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Ring of Honor – Masters of the Craft – Results

Tonight(Sunday, April 14th, 2019) is the first Ring of Honor show since the historic Madison Square Garden show, G1 Supercard.

At the G1 Supercard Matt Taven defeated then champion Jay Lethal and Marty Scurll in a three-way ladder match for the ROH Championship, among many other big results.

See G1 Supercard results HERE.

Our commentary team is Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana and Nick Aldis.

The show opens with Rhett Titus in the ring, in his tiny trunks, and showing off his body. Some people boo. Then Jeff Cobb’s music hits.

Rhett Titus vs Jeff Cobb

  • Cobb out shines Rhett here alot. Rhett shows he has muscles and with that comes power but Cobb has no difficulty out powering Rhett. At one point Rhett Titus goes for a dive but lands upside down and back first into the barrier. In a fight at ringside, Cobb gets a bloody mouth. Cobb fights back in the ring and suplexs Rhett all over the ring. Cobb holds Titus up for a superplex as the fans count to 10. Rhett Titus fights back and gets a two count from a super face buster. Cobb hits two rolling deadlift suplexs then turned the third into a piledriver. Cobb hit the Tour Of The Islands for the win. Winner: Jeff Cobb in 09:50 minutes.

Our commentary team run down the show then Holidead makes her way to the ring.

Holidead vs Jenny Rose

  • 2 minutes into this match and The Allure came to ringside to take pictures or something. For the first five minutes Holidead was in control of this match and screaming at the ref for everything. Jenny Rose makes a brief comeback until she gets cutoff. Holidead goes up top but Jenny Rose wins with the rock bottom. Winner: Jenny Rose in 08:53 minutes.

Jenny Rose was attacked by The Allure after the match.

8-Man Tag Match – Coast 2 Coast & The Bouncers vs Shane Taylor, Silas Young & The Briscoes

  • Ali starts the match against Young and Silas out wrestles Ali and gets an ovation, then bows and tags out. Taylor and Milonas get in the ring and run from opposite corners and shoulder tackle but neither guy goes down. Milonas gets the upper hand and bodyslams Taylor. We the get Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young for about 30 seconds then everyone runs in. This turns into a complete mess but an exciting one. Shane Taylor hits a rolling senton onto Milonas then everyone starts hitting dives. Milonas, thankfully, gets cut off when he goes to climb the ropes. Finally, after about 10 minutes of chaos, Shane Taylor hits a sit down piledriver on Shaheem Ali for the win. Winners: Shane Taylor, Silas Young and The Briscoes in 13:54 minutes.

After the match, the Bruiser and Milonas try to offer a beer to Coast 2 Coast but they turn it down so BCB and Milonas have one anyway.

At this point, Nick Aldis has been going on and on about one time that Nick beat Colt in China so Colt gets the mic and announced to the fans what has been happening. Then Colt gets Aldis to accept a rematch here tonight. They both leave commentary.

Soberano Jr vs RUSH

  • Very fast paced lucha match. What else can I say except if you like moves, this is first minute is for you. They go to ringside and RUSH throws Soberano Jr into the barriers very hard and even into someone trying to move cables, his hat came off and he scrambled away. RUSH hit the Bulls Horns, a running dropkick in the corner for the win just a few minutes in. Winner: RUSH in 03:49 minutes.

Caristico vs PJ Black vs Bandido vs Flip Gordon

  • This is another awe inspiring lucha exhibition between these four. This was a very good match with big move after big move and a large amount of these big moves lead to really good false finishes, the crowd loved this. Bandido, Black and Caristico fought in the crowd, that was raised and with a metal barrier that built in. Flip springboards from the ring, to the seating area that is raised and slightly higher than the ring. Flip rolls through the air and lands perfectly on the other wrestlers. Amazing spot. Bandido hits his German suplex finisher on Black and Flip, Flip rolls out and Bandido pins Black. That was extremely high energy and highly enjoyable. Winner: Bandido in 14:35 minutes.

Kenny King walks out pretending to be blind and joins commentary. He does this for the whole of the next match. King also mentions that he needs emergency eye surgery and won’t be blind forever.

