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ROH NJPW – G1 Supercard – Results

Tonight is one of the most historic and monumental nights in Pro Wrestling’s history. The G1 Supercard is the first non-McMahon shows in Madison Square Garden in over 60 years and the biggest non-McMahon gate(money brought in by ticket sales) in MSG history. Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling will team up to put on one hell of a show that will stream live on Honor Club, Fite TV and njpwworld.

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Honor Rumble


  1. Kenny King(ROH)
  2. Minoru Suzuki(NJPW)
  3. Cheeseburger(ROH)
  4. Beer City Bruiser(ROH)
  5. SHO(NJPW)
  6. Shingo Takagi(NJPW)
  8. Shaheen Ali(ROH)
  9. YOH(NJPW)
  10. Rhett Titus(ROH)
  11. LSG(ROH)
  12. Taguchi(NJPW)
  13. Will Ferrara(ROH)
  14. Chase Owens(NJPW)
  15. Rocky Romero(NJWP)
  16. Brian Milones(ROH)
  17. Bad Luck Fale(NJPW)
  18. Jonathan Gresham(ROH)
  19. Tracy Williams(ROH)
  21. PJ Black(ROH)
  22. Jushin Thunder Liger(NJPW)
  23. TK O’Ryan(ROH)
  24. Vinny Marseglia(ROH)
  25. Delirious(ROH)
  26. Tomohiro Ishii(NJPW)
  27. Toru Yano Colt Cabana(NJPW ROH)
  28. Hirooki Goto(NJPW)
  29. King Haku(NJWP)
  30. Great Muta(NJPW)

Kenny King had disappeared earlier in the match and when we thought there was just four people left, there was Vinny Marseglia, TK O’Ryan, Jushin Thunder Liger and The Great Muta. Muta and Liger eliminated The Kingdom and the fans went nut thinking one of these men would win and get a future ROH Championship match. King popped up and eliminated both Liger and Muta, to which the fans booed extremely loud. Winner: Kenny King in 43 minutes.

Main Show

We are welcomed by commentators; Ian Riccaboni, Kevin Kelly and Colt Cabana. The commentary team run down the extremely packed card then we go to our first match.

ROH TV Championship & Never Openweight Championship match – Will Ospreay(c) vs Jeff Cobb(c)

  • The winner of this match will take both championships. This starts fast as Cobb throws Ospreay around but Ospreay uses his speed to get the upper hand but it didn’t last long. The fans are electric for this and are into everything they do. This ended with a super Tour of the Islands from Cobb followed by another Tour of the Islands to retain the ROH TV Title and win the Never Openweight championship. Winner: Jeff Cobb in 12:54.

RUSH vs Dalton Castle

  • Well… RUSH beat Dalton with a shotgun dropkick into the corner and two running dropkicks to the face of Dalton, sitting in the corner. Winner: RUSH in 16 seconds.

After the match Dalton beat up both boys for distracting him as the match started. Fans booed.

Before the next match, we see that Juice Robinson has been laid out, meaning he will not be facing Bully later. This could be big.

WOH World Championship Match – Kelly Klein vs Mayu Iwatani(c)

  • The fans were not into this much. And I dont really have much to say. Wasn’t a bad match at all but just not that exciting. Winner: Kelly Klein in 10:38.

After the match Velvet Sky and Angelina Love came down and got in the face of the new champion. Then Mandy Leon, who was on commentary, and attacked Klein. They draw an Anarchy A on Kelly’s head and took selfies with her by force. This group is now call The Allure.

Caprice Coleman joins Ian Riccaboni, Kevin Kelly and Colt Cabana on commentary.

Mega Ran comes out to sign his song, people boo. During this song Bully Ray comes out. People chant “Fuck em up, Bully!”

Bully announces that him Open Challenge is still open, then Flip Gordon makes his return.

Bully Ray vs Flip Gordon

  • Just a minute into this fight Silas Young and Shane Taylor come down to jump Flip Gordon. A minute later LifeBlood come down as Juice and Haskins have a box full of weapons. This is turned into a three-on-three match.

Bully Ray, Silas Young & Shane Taylor vs Flip Gordon, Mark Haskins & Juice Robinson

  • This was insanity. Flip took a cane shot from all three opponents and his back is marked pretty bad. In the end Flip, Haskins and Juice pinned Bully when Flip hits a 450 splash. Winners: Flip Gordon, Juice Robinson and Mark Haskins in 15:00 minutes.

IWGP Jr Heavyweight Championship Match – Dragon Lee vs Bandido vs Taiji Ishimori(c)

  • I unfortunately didn’t get a time for this but it was a very quick, lucha masterclass that didn’t stop moving. Dragon Lee pinned Bandido to win this match and the IWGP Jr Heavyweight Championship. Winner: Dragon Lee.

