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NJPW – Sengoku Lord in Nagoya – Results

In a rematch from the New Japan Cup, Zack Sabre Jr takes on the IWGP Intercontinental champion, Kota Ibushi. In the NJ Cup, Zack Sabre Jr defeated the Intercontinental champion but tonight, the Championship is on the line.

The show opens with a recap video of Madison Square Garden and building up matches that will be on Wrestling Dontaku.

The commentary team for this match Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero joined by Tom Partridge who was filling in for Chris Charlton on translation.

Shota Umino & Ren Narita vs Yota Tsuji & Yuya Uemura

  • This started as a classic opening New Japan Young Lions tag match with armbars, headlocks and shoulder tackles. These Young Lions show alot of heart and fight. Shota could have a big future. A hard hitting style, simply relying on a basic wrestling style and constantly working on basics by the Young Lions. The crowd really got into this. Ren Narita hit a bridging underhook German suplex on Yuya Uemura for the win. Winners: Ren Narita & Shota Umino in 8:30.

Suzuki-gun vs Jushin Thunder Liger, Henare, Satoshi Kojima,nYuji Nagata & Tomoaki Honma

  • Suzuki-gun attack their opponents before the bell and this spills to the floor. Honma and Taka are in the ring until Taka tags in The King, Minoru Suzuki. Suzuki wants Liger so Honma tags in Liger. Are trading chops, Liger throws Suzuki to the ringside but Suzuki throws Liger into the barrier. Suzuki buried Liger in a load of chairs and railings. Liger gets back in the ring and Suzuki-gun get the heat on him. Eventually, Liger tags out to Yuji Nagata. Moments later Nagata tagged Kojima who got a huge reaction. Suzuki looked great in this as he seemed to be setting up a singles match with Liger. The match ended with Taichi tapping out Henare. Winners: Suzuki-gun in 12:17 minutes.

After the match Liger and his team got in the ring to celebrate and wave to the fans in Nagoya. Liger’s music plays.

Taiji Ishimori, Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa vs Dragon Lee, Toru Yano & Togi Makabe

  • This match starts with a jump start by Bullet Club. Everyone fights to ringside except Dragon Lee and Ishimori. Dragon Lee and Ishimori start the match but when Ishimori takes control he tags Tama. Dragon Lee makes the hot tag to Makabe. Yano tagged in and did his usual gimmick of running to remove the turnbuckles but it backfired a few minutes later. In the end, Makabe Clotheslined both of G.O.D and Yano tolled up Tanga Loa for the win. Winners: Dragon Lee, Toru Yano and Togi Makabe in 8:13 minutes.

Chase Owens vs Mikey Nichols

  • Before Nichols could even get in the ring, Jado came to ringside and hit Nichols with a Kendo stick. The ref ejected Jado and started the match. Chase Owens started the match by throwing Nichols around the ringside area and giving Mikey Nichols a drapping neckbreaker and Nichols gets in the ring at 19. Nichols begins to fight back in the ring but Owens reverses an Irish whip and Nichols bumps over the ropes. Owens uses the ropes for leverage on an abdominal stretch but gets caught by the ref. Owens backs the ref into the corner but the ref does not back down. At the 7 minute mark the fans give this a polite applause, the audience doesn’t seem into this alot. Mikey Nichols wins this match with a Blue Thunder Bomb at just shy of 9 minutes. Winner: Mikey Nichols in 8:57 minutes.

Switchblade Jay White & Hikuleo w/ Gedo vs Taguchi & Hirooki Goto

  • Switchblade starts the match with Goto and immediately tags in Hikuleo. It doesn’t take long to completely break down with all four in the ring, three in the ring and then everyone fighting at ringside. Hikuleo chops Taguchi and it sounds like a gunshot. After beating down Goto at ringside, Jay White and Hikuleo work over Taguchi in the ring. Taguchi makes a comeback but when he trys the hip attack he is reversed twice. Finally Goto tags in. Hoto has some good back-and-forth with Jay White but White comes out on top. Hikuleo tags in and hits a swinging neckbreaker, that he calls the “Tongan Swing.” Gedo gets up on the apron and Jay White is shoved into him. Goto takes out White, then Hikuleo and hits a GTR on Hikuleo for the win. Winners: Hirooki Goto and Taguchi in 10:56 minutes.