Number One Contender Match for ROH Tag Championships – 30 Minute Ironman Tag Match – Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins vs Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham

  • Haskins starts off with Lethal and Lethal seems to get the better of Haskins but Mark Haskins fights back very aggressively. LifeBlood fight with grit and determination but Gresham and Lethal begin to work over Williams’ leg for three or four minutes. Williams finally makes a hot tag and Haskins runs wild for a couple of minutes, hitting dives on both sides to Lethal and Gresham, then takes Gresham back in. Haskins tags Tracy Williams who hits a splash from the top rope but Lethal breaks it up. Haskins tags in and gets a sharpshooter on Gresham from the first fall at 18:40. LifeBlood 1 – 0 Lethal & Gresham. Williams start the second fall off with Lethal and they trade huge chops. Haskins and Williams take Lethal down with a suplex/atomic drop move and Haskins begins to wear down Lethal. With five minutes left, Lethal fights back and gets a tag. Lethal and Gresham use a double-team rolling cutter, named the Cornette Cutter, on Williams for a pin at 26:26. LifeBlood 1 – 1 Lethal & Gresham. Haskins holds Gresham in a sharpshooter but Gresham rolls up Haskins for another win. LifeBlood 1 – 2 Lethal & Gresham. They fight and brawl for then next minute or so, all the way to the bell but Lethal and Gresham beat LifeBlood tonight and will face Gorillas of Destiny. Winners: Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham.

NWA Worlds Championship Match – Colt Cabana vs Nick Aldis(c)

  • This starts off with Colt getting the crowd behind him and playing along with a bit of comedy but it quickly turns into a chop fest. Not long later this turns into a technical battle between Aldis and Cabana. Cabana reverses a backdrop into a powerbomb, which Aldis backdrops out of. The fans a chanting and cheering for Colt in this. At the nine minute mark, Marty Scurll comes out and steals the NWA Championship belt but is stopped by Camille, the security for Nick Aldis. Marty and Cokt start to brawl and this is a DQ. Very disappointing finish. This was a good match until that. Winner: Colt Cabana by DQ in 10:06 minutes.

Dalton Castle comes out, without the boys. He walks to the ring with a microphone, Dalton steps in the ring, then leaves. He said nothing.

Main Event

6-Man Tag Team Championship Match – The Kingdom vs Villain Enterprises

  • Before the bell, Marty gets the mic and says “let’s make this interesting and make this a Columbus Street Fight!” And the bell rings. Marty and Taven fught to ringside as PCO takes out TK O’Ryan and Marseglia. They all go to ringside and Marty backdrops PCO over the ropes and onto everyone. PCO fight TKO while King fights Marseglia with Taven and Scurll in the ring. Taven takes Scurll out with a chair the King gets in and throws a chair and Taven. TKO tries to hit Marty with a chair but misses and hits the ropes, then his own face. Four chairs are set up together in the ring, PCO puts Taven on them then climbs the ropes. TKO and Marseglia stop PCO and give him a superplex onto the chairs.Scurll and King go to look for a table but are stopped y TKO who puts the table back but Vinny Marseglia want the table so they argue. After Vinny and TKO take out King and Scurll they both get the table. After setting up the table in the corner, Villain Enterprises fight back and Brody King gives Taven a DVD through the table. Vinny Marseglia and King fight on the stage leaving Marty Scurll and Taven in the ring. Taven goes for a chicken wing but Scurll reverses it into Tavens finisher, The Climax. Taven kicks ott at two. TKO and Marty fight on the second ropes and Marty cracks the fingers of TKO on both hands so TKO can’t hold on and falls through a table. Marseglia and King go through a table moments later. Taven takes out PCO with a low blow but only gets a two because Marty breaks up the pin. Taven calls for Marty to get up so he can hit The Villain with the ROH Championship belt but PCO sits up screaming and shaking. Taven is completely distracted and is hit in the face with Marty’s umbrella. PCO then hits a moonsault on the Ring of Honor Champion and pins him. PCO pins the ROH Champion to retain the 6-Man Tag Team Championships. Winners: PCO, Marty Scurll and Brody King. Villain Enterprises. 16:13.

Final Thoughts: That was a fun show and a very exciting prospect of PCO pinning Taven. I absolutely love everything about PCO and his French Frankenstein gimmick and hope to see him in top matches for a long time. If you,are short on time and can only watch one or two matches, then the main event is an good one. Other than the final match, the Four-way lucha match was extremely fun and impressive. The Ironman tag match was good but I find Ironman matches less exciting. Good solid show with lots of good matches, thumbs up from me.

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