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All Elite Wrestling – Double or Nothing & BUY-IN – PPV Review

This is the debut show for All Elite Wrestling, Double or Nothing. All Elite Wrestling is a wrestling promotion owned by Tony Khan. Cody, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are executive vice presidents of the company.

The set looks great, there is a big L.E.D. board in the middle the stage that has blue lines that are moving down, and changes throughout the night. Then a screen in the middle of the ramp and two screens on the sides. There are two tunnels that wrestlers walk through on either side and there is lights on the sides of the ramp. Lots of details have been thought about.


The preshow, BUY-IN, is available for free on AEW’s YouTube account, ITV4 in the UK, and Fite TV across the world.

The show kicks off with our commentary team, Alex Marvez and Excalibur. They run down the card then we go to the ring where Justin Roberts who explains the rules for the Casino Battle Royale.

Entrants for the Casino Battle Royale;

  1. Dustin Thomas
  2. Maxwell Jacob Friedman
  3. Michael Nakazawa
  4. Sunny Daze
  5. Brandon Cutler
  6. Brian Pillman Jr
  7. Jimmy Havoc
  8. Joey Janela
  9. Shawn Spears
  10. Isiah Kassidy
  11. Marq quen
  12. Orange Cassidy
  13. Billy Gunn
  14. Glacier
  15. Jungle Boy
  16. Ace Romero
  17. Luchasaurus
  18. Marko Stunt
  19. Sonny Kiss
  20. Tommy Dreamer
  21. Adam Hangman Page

This is a very exciting Battle Royale with some great moments. Obviously the Joker was the Hangman, Adam Page. Winner: Adam Hangman Page.

Promo videos for the upcoming PPV.

Sammy Guevara vs Kip Sabian

  • The first few minutes of this match they kind of get a mild reaction but just past the five minutes mark, both were giving it their all and the fans gave it right back. Another baby face win on the preshow as Kip Sabian pick up the win after hitting a Deathly Hollows on Guevara for the pin. Winner: Kip Sabian in 9:40.

Jim Ross makes his way to the announce booth.

A 4×4 truck shows up and the window rolls down, you see the Siberian Nightmare, Pharaoh and Cody. Brandi is there too.

Matt Jackson meets Michael Nakazawa, then someone trys to give Matt and Nick “credentials” so they superkick him and come to the stage to the Being the Elite music.

Matt, Nick, Cody, Kenny and Brandi are all on the stage. They, well Kenny, welcomes us all to the first All Elite Wrestling show. They spend so long having fun the feed cuts off and we go to the PPV.

Double or Nothing

We start the show show with some singing for America.

We are welcomed buy our commentary team; Jim Ross, Alex Marvez and Excalibur. They run down the show.

SoCal Uncensored vs Strong Hearts

  • SCU kick off the show by telling Vegas that this is the worse town they have ever been in, and they love it. Shima kicks the match off with Daniels and they shake hands. This starts off with some face-to-faces with three single face offs. Not long after this broke down and for the better. This got really good, really quickly. So many moves in this match there is no way I could write it all down but I thoroughly enjoyed. Great match. SCU pick up the win when they pin El Linderman with a Best Meltzer Ever. Winners: SCU in 13:45.

Allie joins the announce team.

‘Smiley’ Kylie Rae vs Nyla Rose vs Britt Baker D.M.D. vs Awesome Kong

  • This was brilliant, just brilliant. Brandi’s idea about bringing in Awesome Kong to win this didn’t work as she was taken out where Kylie and Britt superkick her off the apron and Nyla spears her into the stairs. I was so enthralled I was just staring at the screen the whole time, I couldn’t stop watching. Winner: Dr. Britt Baker in 11:07.

Allie leaves the announce booth.

Best Friends vs Angelico & Jack Evans

  • This started fast and within just seven minutes they are doing believable near falls. Very fast paced match and we even got a Best Friends hug. By the ten minute mark either team could win as both were pulling off very believable near falls and the fans chant “AEW” and “This is awesome.” In the end, The Best Friends win with an assisted piledriver, Strong Zero. Winners: Chuck Taylor and Trent? in 12:42.

After the match, the Super Smash Bros, a Canadian tag team with ten “goons” surround the ring and attack both team as they hug.

We see a crowd shot of the jam packed crowd and most people are either standing up or jumping around. People are loving it. Tickets for the next show go on sale on June 14th.

Riho, Ryo Mizanami, Hikrau Shida vs Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura

  • I’m assuming most of the fans in attendance don’t know most of these women but, with not even knowing the language, these women get the fans chanting “this is wrestling” and cheering along so much I saw the hard camera shake. Kong was the obvious monster in the match and she suplexed Riho on her head so hard I’m surprised she survived, let alone carried on. Huge brainbuster by Kong to Ryo and a splash for a two but the time keeper rings the bell and the fans chant “You fucked up” loudly. Shida pins Emi with a running knee to win. Winners: Rhio, Ryo Mizanami and Hikrau Shida in 12:58.

We go back the the announce team who explains the feud between Cody and Dustin. Then we see a video package for the match.

