All Elite Wrestling

NJPW, NXT UK & AEW on the same day

The last day in August will see three huge wrestling shows from the three biggest companies on the planet. WWE’s NXT UK brand will host the second NXT UK Takeover in Cardiff, Wales on the same day as New Japan Pro Wrestling hosts what they seem to consider one of their top shows of the year, Royal Quest in London, England. These two shows from the UK will end shortly before the third scheduled show for the newly formed All Elite Wrestling. The stars of AEW will return to the Sears Centre in Chicago for what Cody has deemed “one of their benchmark shows” and a venue they sold out the previous year. All In was a hugely successful independent wrestling show that sold over 11,000 tickets and the stars that put the show on September 1st, 2018 will return this year with AEW to host All Out.

NXT UK Takeover

Last Saturday(June 1st, 2019) NXT held NXT Takeover XXV in Bridgeport, Connecticut and on that show, the next NXT UK Takeover was announced to air live on the WWE Network on August 31st at 8pm(GMT), 3pm(EST) in Cardiff, Wales. NXT UK Takeover wont be the only big show happening at that time. This will be the third Takeover in the UK and the second NXT UK Takeover.

NJPW – Royal Quest

New Japan Pro Wrestling has been pushing hard on their global expansion plan the last few years and this year will be the biggest test thus far. NJPW will host the first day of the G1 Climax in the U.S. for the first time that the tournament has left Japan. NJPW will also host an event entitled “Southern Showdown” in Melbourne, Australia that will be on njpwworld and Fite TV. New Japan Pro Wrestling is also bringing thier brand of Strong Style to Britain on August 31st for a show entitled “Royal Quest“. Royal Quest will take place in The Copper Box, London at 6:00pm and likely finish around 10-10:30pm.

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling is an American based pro wrestling company that spawned from a collection of events that all had to happen in the right way, at the right time. Cody and The Young Bucks put on a extremely successful show in September of last year that broke all the rules. They sold out the Sears Center in under 30 minutes for the All In show and in turn received a plaque at the building that is on the outer wall of the venue. The Bucks, Kenny and Hangman Page all had contracts ending at the same time, leaving them free to sign anywhere, Cody’s contract ended just before but agreed to a handshake agreement to stay on until his friends were done. At this time, Tony Khan, son of a billionaire and an extremely wealthy man himself, owner of an NFL team(Jacksonville Jaguars) and a British Premiership football team(Fulham) was looking to pursue a new venture, wrestling. Tony had already spoke with executives in TV companies such as ITV about his ideas and when he proved himself to the TV companies, landed himself some top end TV deals, one with ITV in the UK and one with TNT in America. The partnership between Tony Khan and The Elite by all accounts has been a success so far and will be an increasingly intriguing story going forward in the history of AEW. AEW run its first show in front of over 13,000 people at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 25th, Double or Nothing, on that show they announced the date for the and name for their return to Chicago. This coming August 31st the Sears Centre will play host to All Elite Wrestling’s All Out. I’m assuming All Out will be on Pay-Per-View on BR Live in the US and ITV in the UK, much like Double or Nothing, and will probably be broadcast on Fite TV and/or local Pay-per-view for other countries.

*NOTE: It has been announced that Jericho is facing Kazuchika Okada at Dominion on June 9th for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Jericho will also be facing Hangman Page on this AEW show for the AEW Championship. Given the importance of the London show, and the fact NJPW will want the top championship on the show, I assume Jericho won’t beat Okada at Dominion as he won’t be able to make future dates.

*EXTRA NOTE: Jericho lost to Okada at Dominion. See full results HERE.

This one day will surely be a busy day for wrestling fans as it will be for me. I will be attending the New Japan show live in London and therefore miss the the NXT UK show live and probably have to watch it the next day. The AEW show will probably start right as I’m getting home from the NJPW show so I plan on covering that live too. All three of these shows are bound to be top shows of the year and with them all on the same day, it will be incredible. By the end of the weekend I should have watched and reviewed all three shows.

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