NXT Takeover XXV – Results

This is NXT Takeover XXV(25) and is one of the few Takeovers that stand alone from a major WWE Pay-per-view.

Takeovers are always something special and I don’t see this being any different. You can see this, and every NXT TV show and Takeover show on the WWE Network.

The show starts with a video package running down the current feuds.

The commentary team for this show are Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix.

Roderick Strong vs Matt Riddle

  • This starts with some grappling as both try to gain an advantage. Its not looking until Riddle is throwing Strong around with suplexs. Strong begins heat with a leg sweep on the apron. Roderick Strong hangs Riddle on the top rope on his ribs. Strong targets the mid-section and lower back of Matt Riddle. Riddle makes a comeback after a high-angle fisherman’s brainbuster. At about the 10 minute mark this got really, really good. Riddle went for a corkscrew moonsault but landed on the knees of Strong. Riddle attempts the Bromission but can’t hold on so hits a Gotch-Style jumping tombstone for the win. Winner: Matt Riddle in 14:41.

NXT Champion, Johnny Gargano warns up.

Shawn Michaels and Road Dogg are in the crowd.

NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder Match – Forgotten Sons vs Street Profits vs Undisputed Era vs Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

  • This was obviously a match that would have way too much to cover everything here. As Undisputed Era go for the first ladder, one of the forgotten sons dives out of the ring, head first into the ladder they both held. Everyone throws everyone else into a ladder in an incredible sequence, or that’s how it felt. Jaxon Ryker came in and destroyed everyone with ladders, then the six guys came back and killed Ryker and pummeled him with a ladder. Ryker keeps getting up at ringside so they take turns diving over the ropes on him. This insanity ended when the forgotten sons climb the ladder, one is speared by Dawkins of the Street Profits and Montez Ford springboards onto the ladder, knocks of the other forgotten one off the ladder and gets the belts. The new tag team championships are The Street Profits. Winners: Street Profits in 21:30.

Io Shirai warms up with Candice LaRae

Video package for Velveteen Dream vs Tyler Breeze for the North American championship.

NXT North American Championship Match – Velveteen Dream(c) vs Taylor Breeze

  • This is a match you know will be great, but given Breeze’s spot in WWE and everyone’s hopes for Velveteen Dream, I fear it could be forecasting the Dream’s future. The fans were into this from the beginning, chanting for both guys. Tyler shows he has a vicious side as he doesn’t allow Dream to get any space to catch his breath, just continuous offence. In an interesting spot, Dream lays Breeze on the announce table at ringside, gets Tyler’s phone and takes a selfie with the belt. The selfie was sent to the big screen and everyone chanted “Velveteen.” The Dream goes for his Purple rainmaker elbow but Breeze gets the knees up. Breeze hits a great Unprettier but Dream kicks out. In the end, Velveteen gets the belt from ringside but its taken by Breeze, Breeze gives it to the ref and eats a dream valley driver and a Purple Rainmaker to end the match. Very good match. Winner: Velvetee Dream in 16:49.

NXT Women’s Championship Match – Shayna Baszler(c) vs Io Shirai

  • Io shows that she can wrestle with Baszler, and even maybe out wrestle the champ. Not long later, Shayna targets the arm of Shirai with the stomp that she calls the “reality check.” During the comeback, Io couldn’t hold a bridge because of the hurt arm. Io hits a 619 then trys to submit Baszler with a crossface. Baszler’s friends come to the ring but Candice LaRae comes down with a kendo stick and kills them, finishing them off with a crossbody from the steps. Io Shirai bridges into a pin on the champ but it is turned into a choke and Shirai taps out. Winner: Shayna Baszler in 12:15.

After the match Io Shirai attacks Shayna with a kendo stick and climbs the ropes. Io asks Candice for a chaur and LeRae seems unsure but hands one over anyway. Io grabs the chair and moonsaults onto Shayna with the chair. Io Shirai leaves and the fans chant “You deserve it” as Shayna gets up.

NXT UK Takeover Cardiff will be on August 31st, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT.

*NOTE: The next NXT UK Takeover will take place in Cardiff the same time as NJPW hosts a show in London and right before AEW hosts Allout from Chicago. That will surely be a busy day for wrestling fans, and me.

Video package for the main event, the NXT Championship match, Gargano vs Cole.

Main Event

NXT Championship Match – Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano(c)

  • Adam Cole had a rapper walk to the ring with him who has lyrics about Cole and Undisputed Era that fit with the entrance music of Cole, I liked it. Johnny Gargano is wearing Captain Marvel inspired ring gear, I love it. This starts with technical wrestling m, which Gargano gets the upper hand. Gargano targets the arm early on but Cole reverses things and goes fornthe knee of Gargano. That pretty much turned out to be the story of the match, Gargano sold the knee like the champ he is as Cole attacks ot every chance he gets, and Cole sold the arm and shoulder throughout. Cole pulls Gargano’s knee padding down and stomps on it. Gargano hits a DDT and Cole roles to ringside. Gargano goes for a dive but is kicked out of the air. Coke hits a Panama Sunrise(Canadian Destroyer) on the outside but, back in the ring Gargano kicks out. Cole gets the Gargano-escape but Gargano escapes and hits Cole with hisown running knee strike(the last shot) for a two. They trade huge strikes andthe fans all stand up screaming and clapping. Amazing sequence, amazing. Gargano kicks out if the last shot again so Cole geta a chair, the referee trys to stop him and Gargano dives on the ref. Gargano kicks the chair into the face and pins Cole but the ref is still down. Gargano stops a Panama Sunrise but his knee gives out so Cole goes for it again and hits it, then immediately hits the Last Shot on Gargano and pins Gargano. Adam Cole wins the match and the NXT Championship on an instant classic. Gargano sits against the steel steps as Undisputed Era carry Adam Cole round the ring. Winner: Adam Cole in 31:45.

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