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Game Changer Wrestling – The Block Is Hot – Results

This show(Friday, May 3rd, 2019) Game Changer Wrestling makes its return to Fite TV with the first of two nights. Both shows are available either on their own or as a package on Fite TV.

This show is entitled “The Block Is Hot” and opens with a loud “GCW” chant as the ring announcer welcomes up and gets the show underway.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs Marko Stunt

  • MJF gets the mic before the match, the crowd chants “Shut the fuck up.” MJF continues to cut a promo on the fans and everyone in the back. MJF says he’s a real athlete and he’s better than you, and you know it. Marko says before the match that if he beats MJF, MJF will buy everyone a corndog. MJF accepts. As the bell rings, MJF gives Stunt a chance to bodyslam him but rakes the eyes. MJF gets the heat for the first few minutes but Marko makes a comeback and continues to go for the bodyslam but doesn’t get it. MJF gets Marko in a Boston Crab for a while but Marko gets to the ropes. Somehow Marko hits the bodyslam on MJF and pins him. Marko wins but MJF runs without buying food for everyone. Winner: Marko Stunt in 6:49.

Orange Cassidy vs Lucky 13

  • Lucky 13 tries to wrestle Cassidy, but it didn’t go to well for him. Orange Cassidy kept his sunglasses on, hands in his pockets, and really didn’t seem to care, at first. Cassidy runs the ropes and delivers shoulder tackles and keeps his glasses on and gets a “holy shit” chant. They do a slow mo spots, even a destroyer. The action picks up for a few minutes and gets quite good. Orange wins with a mousetrap pin after Orange juice. Lucky 13 hobbled out after the match. Winner: Orange Cassidy in 8:08.

Mance Warner vs Homicide

  • This begins with a jump start as Homicide comes out of nowhere and attacks Mance. They Brawl through the crowd and Homice moves, making Mance chop a brick wall. Homice pulls out a ladder and a door. Mance dropkicks the door into the face of Homice. They set up a ladder in one corner and the door in the corner next to it. They go back to ringside and through the crowd. They fight uo some metal stairs and Mance gets a piledriver on the stairs. While they fight on the stage that has chairs, Homice gets a fork and stabs the mouth of Mance. Back in the ring, Homice continues to stab Mance all over with the fork. Mance throws Homicide into a ladder but only gets two. Homicide tries to Bulldog Mance into the ladder in the corner but something goes awry so Homicide throws the ladder on him. They beat each other with the microphone and the announcers sound very upset when they break the mic. At 12:50 Colby Corino runs in and helps Mance because he doesn’t like Homicide. Homicide goes through the door but kicks out. He loses a few seconds later after the ref counts two but someone rings the bell. I don’t think that was suppose to happen at the end. Homicide shouts at a fan and Colby Corino runs down again. That was all a bit weird. Winner: Mance in 14:17.

Scramble Match – Grim Reefer vs KTB vs Facade vs Joe Gacy vs Pinkey Sanchez vs Teddy Hart

  • This was lots of people all over the place, in the ring, at ringside, with weapons, everything. Luckily, most of the time they all did things together so we was looking in one place. Teddy Hart is wonderful, everything he does is a gif. KTB wins this when he gives Pinky Sanchez a death valley driver from the second rope, through a door. Winner: KTB in 10:56.

Jonathan Gresham vs Tony Deppen

  • This match starts with chain wrestling until Deppen spits on Gresham. Gresham wrestles Deppen to the mat and tries to spit on him back but Deppen moves, Gresham goes to run the ropes and Deppen lays down and lays on the spit. Deppen begins to kick Gresham so Gresham shoots for the ankle of Deppen to target the leg. Deppen fight out and continues the heat on Gresham. Gresham hits a huge running dropkick in the corner to the face, then applies the figure-four leglock. Deppen gets to the ropes. Deppen is now hobbling around but hits a double stomp from the top. They trade forearms which leads to another figure-four but it’s reversed as its applied. They trade strikes to the legs. Eventually, Tony Deppen hits a knee strike and pins Gresham. Winner: Jonathan Gresham in 14:59.


We come back from intermission and the ropes are covered in barbed wire, with boards in the corners with barbed wire and ravor board on each. There is chairs, bins with stuff and more in the ring.