Cody vs Dustin

  • Before the match, Cody was given a sledgehammer(Triple H’s favourite weapon) then smashed a throne with skulls on it. Very symbolic. Earl Hebner is the referee for the first time tonight. The match starts with a “this is awesome” chant aswel as a “Dusty” chant. Nine minutes into the match, Brandi has got involved multiple times and gets booted out by Hebner but is refusing so DDP comes dow and carries her out. At this point Dustin is bleeding alot. This is a slower and more methodical match where Dustin bleed so much that they get a close up of blood pouring out of his head and the crowd groan, it was disgusting. Dustin is covered in blood, the ring is covered in blood, and Cody is covered in blood. Dustin tried to superplex Cody but it very nearly went horribly wrong as they went sideways and hit Hebner, Hebner no sells it and holds onto the ropes. They trade finishers and both kick out, the fans chants “Fight forever” as Dustin hit another Cross-Rhodes for another near fall. Cody hits a Din’s Fire, stares at his brother then one final Cross-Rhodes to end the match. Amazing storytelling, extremely gory and brutal but one hell of a match. Winner: Cody in 22:27.

Cody gets the microphone after the match and tells Dustin that at Fight for the Fallen in Jacksonville, it will be Cody and a partner of his choice vs The Young Bucks. Cody says he needs his older brother and sounds very emotional, then they hug. The fans chant “Dusty” and they both leave. Wonderful.

Jack Whitehall is in the ring to announce who will reveal the new championship belt. Bret Hart. Yes, Bret “The Hitman” Hart is in an AEW ring on Double or Nothing. The fans chant “Holy Shit” and I agree. Bret Hart introduces Hangman Adam Page to the ring, wow. MJF makes his way out and runs his mouth for a very long time but gets great heat. Eventually Jungle Boy comes out and MJF tries to leave, then Havoc comes out. Havoc, Jungle Boy and Page lay out Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Bret reveals avery nice looking big gold AEW Heavyweight Championship belt.

AAA Tag Team Championship match – The Young Bucks(c) vs The Lucha Brothers

  • It is pointed out that The Lucha Bros have had 48 matches this year alone, while the Bucks have only had 2 matches. The idea of ring rust is really being laid in the build to this match and it is very obviously the story of the match. Inbetween some great action, the Bucks will take too long or time things bad and hit each other. Both teams look great but the Bucks show occasional signs of rust. Jim Ross mentions that tag team wrestling is great and everyone in attendance agrees. They all trade kicks and everyone stands up clapping, cheering and chanting “AEW.” Just before the 24 minute point, they all trade big moves and JR exclaims “This is amazing” and he’s not wrong. If I did a star rating here, that would be five of those infamous stars. Top match and a must watch. The selling, the stakes, the athleticism and the shock and awe was all there. Tag team wrestling is awesome. Winners: The Young Bucks to retain in 24:56.

Main Event

Winner faces Adam “Hangman” Page for the AEW Here Championship – Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega

  • Omega comes out to new music which hasn’t quite sunk in yet, I really liked his previous music but I’m sure after hearing this a few times I’ll grow to like it. This starts with a collar and elbow tie up but Jericho slaps Omega so Omega slaps him back. Omega gets a bloody nose from a dropkick early on so Jericho targets the nose. Omega begins to bleed bad. Omega goes for a dive but Jericho pulls a table out, so Omega dives on the table, crushing Jericho. Kenny puts the table on Chris Jericho then springs off the top, to the the outside, and double stomps through the table and Jericho. This began with a huge importance looming over the winner and as the match goes on the match gets really intense. Omega is backdroped over the ropes and through the table that was used earlier. As Kenny stood on the apron, Chris Jericho lands a springboard dropkick which sends Omega into a backflip and Kenny lands on his head, on the apron. After everything, Kenny didn’t hit the One Winged Angel and Jericho hits his new finisher, the Judas Effect. Jericho pins Omega making their feud 1 and 1 and sending Jericho to the first AEW Heavyweight championship match against Hangman Page. Winner: Chris Jericho in 26:35.

Jon Moxley makes his way through the crowd as JR shouts “My God, the roof just came off the building!” Moxley takes out Jericho as Chris shouts “what are you going here?!” Then the referee. Moxley picks up Kenny Omega and tries to DDT him too but Omega fights back. Omega and Moxley fight into the crowd as the chant “AEW.” They fight over to the set with giant poker chips and climb up them. Moxley DDTs Omega on the chips and throws him off(like Cena’s AA) onto a flat panel below. The chip were quite high but the main image you are left with is Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega, and I love that.

Final Thoughts: This show was great, not a bad match on the show and really good storytelling throughout. Everything was great from the wrestling to officials, the production and the set, the length of matches and the finishes. From top to the bottom, the booking, planning and execution was excellent. This didn’t turn out to be just a show but rather an event that was not to be missed. The surprises on this show left fans in shock and and will surely be making headlines for weeks on the wrestling news circuit. One of the biggest pieces of news is possibly the pairing of Omega and Moxley in the future on AEW. We will also see Hangman Page vs Chris Jericho for the AEW Heavyweight Championship. Really good show and I’m very excited for the future of this promotion.

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