Best of the Super Jr.

NJPW – Best of the Super Jr. 26, Final – Full Results and Review

The Best of the Super Jr. tournament is an annual Jr Heavyweight tournament that happens throughout May and June each year in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The entrants in the tournament are split into two blocks and they have been battling it out since May 13th. Today(June 5th, 2019) will see the climax of the tournament and the final match between the winner of A Block vs the winner of B Block. This show will also see the debut of Jon Moxley as he faces Juice Robinson for the IWGP US Heavyweight championship, and the return of Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Tournament Rules

2 points for a win, 1 point each for a time limit draw, 0 points for a no contest and 0 points for a loss.

Our commentary team for this show is Kevin Kelly, Gino Gambino & Chris Charlton

Ren Narita, Jonathan Gresham & Bandido vs Shota Umino, Titan & Dragon Lee

  • Good opener with the luchadors pulling off some great high-spots, the Young Lions doing their Young Lion spots, and Gresham was also there. The champion, Dragon Lee picks up the win ahead if the finals later to determine his opponent at Dominion. Winners: Dragon Lee, Shota Umino and Titan in 8:26.

El Phantasmo, Taiji Ishimori & Robbie Eagles vs SHO, YOH & Ryusuke Taguchi

  • Bullet Club get the jumps start and ELP wears the scrum cap of Taguchi then kicks the ball into the cheap seats of Sumo Hall. Taguchi, SHO and YOH make a comeback but ELP gets a near fall on Taguchi by sticking his finger up Taguchi’s ‘Funky Weapon’ then putting it in the mouth of Taguchi. ELP pins YOH but he stole the pin from Eagles and Eagles was pissed. Eagles watches ELP pick up the win and starts kicking the turnbuckle and storms off. On his way out tells Kevin Kelly that “apparently there’s an ‘I’ in ‘Team’ in Bullet Club.” Winners: El Phantasmo, Taiji Ishimori and Robbie Eagles in 9:09.

Jyushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask, YOSHI-HASHI, Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii vs Taichi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Zack Sabre Jr, DOUKI & Minoru Suzuki

  • Liger and DOUKI start the match as DOUKI show no respect early on. DOUKI goes for a huge senton from the top rope to the floor onto Liger, Tiger Mask and Ishii but slides off and lands hip first on the floor, ouch. This match ended when YOSHI-HASHI hits Karma on DOUKI for the win. Fine match but it had so many angles to focus on, maybe some of it got lost. Winners: YOSHI-HASHI, Toru Yano, Jyushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask, and Tomohiro Ishii in 10:34.

Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI, SANADA, EVIL vs Kota Ibushi, Toa Henare, Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe

  • Naito and Kota start the match and fans mostly chant for Naito. Naito pulls his Tranqillo pose, dodges the lock up and tags out. Less than one minute later, everyone is everywhere. Naito and Ibushi fight through the crowd but end up back in the ring. The finish came when EVIL and SANADA hit the Magic Killer on Henare and EVIL pinned Toa Henare. Ibushi and Naito continue to fight after the match and build their championship match on Dominion. Winners: Los Ingobernables De Japon; EVIL, BUSHI, SANADA & Tetsuya Naito in 10:27.

Marty Scurll & Brody King vs Kazuchika Okada & Rocky Romero

  • Okada and King start the match but when Okada tagged Rocky in, Scurll refused to tag and King hits Rocky once and K.Os him. That’s when Marty tags in. Brody gets a great nearfall on Okada with a piledriver nearly 10 minutes in. Okada hits an elbow drop on King, followed by a Rainmaker for the win. Winners: Okada and Rocky Romero in 10:36.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Switchblade Jay White

  • Jay White gets the jump start as the Ace climbs the ropes. Jay White targets the surgically repaired arm of Tanahashi early on. Jay White beats on Tanahashi on the floor and is getting counted out so he pulls the ref out of the ring. After about five minutes of beating on Tanaka and hurting his arm, Switchblade pulls off the sleeve and elbow panning underneath. Tana tries to comeback but can’t Irish whip Jay because his arm hurts. Slowly, Tanahashi regains his strength and hits his signature moves, one-by-one. The ref takes a bump, Gedo gets in the ring but is slapped by Tanahashi out of the ring. Jay and Tanahashi both hit low blows but when Tanahashi goes for the clover leaf, Tanahashi’s arm hurts too much and Jay rolls him up for the win. Good match, not so good finish. Winner: Jay White in 19:17.

IWGP US Heavyweight Championship Match – Jon Moxley vs Juice Robinson(c)

  • Juice has no dreadlocks, he cut them off and now has short brown hair! This is a fight, they don’t lock up or go for a chin lock, they brawl into the crowd early. Juice jumps off the entrance way onto Moxley and Young Lions. Juice lays Moxley against the barrier at ringside and goes for a running cannonball(at 300% speed) but Jon Moxley moves. Juice has a cut on his eyebrow and, in the ring, Jon Moxley punches the cur and then bites it. Moxley lays Juice on a table outside an md delivers an elbow from the apron with a chair but the table doesn’t break. Moxley suplexs Juice through the table instead. Juice’s leg goes through the table and he’s lucky he didn’t seriously hurt his leg on that. Juice punches Moxley and Moxley falls down, sat up against a table he’d set up against the barrier. Juice gives Moxley a running cannonball but the table doesn’t break so Juice powerbombs Moxley through it. Late into the match, Moxley hits a double arm DDT but Juice kicks out which gets a good reaction. Moxley then picks Juice up and delivers another, lifting Juce high in the air and slamming him down with a huge double arm DDT and pins Juice Robinson to win the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship. Winner: “Deathrider” Jon Moxley in 24:14.

BOSJ Final Match – Shingo Takagi vs Will Ospreay

  • This starts with both exchanging fast sequences and reversals. They brawl to ringside, Ospreay goes for a baseball slide as Shingo gets in the ring and Shingo dives over the ropes and lands legs first in the barrier. They trade huge shots for what seems like forever as each man slowly breaks down their opponent. They slow down a bit and take longer to get up but they keep fighting. They pick it up again as they trade big moves and reversals, ending with Ospreay reversing a pumping bomber into an incredible Liger bomb for a two count. Shingo dodges the Robinson special and wheelbarrowed Will into the corner. Will Ospreay hits a Oscutter on the apron and it looked horrible but on replay you see Will got somewhat lucky. Somehow Shingo kicks out of a shooting star, so Ospreay hits a Robinson Special and an Oscutter but Shingo kicks out again. Ospreay is baffled. Shingo blocks the Stormbreaker. Shingo headbutts Ospreay, sending him down. Shingo hits a delayed Last of the Dragons but Ospreay kicks out. Ospreay kicks out of a pumping bomber. Ospreay it’s an awkward reverse rana for a double down. They trade off again. Ospreay hits the Hidden Blade elbow strike. Oscutter from the top rope, Ospreay holds on, rolls over and pulls up the undefeated Shingo Takagi and hits a Stormbreaker and pins Shingo for the win, the tournament and to end the undefeated streak of The Dragon, Shingo Takagi. Ospreay wins and some of the crowd is caught on camera crying. Ospreay is presented with the trophy and he says to the camera, “I did it, Mum. I did it!” Great moment. Winner: Will Ospreay in 33:36.

The next show is only a few days away. On June 9th, 2019, NJPW will hold Dominion. Dominion is one of the top shows on the New Japan calendar and is sure to be a wild one. Join me HERE as Chris Jericho challenges Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, Naito will face Kota Ibushi and the IWGP Jr Heavyweight champion, Dragon Lee will face the Best of the Super Jr tournament winner, Will Ospreay.

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