Deathmatch – Shlak vs G-Raver

  • Shlak runs at G-Raver as the match starts but G-Raver leapfrogs him and he goes into a Ravor Board. Shlak pushes G-Raver’s arm into tacks but Raver fights out. G-Raver gives Shlak a double stomp to the head, from the top, on tacks. Shlak powerbombs G-Raver through a chair then pushes his head into tacks. G-Raver has tack in his head so Shlak hits him on the head with bin lids and pushes the tacks into G-Raver’s head harder and deeper. Shlak is hung-up in the corner and a razor board put against him. G-Raver runs, jumps off a chair and dropkicks the razor board into the chest of Shlak. Raver puts Shlak on the top rope and begins to set something up. A bin stood vertical, with a chair on top, and tacks sprinkled on that. Raver goes up top and it looks like he’s going to rana Shlak but it’s reversed into a powerbomb through all of that stuff. Shlak chokes Raver with crutch wrapped in barbed wire. Raver kicks out of a brainbuster. Shlak puts a plastic bag over the head of Raver to choke and kill him. Shlak picks Raver up and slams him through a bin that the ref holds. Raver still kicks out.Raver stabs big tattoo needles into the head of Shlak. Raver stabs more needles into the head of Shlak and hammers him in the head with a chair. Shlak is put on a board that is laid on two chairs, with a barbed wire board on top of him then Raver sentons on him and rips the board off him. In the end, G-Raver throws a chair at the head of Shlak and superkicks him for the win. After the match, Shlak attacks the ref and leaves. Winner: G-Raver in 15:34.

After that insanity, a few guys get in the ring and start the clean up. They sweep, remove boards and stuff and unravel the barbed wire from the ropes. They move fast as this only takes them just over 3 minutes.

Chris Dickenson vs Dan Maff

  • Dickenson starts the match hot but is cut off when Dickenson goes for a dive. They brawl at ringside for a minute then head back in the ring. The beat each other up for a while then Dickenson goes to the outside and gets a chair. Dickenson smashes Maff with the chair on his head, absolutely disgusting. Dickenson then sets up a door in the corner and gets the chair again. Dickenson smashes Maff twice more with the chair on the top of his head as Maff powers up, insane. Maff makes a comeback somehow and attempts to superplex Dickenson but Dickenson punches Maff in the head and powerbombs Maff through the door, cutting the head of Maff. Maff seems to go for a pop up powerbomb but Dickenson flies over him. Dickenson gets a two with a short piledriver. Dickenson goes to ringside and starts throwing chairs in, then Maff starts doing that too. The ring is filling up it with the fans chairs. Maff and Dickenson go back in the ring and Dickenson slams Maff on the chairs but Maff kicks out at one, then Maff slams Dickenson and he kicks out at one. Finally, Dan Maff won with the burning hammer on the chairs. What a war. Winner: Dan Maff in 14:29.

Colby Corino vs Jimmy Lloyd

  • They trade strikes to start, which gets a really mild reaction. They move to ringside and beat each other up in the fans. Jimmy Lloyd sets up some chairs at ringside with a chair laid on top. Colby fights back and and Jimmy leaves. They go back in the ring and Jimmy Lloyd punches Colby in the head with chains and Corino blades in the centre of the ring. This is quite sloppy at the moment and both men attempt to hit each other with chairs but hit the chairs instead then both hit each other with the chairs and go down. Corino gets money and staples it to the head of Lloyd. Lloyd hands Colby over the ropes with the chain then Colby does the same to Lloyd but throws him through the chairs are ringside. Colby Corino delivers a running boot to the face with a chain round his foot and double stomps Lloyd through a door. Homicide’s music plays and Colby is distracted but doesn’t stop wrestling. The finish was Lloyd tombstones Colby through a table from the second rope but unfortunately, Colby kicks out at two but the ref calls it anyway. Not great. Winner: Jimmy Lloyd in 14:17.

After the match, Homicide the ring and tries to stab Colby Corino, lots of scrambling to get the knife away and Corino survived to see another day.

Main Event

GCW World Heavyweight Championship Match – Joey Janela vs Nick Gage(c)

  • It is noted that going into this match, Nick Gage has been champion for 502 days. This actually starts with so chain wrestling by these two. At a stalemate, they break off and lock up again. Gage takes Jenela down eighth a shoulder tackle and Jenela rolls out, Gage stays in the ring. Jenela gets back in and they trade off again and Jenela takes Gage down with a shoulder tackle of his own. That’s when it all breaks down and they starts brawling around the ring. Gage gets the upper hand as they head back into the ring. Gage goes to the top rope but Jenela slams him down on to his neck, on the apron. Jenela climbs the ropes and jumps to the floor, on Gage. Back in the ring, they trade back suplexs. Joey Jenela fires up and gives Gage multiple running forearms until Gage gives Joey a spinebuster. Gage is handed a pizza cutter. Jenela Fights Gage off and gets the pizza cutter. Jenela slices up Gage with the cutter. Out of nowhere, Gage delivers a one winged angel for a two count. Gage sets up a foor on chairs(like a table) but takes a forearm and is laid out on the door. Jenela gives Gage a frog slash through the door. Janela sets up a platform with chairs, using about 10 chairs. Jenela gets Gage on top of it and piledrives him through but Gage kicks out. Gage fights back and delivers two piledrivers and a choke breaker but Jenela kicks out.another door is set up on chairs in a corner and Gage is laid on it. Janela climbs to the to top but Gage fights back and gives Joey Janela a piledriver from the top, through a door. Jenela kicks out but Gage gets a crossface almost immediately and Joey has no choice but to tap out. Winner: Nick Gage in 21:47.

Another insane show by GCW, not all great but that main event was crazy but not too insane, which I appreciate. Apart from the main event there was lots of really good matches, check this one out if you can!

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