All Elite Wrestling

WATCH: “Thank You from All of Us at AEW”

Cody posts a video announcing the All Elite Wrestling television deals across the U.S. and UK and thanks the fans for support.

The TV deals they currently have are;

ITV: Double or Nothing will be shown live on ITV Box Office in the UK, additionally a special pre-show will air live on ITV4 entitled “BUY-IN”. It is not known if a weekly or regular television deal has been made between AEW and ITV but all indications are if Double or Nothing and BUY-IN does well then this could be a regular partnership. ITV Box Office is only available on Sky, Virgin Media, Playstation and the TVPlayer app. If you do not have Sky or Virgin Media you can buy the Pay-Per-View but replays will not be included.

TNT: AEW and TNT have announced that Double or Nothing will be airing on multiple platforms in the U.S. You will be able to buy the PPV via your cable provider or BR Live while the pre show “BUY-IN” will be airing free on social media and TNT online platforms. TNT also announced that All Elite Wrestling will have a TV show coming this fall that will air weekly. It is believed that this show will be a two hour live show each week in prime-time.

At the end of the video, members of the AEW roster, including Cody, The Bucks, Kenny Omega and Brandy Rhodes say “Thank you” to the fans and supporters of AEW. This is a short video, under three minutes long but well put together and worth a watch.

“Thank You from All of Us at AEW”

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