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Ring of Honor – War of the Worlds – Buffalo, NY

The War of the Worlds tour kicks off in Buffalo, New York for the stars of Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. The first night was live on May 8th, 2019 and is available on-demand via Honor Club and Fite TV.

This is just night 1 of the tour which continues on Honor Club and Fite TV.

The show opens up with our commentary team, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana welcoming us to the show and running down the card.

Alex Coughlin vs PJ Black

  • Alex Coughlin is a trainee in the NJPW L.A. Dojo and is trained by Shibata. The New Japan trainees are well trained and show really good fundamentals and ring IQ. The finish of this match came when PJ Black landed a moonsault double stomp to the gut of Coughlin. Good, solid match but Nothing much special. Winner: PJ Black in 7:27.

Women of Honor Championship Match – Kate Carnie vs Kelly Klein(c)

  • This match was changed when Klein’s original opponent could not compete, it wasn’t said who the opponent was. At the beginning of this match, The Allure came to the commentary booth and made Ian Riccaboni so uncomfortable he left. The two wrestlers in the ring just stood and watched this. Kate Carnie jumps the champ to start the action. It wasn’t long until this match started to take a turn for the worst as Kelly Klein slams herself down, making it look like her hair was pulled. For some reason Kelly Klein is selling at ringside and it doesn’t look good, Kate goes after her. Kate runs at Kelly Klein who is up against the ring post but Klein moves and Kate continues to run, very slowly, into the post. The finish came when Kelly Klein give Kate Carnie a Attitude Adjustment. This was not a good match, the wrestling was sloppy and the commentary was distracting. This is one to skip unfortunately. Winner: Kelly Klein in 7:15.

At this point, Rhett Titus makes his way to the commentary booth. He is in small tights and oiled up.

Clark Connors & Karl Fredericks vs The Kingdom

  • Clark Conners and Karl Fredericks are from the NJPW L.A. Dojo and train with Alex Coughlin. Ian starts hitting on Rhett Titus before the match starts, saying Titus smells delicious. Bit weird, Ian. Once again, these NJPW Dojo wrestlers have great fundamentals, everything looks crisp and their chops are great. The Kingdom are very cocky against these trainees but after just a few minutes Conners and Fredericks show they are no joke. O’Ryan and Marseglia get the heat on Conners. Fredericks gets a good reaction when he gets the tag. Fredericks runs wild on the Kingdom. The finish came when the Kingdom hits their double team move, House of 1000 Horses on both Young lions and pinned them both. Winners: The Kingdom in 10:28.

Rhett Titus leaves the commentary booth now.

Hikuleo vs Shane Taylor

  • Before the match, Shane Taylor gets on the nerves of some of the fans and shouts at them from the ring, holding the ropes and offering them into the ring. Hikuleo goes for the hand shake and Taylor spits in it. Hikuleo beats on Taylor for a couple of minutes then misses a boot in the corner and Taylor chops him. Not long later, Taylor picks up Hikuleo on his shoulder and delivers a sit down piledriver for the win. Winner: Shane Taylor in 3:35.

LifeBlood(Haskins & Williams) vs Los Ingobernables De Japon(EVIL & SANADA)

  • Williams and EVIL start the match, they trade shoulder tackles then when no one goes down, they trade chops. EVIL rakes the eyes of Williams to eventually get the shoulder tackle take down. Haskins and SANADA tags in and the crowd chant “SANADA” so he gets on the turnbuckle and they cheer. SANADA gets both LifeBlood in the Paradise lock next to each other and hits a double dropkick to the ass’ of Haskins and Williams. Heavy chops traded between Williams and SANADA then Williams and EVIL. Haskins gets a tag and looks great as he hits a side Russian leg sweep and face buster at the same time then hits two dives, one on SANADA and one on EVIL. The crowd is most definitely behind the New Japan stars in this one as they even chant “EVIL” which is a funny chant. SANADA and Williams trade forearms until SANADA goes down to a Clothesline. Haskins lands a double stomp for a great near fall. SANADA kicks out of a driver and Williams gets an ankle lock on. SANADA rolls out of the ankle lock and EVIL hits Williams with a chair to the head LIJ hit both Haskins and Williams with the Magic Killer and pins Williams for the win. Very fun match. Winners: Los Ingobernables De Japon in 18:32.

Before the next match, Dalton Castle comes to the ring, slowly. Castle turns and sits next to the time keeper, Amy Rose.

