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Watch: Dragon Lee vs Cavernario from WrestleCon FREE

The WrestleCon shows will all be uploaded to Highspots Wrestling Network after they have taken place, but during the WrestleCon Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow, the stream went down and to allow PPV buyer to see the match it has now been uploaded to Highspots Wrestling Network for FREE.

About Highspots

“The Highspots Wrestling Network is your home for all things wrestling! Stream your hearty ott with the best videos in independent wrestling today! Full events featuring PWG, NEW, PWX, WSU, CZW, $5 Wrestling & more, shoot interviews and series featuring The Kevin Steen Show, Old School w/ Steve Corino, Best Friends w/ Chuck and Trent?, documentaries, matches, women’s wrestling & more.”

Subscribe for just $9.99 HERE.

To see my review of the entire Supershow, CLICK HERE.


Thanks for reading this and don’t forget you can subscribe for free via email, tweet to me @ProWresMatthew or email me at You can also follow @altprowres on Twitter. Comments, likes and shares are always welcomed.

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