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Ring of Honor – Best in the World – Results & Review

This is my Ring of Honor Best in the World PPV review.

The show kicks off 30 minutes before the scheduled start time with a free kick off show. This 30 minutes will feature Flip Gordon vs RUSH.

Kick Off Show

RUSH vs Flip Gordon

  • Flip starts off looking confident but RUSH quickly changes that. RUSH throws Flip around ringside into the barriers then takes it back to the ring. RUSH takes it easy, assuming he’ll win easily and quickly like every other match he’s had in ROH. In the end, Flip put up more of a fight than anyone so far but RUSH hits his running dropkick in the corner for the win. Winner: RUSH in 10:20.

Rush gets interviewed at ringside, it was fine. Nothing happens without his say-so.

We are introduced to our announce team, Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman and Colt Cabana. Cont was suppose to be wresting but is injured so he is replaced by newest NWA signee, Eli Drake. This happened with a segment with Nick Aldis, James Storm and Drake. Drake is a surprise to the fans and small numbers of the audience seem excited.

Video package for Dragon Lee vs Dalton Castle.

Main Show

Cold open video package for the show.

We are welcomed to the show by our commentary team as they run down the card.

Dalton Castle vs Dragon Lee

  • Dragon Lee starts this off fast by dropkicking Castle into the corner and delivering two running dropkicks, just like his brother RUSH but Castle kicks out. They go to ringside and Dalton throws Lee over the barriers and onto the laps of fans multiple times. Back in the ring Dalton works over Lee as the fans go silent.Dalton continues to try to rip at the mask of Lee. Dragon Lee sends Castle outside with a rana and hits a dive to wake the crowd up slightly. Castle keeps suplexing Lee from all sorts of angles. After so back and forth, Dalton hits a Bangerang but doesn’t cover. Castle places Lee in the corner then hits a horrible running dropkick for the win. Good match, very little reaction. Winner: Dalton Castle in 14:23.

WOH Tag Team Match – The Allure vs Jenny Rose & Kelly Klein

  • This kicks off when the fiery babyfaces attack The Allure and after a scramble Kelly Klein and Angelina Love start in the ring with some good wresting. This match had some really good back and forth, mixed with good action and well performed moves but in the end, shenanigans prevails. Mandy Leon gets in the ring with a high-heel and smacks Klein in the back of the head and Angelina Love wins with a superkick. Winners: The Allure in 9:28.

After the match Maria Manic debuts and stairs the Allure down until they leave. The “Man Eater” Maria Manic then destroyed a couple of “security” guys. Looks good.

Video package for Jay Lethal vs Kenny King.

Jay Lethal vs Kenny King

  • Lethal refuses to adhere to the code of honor and does not shake hands. Good for him. Early on Jay tries to use a chair but doesn’t work out for him. As they fight on the outside, Kenny King suplexs Lethal onto the apron back first, looked brutal. They trade big moves and kick both kick out. Towards the end of the match, the woman, Amy Rose, at ringside who King gave his walking stick to (he was pretending to be blind leading upto this match) throws the stick in the ring because Kenny asked her to three minutes before. King hits a Shooting Star with very nearly went horrendously wrong and King lands knee first into the shoulder of Lethal, Lethal kicks out. King hits a Lethal injection then a Royal Flush for the win. Not a bad match at all, I enjoyed that. Winner: Kenny King in 14:37.

Video package for Silas Young vs Gresham in a pure rules match.

Pure Rules Wrestling Match – Silas Young vs Jonathan Gresham

  • We hear the rules of the match by referee Todd Sinclair before the match. This one a very technical wrestling match with the drama coming from the rope breaks, which each competitor gets three, and submissions. 18 minutes in and the do the suplex over the ropes spot but when climbing back in the ring, Gresham pulls the apron in so the ref removes it. When the referee has his back turned, Gresham hits a low blow and everyone boos loud. Gresham gets Silas in the Octopus hold and Silas taps out. Winner: Jonathan Gresham in 18:12.

Video package for the NWA tag match. James Storm joins commentary for this match.

Eli Drake & Nick Aldis vs The Briscoes

  • The Briscoes are crazy and easily one of the biggest attractions in the company. This was a mostly pedestrian match and just when it looked like it was going to pick up, the match ended as they brawled in the crowd. Eli Drake spits water in the face of James Storm on commentary and they run off. After the match, the Briscoes beat down Nick Aldis and ott him through a table. Marty Scurll came down, helped Kick up and they left. Winner: No-one in 10:55 by count out.

Every match gets a video package and si food this.

ROH TV Championship Match – Shane Taylor(c) vs Bandido

  • The match starts with some lucha-style back and forth, and Taylor shows he can move but Bandido is faster. Shane Taylor adds a new move to his arsenal, the Package Piledriver, but Bandido kicks out. The fans really get behind Bandido and he goes for the 21-plex but its reversed and Taylor hits his sit-down piledriver for the quick win. Fans didn’t like that finish. Winner: Shane Taylor in 12:31 to retain his TV Championship.

No video package, just a graphic.

ROH Six-man Tag Championship Match – LifeBlood(Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins) & PJ Black vs Villain Enterprises(c)

  • Marty and Haskins kick this off and its pointed out that they have the same gear. Some big strikes from Villain Enterprises then some big sentons from the apron, one from King and one from PCO. PCO has to be a big draw for the company, I find anything he does must see, he also gets great reactions. Lots of fast action with all six guys, PCO may have been rocked because there was confusion with a kick out when the ref stopped counting. PCO gets powerbombed on the apron from the ropes, I think he’s dead. Villain Enterprises lay out PJ Black and PCO gets back up. PCO goes for a moonsault and nearly falls backwards, he eventually hits a moonsault on his face to PJ Black for the win. Winner: Villain Enterprises in 16:56 to retain.

After the match some guys run out, Ian Riccaboni seems to know them but no one else does. Bully runs out but is chased away by Flip Gordon. Gordon then seems to join LifeBlood but then is revealed as the newest employee of Villain Enterprises. Flip superkicks Bandido and Tracy Williams is set up on a table at ringside and Flip lands a 450 splash from the top rope, to the floor, through a table. It looked like Flip over rotated and may of hurt his shoulder because he landed on his forearms. I hope Flip’s fine.

Main Event

ROH World Championship Match – Jeff Cobb vs Matt Taven(c)

  • Early on Taven tries anything and Cobb turns it into a suplex so Taven goes to ringside. When Cobb has had enough and goes after Taven, Matt Taven pulls Cobb shoulder first into the apron. Taven works over the shoulder but Cobb can suplex with one arm. About nine minutes in Cobb goes for a Tour of the Islands but Taven escapes and hits a second Climax for the win. Yes, about nine minutes in, Matt Taven wins clean. Both Taven and Cobb looked disappointed and visually upset. Taven tries to shake it off and celebrate his win. Winner: Matt Taven in 9:47 to retain.

Final Thoughts: That was a very basic and average PPV, the attendance didn’t look good and there really isn’t any stand out matches. The main event was a real disappointment, as one of the shortest matches on the show and not all that good. Cobb is fun to watch but when he’s selling most of the match and ultimately loses the match clean after messing up a move just before, it leaves a terrible taste in the viewers mouth. Unfortunately this show is mostly skippable with 3 star, average matches being consistent theme.

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