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NXT Takeover New York – Results

Two days before the biggest show of the year for WWE, NXT has its own biggest show of the year. NXT Takeover New York looks to be the hottest show of the weekend and given the history of NXT Takeovers, that’s not impossible at all.

Tommaso Ciampa is no longer in the main event of this show as he has had neck surgery. See the video HERE.

I will be covering this show live so REFRESH for updates.

This show is live

NXT Tag Team Championship Match – War Raiders vs Ricochet & Alistair Black

  • War Raiders get a really cool entrance with smoke, Vikings and helmets. Raymond Rowe of War Raiders and Alistair Black chain wrestle for a few minutes until it looks like they earnt each others respect and they fist bump and tag out. About six minutes in the fans all cheer and chant “yes” and look to the side, while Black has Rowe in an abdominal stretch. Then the boo and chant “you deserve it”, I’m assuming someone had a beach ball and it was taken away or something. This match is incredible already, and to top it off, Black has furry kickpad covers! Yes, Alistair Black has furry legs! Ricochet shows incredible strength when he catches Hanson and gives him a Fall Away Slam. The crowd is very loud and that really makes a show and, at this point, is a pillar of NXT Takeovers. Hanson jumps off the top turn buckle and hits a rolling senton onto everyone. Ricochet and Rowe get back in at nine. Black hits a Blackmass on Rowe, then tags Ricochet back in who hits a huge shooting star press but Hanson throws Black onto the pin. Great false finish. Moments later, War Raiders took out Ricochet in the ring, then Hanson hits a dive on Black at ringside. Then The War Raiders lands the Double Team leg drop/suplex finisher to win. Winners: War Raiders in 18:37.

After the match was over, Ricochet and Black stayed in the ring and said goodbye to the NXT fans as they would be moving to the main roster now. Ricochet cried, they bowed and the fans chanted “You deserve it!” Great moment and it brings me back to when I said goodbye to both men at local indies when they initially signed with WWE. Good for them.

We see Piper Niven and Toni Storm in the crowd.

Video package for The Velveteen Dream vs Matt Riddle.

NXT North American Championship Match – Matt Riddle vs The Velveteen Dream(c)

  • Riddle asks for a fist bump but The Dream declines so Riddle kicks him and Dream goes for the first bump but tries to go for a single leg takedown on Matt riddle who is a lot quicker, and a former MMA fighter. Riddle is all over Dream so much it makes Dream look like he’s not in the same league as Riddle. Riddle starts to show heelish tendencies, like forearming Dream in the ropes when the ref is counting and the fans boo him. Dream makes a comeback, like Hogan, then hits an axe handle from the top to ringside, then a fameasser for a two count. Riddle kills Dream with a German suplex from the second rope, like Ibushi, then a huge corkscrew splash for two. Matt Riddle gets The Dream in the Bromission but Dream rolls out and pins riddle to win. Winner: The Velveteen Dream in 17:32.

We see that KUSHIDA has signed a contract with Triple H and William Regal. Then we see Kushida in the crowd. I’ve watched Kushida for years now and I can say that if you haven’t seen him wrestle then you are in for a treat! Welcome to NXT, Kushida.

Video package for Pete Dunne defending his WWE UK Championship against WALTER.

WWE UK Championship Match – Pete Dunne(c) vs WALTER

  • WALTER has the obvious power advantage but the longest reining Champion in WWE today, Pete Dunne is showing off his speed and wrestling skills. About ten minutes in Pete Dunne lifts WALTER off the middle rope and powerbombs the monster WALTER. Dunne lands an insane double foot stomp from the top rope onto WALTER who was laying at ringside. This match is insane. They stomp on each other faces and heads, they beat the crap out of each other, Dunne attacks the fingers of WALTER and Dunne hits WALTER with the bitter end but nothing stops them. For some reason Dunne tries to get a triangle choke or armbar on WALTER on the top rope. WALTER powerbombs out of that and hits a huge splash from the top rope, across the ring and beat Pete Dunne. WALTER ends the 685 day reign of Pete Dunne. Winner: AND NEW WWE UK CHAMPION WALTER in 25:29 minutes.

Edge and Beth Phoenix are in the crowd.

Video package for the NXT Women’s Championship match.

Fatal Four-way Match – NXT Women’s Championship – Shayna Baszler vs Kairi Sane vs Bianca Bellair vs Io Shirai

  • This match is all over the place, in a good way. Shayna tries to pull Bellair into the post by her hair but it’s reversed and Baszler goes hard face-first into the post. The Sky Pirates will work together but also fight each other when they need to. Baszler gets better every match that I see her in. Io moonsaults onto Shayna and pins her but Sane breaks it up, and she looks so sad about it. Sane and Io fight then Sane delivers an Insane Elbow to Shayna but Io breaks up the pin. Io and Kairi fight each other and Sane looks so sad still! Bellair whips Kairi on the top rope with her hair and delivers the K.O.D to Io and Kairi at the same time! Huge spot! Then, out of nowhere, Shayna hooks in the sleeper on Bellair for the submission win. Winner: And Still NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler in 15:40 minutes.

Video package for the NXT Championship match.

2-out-of-3 Falls NXT Championship Match – Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole

  • Gargano is wearing Ironman style ring gear that looks really cool. Adam Cole comes to the ring on his own as the rest of Undisputed Era go backstage. Knowing this is a two-out-of-three falls, you know this will fo long but the first ten minutes or so haven’t been super fast paced, which tells you they are saving alot for later while still not holding out too much. At just before the fourteen minute mark, Adam Cole hits the shining wizard and pins Gargano for three. It is now 1-0 to Adam Cole. Cole goes for a powerbomb from the top rope but Gargano reverses it into an air raid crash from the top. Johnny Gargano wins the second fall via submission with the Gargano-escape at 20:52. It is now Gargano 1 – 1 Cole. They stand face-to-face and Gargano is bleeding on the right side of his face. They trade strikes until they both superkick each other in the head at the same time. Everyone cheers the double down. Adam Cole superkicks Gargano in the back of the head and gives him a straitjacket German suplex for a two count. Gargano hits a reverse rana and a superkick but Cole rolls out of the ring. Cole gives Gargano a wheelbarrow suplex into the apron which looked insane and possibly deadly. But no! Gargano pops back up with what could be his last breath and hits a slingshot DDT for two. Cole hits a Canadian destroyer for a two count as everyone goes nuts. They go to ringside and Gargano fights back and throws Cole over the Spanish announce table and then clears it but Cole reverses Johnny and drops Gargano on his face on the table with an Angel’s Wings and somehow Gargano gets back in the ring at nine. Cole superkicks Gargano and Johnny Wrestling kicks out at two. Gargano gets Cole in the Gargano-escape and Undisputed Era come down and take out the ref. When the refs taken out, they take out Johnny Gargano and Cole pins him but Gargano kicks out again. Gargano takes out Undisputed Era but then takes two superkicks and when Cole pins him everyone counts along and Gargano kicks out AGAIN! The fans explode with this. seconds later, Gargano gets the Gargano-escape in and the fans go nuts! Then Cole taps out, the whole building explodes with excitement as Johnny Gargano is the NEW NXT Champion! Winner: Johnny Gargano in 38:09 minutes.

As Johnny Gargano and his wife, Candice LaRae are leaving out comes Ciampa. Ciampa hugs Gargano and Candice, they look at each other and share some words the Ciampa lifts the hands of both Johnny and Candice.

Another great Takeover from NXT. My match of the show has to be the main event with the WWE UK Championship match in a close second. Really solid show and worth a watch if you haven’t already.

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