RUSH vs Silas Young

  • RUSH walks to the ring looking very angry and even tries to get past the ref to get to Silas. I have no idea what Young may have down but RUSH is not happy. This does not start with a hand shake. RUSH takes Silas down with a tackle then a shotgun dropkick to send Young outside. Silas runs from RUSH then kicks RUSH in the knee as he got in the ring. Silas leapfrogs over the ropes and lands a double stomp on RUSH and just stands on him. After a suplex using the ropes, RUSH rolls outside. Silas Young throws two chairs in the ring and when the ref takes them away, Young puts a chair round the head and slams his head into the post. RUSH goes insane and throws Sailas around ringside and at barriers, then throws a bin at him. Back in the ring, RUSH stomps on Silas as he sits in the corner then hits his running dropkick in the corner for the win. Winner: RUSH in 7:02.

After the match RUSH and Dalton faced off, RUSH looked angry but Castle just sauntered off back up the ramp.

Taven joins the commentary booth.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships – Yuji Nagata, Satoshi Kojima & Jeff Cobb vs Villain Enterprises

  • Yuji Nagata faces off with Brody King but Nagata wants Marty so Marty tags in and the fans cheer. After a minute or two or chain wrestling, Marty tags in Brody. Cobb tags in and they have an insane exchange that leaves fans on their feet. PCO tags in and fans cheer again and he faces off against Kojima. PCO is insane and I love it. They get the heat on PCO while making quick tags. Kojima and Nagata target the arm of PCO but he is not human so fights out, takes everyone down and tags Marty. Brody King flips over the ropes and takes out Cobb, Kojima and Nagata. Then Marty backdrops PCO over the top rope and onto his opponents at ringside. Scurll hits a 619 at the same time as Brody lands a cannonball to Cobb. Cobb belly-to-belly suplexs all of Villain Enterprises and it looked great. Cobb is great. Nagata gives Marty an exploder suplex from the top and a brainbuster but Marty manages to snap the fingers of Nagata. This match finishes when Kojima takes a PCO moonsault just shy of 20 minutes. Winners: Villain Enterprises in 19:50.

After the match, the Kingdom attacks Villain Enterprises and Taven lays out PCO with his belt. PCO sits up and screams at Matt Taven and Taven falls back out of shock.

Kenny King makes his way to commentary with sunglasses and a stick to help him as he’s blind after The great Muta sprayed him with mist at MSG.

ROH Tag Team Championship Match – Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal vs G.O.D. Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa(c)

  • G.O.D. take it to the challengers before the bell and they brawl to ringside. Lethal and Gresham make a quick comeback and hit dives on Tama and Tanga Loa. Gresham and Lethal get the better of Tama Tonga for a few minutes but G.O.D. get the heat on Gresham. The finish came when Jay Lethal went for the Lethal injection but is hit in the back with a title belt and Gresham is hit with a cutter by Tama Tonga. Winners: Gorillas of Destiny in 14:37.

After the match, The Briscoes come out and mouth off to G.O.D. and they have a scuffle and Jay Briscoe is cut above his right eye. These two teams will meet on Sunday, May 12th, 2019 on this tour.

Main Event

Flip Gordon vs Bandido

  • This gets off to a very slow start but the fans are going nuts for both of these guys. They don’t actually touch for the first minute, but instead they play off the crowd. Good atmosphere. Bandido rolls out of the corner. Flip Gordon flips out of the corner then does the floss dance and the fans boo. A few wrist lock spots, followed by a couple of shoulder tackles with both jumping straight back up. Lots of back and forth finishing with two dropkicks and two kip ups. A blockbuster by Flip to gain control of this match. Flip kicks Bandido off the top rope and to ringside. At ringside, Flip throws Bandido against the ring and then the barrier. Bandido comes back with a few kicks in the corner, followed by a corkscrew off the top. Flip goes to ringside and Bandido lands a huge dive, squashing Flip on the mat. Bandido begins to target the knee of Flip at ringside then smashes his knee against the ring post. Bandido wraps Flip’s knee in the ropes and dropkicks it. Flip tries to springboard but is dropkicked and sent flying outside. Bandido goes for a dive but is sent into the barrier head first. Flip picks Bandido up but Bandido hits a reverse rana on the mat. Back in the ring they trade chops. Bandido hits his top rope moonsault fall-away slam, which is great, and gets a two count. The finish came when Flip hit his F-5 like move call the Flip 5 and pinned Bandido. It worries me that ROH don’t quite know how great Bandido is as he’s been beaten clean in a few matches now. Good match and a fun main event but not exactly the match you might expect from these very fast paced high-flyers. Winner: Flip Gordon in 25:21

The War of the Worlds tour continues in Toronto and Grand Rapids.

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