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship match & ROH World Tag Team Championship match – EVIL & SANADA vs The Briscoes vs Gorillas of Destiny(c) vs Villain Enterprises(c)

  • PCO was electrocuted on an electric chair for his entrance. I feel like I need a break after that. PCO finally hit the senton fron the top to the apron. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him hit that. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa powerbomb PCO out of the ring and to the floor. Then The G.O.D hit a middle rope powerbomb to Brody King and pinned him to win all the gold. Winners: Gorillas of Destiny in 9:53.

At this point in the background you can see someone got over the barrier and was face-to-face with Bully Ray. It looked like the guys was causing trouble and Bully came out to see him off. The crowd booed and the cameras focused in on the G1 Supercard signs and wouldn’t show it.

Apparently it was Enzo & Cass but it’s most probably a work but not sure why they wouldn’t show it.

Here is a fan tweet that show what happened more clearly:

Credit: B+ Players Twitter account.

British Heavyweight Championship Match – Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Zack Sabre Jr

  • Chris Roberts is the referee for this match and Andy Quildan is at ringside, keeping hold of the championship belt. Zack targets the arm early on but Tanahashi is too strong at the moment. Zack ties Tanahashi up in the ropes with multiple armbars. With every submission ZSJ gets, he adds an armbar. Tanahashi fought hard but in just over 15 minutes Zack ties up Tanahashi by each limb and Tanahashi has to give up. Winner: Zack Sabre Jr in 15:15.

IWGP Intercontinental Championship Match – Kota Ibushi vs Tetsuya Naito(c)

  • As soon as the bell sounded Fite TV crashed, so I moved onto njpwworld. At ringside, Naito throws Ibushi into the barrier but he hits a man working at ringside. Naito gets in the face of this grey haired man but the man does not back down. Slightly off camera Naito extends his hand to shake but I didn’t see if he took it. Ibushi takes a single foot dropkick and spins around onto him head. It’s in this match that it became apparent that we have way too many people on come as Chris Charlton joins the team. Naito hits a Destino but Ibushi kicks out and the place explodes. The first “This is awesome” chant of the night happens about 18 minutes into this match. At just pasted 20 minutes Kota Ibushi hits a Kamigoye to the face of Naito of the win and championship. Winner: Kota Ibushi in 20:40 minutes.

ROH World Championship Ladder Match – Matt Taven vs Marty Scurll vs Jay Lethal(c)

  • Thankfully they reset the announce table and we have Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana and Nick Aldis on commentary. This gets messy quick with ladders everywhere. Marty goes to climb a ladder but Lethal gets Marty in a figure four on the ladder. Taven goes to climb but is stopped. The NY crowd hate Taven and boo him every chance they get. Lethal gets powerbombed through a ladder at ringside. While Lethal is down Marty gives Taven a superplex off a ladder. Lethal fights off Taven on a ladder then Marty comes from behind to get a crossface Chicken Wing on the ladder. Taven gets back up and Marty breaks his fingers. Two ladders are put together to form an “X” and dragged into the middle of the ring and Taven is thrown on it. Lethal throws the “X” ladder thing out of the ring and it appears to him the front row and refs are checking the fans. During this confusion Lethal set up a table at ringside. Taven spears Marty through the ropes and they plummet through the table at ringside. Lethal puts Taven on another table at ringside and jumps off a huge ladder and gives Taven an elbow drop. Jay and Marty fight on a ladder in the ring and Taven pulls out a massive purple ladder. They set up platforms with silver ladders on the purple ladder and the ropes. Taven and Lethal fight on the top of the purple ladder and Taven grabs the belt, slams it into the head of Jay Lethal who falls to his doom and through a ladder platform beneath him. Taven unpinned the belt and won the title. Winner: Matt Taven in 29:40.

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match – Jay White(c) vs Kazuchika Okada

  • This starts off slow with Jay White stepping out of the ring, then getting a headlock. After taking most of the match so far, Okada kicks up and makes a fast comeback. Okada bounces off the ropes and hits a running elbow. Okada hits a tombstone at about 22 minutes in but Jay White has still controlled most of this match so they get up the same time. They begin to trade strikes. Jay White hold on to the ropes and avoids the dropkick. Okada hits the spinning Rainmaker then another Rainmaker and Okada pins him but Jay kicks out and everyone is in shock. Jay reveres the tombstone into a Blade Runner as they lay there. They are on their knees slowly trading forearms as they get up. Okada gets the better of Jay so Gedo comes in the ring and Jay low blows Okada. The fans are not happy with Gedo. A great bit where they reverse Blade runners, back slides and Rainmakers. Okada hits a spinning tombstone and one final Rainmaker to pin Jay White and regain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. This was a classic great NJPW main event that got the fans immensely invested. Brilliant. Winner: Kazuchika Okada in 32 minutes.

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