chair, on Jenela’s chest then climbs the ropes. Jenela throws Moxley onto the chair wrapped with barbed wire from the top rope. Jenela throws both of them from the apron, backwards, through a table at ringside. Moxley throws Jenela through a table in the corner of the ring. Moxley gets two more tables and a barbed wire board. After a struggle, Jenela throws Moxley into the barbed wire board. Two tables are set up at ringside and Jenela sets a ladder up in the ring. Jenela slams Moxley’s head into the steps then lays a bloody Moxley on the tables and climbs the ladder. Jenela jumps high in the air and delivers an elbow to Moxley on the tables. Jenela pulls out another barbed wire board and places it between the ring and barrier but takes too long. Moxley gives Jenela a Death Valley Driver over the ropes and onto the barbed wire. Moxley pulls out a bucket and in the bucket is.. Thumb tacks, two bags of thumb tacks. Moxley then removed the shoes of Jenela, suplexs Jenela on the tacks then drops Jenela feet first on the tacks. Moxley delivers a huge double arm DDT on the tacks and pins Jenela. Winner: Jon Moxley in 20:01.

After the match Kenny Omega attacks Moxley, piledriving him through a table, throwing him all over the place and smashing an electric guitar over his back. As refs help Moxley out, he shoves them both and Omega comes out again with a trash can to beat up Moxley more. The last shot was Moxley smiling on the floor.

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