Shingo Takagi, BUSHI, Tetsuya Naito, Sanada & EVIL vs SHO, YOH, YOSHI-HASHI, Tomohiro Ishii & Kazuchika Okada

  • Ishii and EVIL can barely keep their hands off each other for the match to start. Shingo and YOH kick it off and every time Shingo gets the upper hand with his strength, YOH comes back, using his speed. YOH tags in Ishii and Shingo tags EVIL. They ram into each other over and over with shoulder tackles, then trade forearms for what felt like an hour. They go back to ramming into each other, Ishii wobbles, EVIL goes for a clothesline but Ishii takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Ishii tags YOSHI-HASHI in. Very quickly, YOSHI-HASHI tags SHO in, who double teams EVIL with YOH. Shingo comes in to help and everyone starts brawling at ringside. EVIL rolls in and SHO is shoved back in the ring. LIJ begin the beat down of SHO. SHO fights back against Shingo with a dropkick and a spear. SHO tags Okada for the first time. Okada faces off with Sanada, his challenger for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship on May 4th. BUSHI and YOH tag in. SHO comes in and Roppongi 3K clear house. BUSHI gives R3K a double rananand tags in Naito. YOSHI-HASHI tags in against Naito. YOSHI-HASHI lands a double stomp on the back of Naito then Okada and Ishii run across and clear the other side. They try to take out Naito but it all breaks down and LIJ end up with the upper hand. After LIJ beat down YOSHI-HASHI, Naito delivered a Destino for the win. Winners: LIJ; Tetsuya Naito, Sanada, EVIL, BUSHI & Shingo Takagi in 16:32 minutes.

IWGP US Heavyweight Championship Match – Bad Luck Fale vs Juice Robinson(c)

  • Fale jumps Juice before the bell and Red shoes waits only to take the belt off Juice to start the match. Fale takes Juice to ringside and bodyslams Juice on the floor. Fale immediately throws Juice over the top rope, brawls into the crowd and throws Juice into the chairs. Fale then bodyslams Juice onto the chairs the fans were sitting on. Juice has to crawl back and gets back to the ring at 18. Back in the ring, Fale puts a knee to the back of Juice and attempts to bend Juice in half, then bear-hugs Juice. Robinson fights out but it doesn’t last long. Falenbeats Juice down in the corner and gives him a huge backdrop. Juice finally begins to fight back, he cant get the Pulp Friction but continues to fight. Juice hits a great cannonball in the corner. Juice continues to tease the bodyslam and even gets Fale up briefly, only to fall backwards which Fale got a two count for. At the fifteen minute mark, Fale hits the Grenade but Juice kicks out. Fale goes for a Samoan drop but Robinson fights back with a punch. Juice finally picks up Fale and bodyslams him, then hits a Pulp Friction for the win. Winner: Juice Robinson in 17:26 minutes.

Main Event

IWGP Intercontinental Championship Match – Zack Sabre Jr vs Kota Ibushi

  • This is Kota’s first defense of his IWGP Intercontinental Championship and it’s against Zack Sabre Jr, who defeated Ibushi in the New Japan Cup. Zack is coming off a victory over Hiroshi Tanahashi in Madison Square Garden. The fans chant for Ibushi as the bell rings.ZSJ shows his cockiness so Kota kicks him hard in the leg. They wrestle on the mat but ZSJ is a technical wizard he gets the upper hand. Kota kicks ZSK hard again and Zack leaves the ring for a moment to stretch. Back in the ring, Xack wrenches the arm of Kota but Kota flips out and kicks ZSK again. They brawl to ringside where Kota throws Zack into a barrier but ZSJ gets the better of Kota, twisting him around the barrier. A few minutes later Zack had tied Kota up in so many ways he seems bored and starts kicking Kota and screaming at him. As soon as Kota shows fire, ZSJ grabs Kota and ties him up again. Ibushi comes back with a bodyslam and a kick to the spine. Zack works over the neck of Kota for a long time and starts pushing his knuckles into the neck of Ibushi while twisting the neck and head, then a one leg Boston Crab with a knee to the neck. Kota hits a crossbody to Zack on the outside then a missile dropkick. Kota goes for a moonsault but Zack puts the knees up and gets a Triangle choke on Ibushi. Ibushi fights back as they trade pinning combinations. Kota with a straightjacket suplex but ZSJ kicks out and ties up Ibushi again. Zack gets cocky and starts kicking Kota again and Kota seems to ask for more. Kota catches the boot of Zack, stands up, puts the boot down and slaps the hell out of Zack Sabre Jr. Kota looks pissed. ZSJ reverses Kota and hits a Zack driver but neither can move. They trade strikes on their knees, Ibushi comes out on top. Kota tries to give ZSJ his deadlift suplex on the ropes but Zack ties Kota up in the ropes. Kota hits a backflip kick on Zack, still on the ropes. Zack kicks out of a last ride powerbomb. ZSJ, with one last gasp, jumps on Ibushi and wraps him up like an Octopus, but Kota reverses this into a big knee, followed by the Kamigoye for the win. Kota retains his Championship in a wonderful match with Kota Ibushi defeating the Undisputed British Heavyweight champion, Zack Sabre Jr. Winner: Kota Ibushi in 28:59 minutes.

After the match, Tetsuya Naito came to the ring and challenges for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. Ibushi accepts.

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