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WrestleCon – Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow – Results

The weekend begins here for WrestleCon and Highspots Wrestling Network with the third annual Supershow, headlined by Will Ospreay taking on Bandido and much more.

See my preview for this show and all of the WrestleCon shows this weekend HERE.

This show is live on Fite TV and will be on-demand via Highspots Wrestling Network, along with the entire WrestleCon Weekend.

You can sign up to Fite TV with code: “n7djq9” to receive $10 FREE CREDIT.

Our commentary team for this show is Kevin Kelly & Excalibur.

We are told they are waiting for an ambulance so Road Warrior Animal makes an appearance as an ambassador for wrestlecon. Then Ric Flair comes out to talk guff and keep the fans happy, which worked. Flair gets emotional talking about his daughter, then tells people to have fun and leaves. People seemed happy with that.

We hear about Mark Hitchcock, the Highspots employee that died last year and the man that this show is named after. We hear from his sister and fiancée, then see a tribute video. Very moving stuff.

Masato Tanaka vs Eddie Kingston

  • This starts with some headlock takeovers and straight wrestling, until Kingston chops Tanaka and Tanaka returned with a forearm. This one ends with sliding forearm by Tanaka. Winner Masato Tanaka in 7:35.

The Lucha Brothers come out and talk crap about the Young Bucks and claim to be the best tag team in the universe. They say every other team is scared so they will face each other.

Penta El Zero M vs Rey Fenix

  • It doesn’t seem to matter that these two are brothers as they instantly go for each other hard. Rey Fenix beats his brother with a Spanish fly in six electric minutes. Winner: Rey Fenix in 6:00

8 Person Intergender Match – Samantha Heights, DJ Z, Puma King & Tajiri vs Sammy Guevara & LAX

  • The referee for this match is Chris Roberts, known for referring for Rev Pro. This was a very fast paced match that got a very good reaction from the WrestleCon crowd. The match ends when Tajiri pins a member of LAX after mist and a Buzzsaw kick. Winners: Tajiri, DJ Z, Puma King & Samantha Heights in 11:43.

Triple Threat Match – Robbie Eagles vs Flamita vs Ariez

  • This was a barrage of insanity for nearly seven minutes which Robbie Eagles won with the 630 splash. Winner: Robbie Eagles in 6:51.

REVOLT! vs Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman & Jushin Thunder Liger

  • Liger gets a massive pop and loads of streamers. X-Pac is being inducted into the WWE HOF this Sunday and Liger gets the biggest pop by far and “Liger” and “Jushin Liger” chants for the crowds. When X-Pac tags in the crowd chants “Hall of famer” and he smiles. This match ends with Jushin Thunder Liger pinning the Manscout, Jake Manning with a brainbuster in about 15 minutes. Winners: Jushin Thunder Liger, Hurricane Shane Helms & X-Pac.


Sometime later, we return from intermission. Then the stream went down.

The stream returns inbetween the Dragon Lee vs Cavernario match.

Cavernario vs Dragon Lee

  • This match was joined half way through as the stream went down briefly after the intermission and I was not able to get a time for the match. The finish came with a Falcon Arrow by Dragon Lee. Winner: Dragon Lee.

You can watch this match for FREE on Highspots Wrestling Network.

Shane “Swerve” Strickland vs Zack Sabre Jr

  • The first 10 minutes of this match was chain wrestling, and mostly Zack taking it to Strickland. Zack uses him usual tactics of picking apart a body part and using multiple submissions while Strickland targets the legs with kicks. 15 minutes in Strickland reverses an armbar into a powerbomb and begins to kick the chest of ZSJ. Zack baits Strickland in to jump off the top rope, but moves away from the double stomp and wraps up Shane Strickland for the submission. Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

Six-Man Tag Match – SCU(Daniels, Sky & Kazarian) vs Orange Cassidy & The Best Friends(Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta)

  • Orange Cassidy spends the first few minutes refusing to take his hands out of his pockets or take his sunglasses off against Christopher Daniels and the crowd loves it. The fans seem hyped for this show in general. SCU picks up the win with the Best Meltzer Ever to Orange Cassidy. Winners: SoCal Uncensored in 18:23.

Main Event

Bandido vs Will Ospreay

  • This starts very fast in the first few minute. They run at each other as the bell rings and Will Ospreay hits a running Spanish fly. This is one hell of a match, these two are giving it their allin a fast paced spectacle like no one else can deliver. Kevin Kelly says these two could meet again in the Best of the Super Jr tournament for NJPW this year. Ospreay hits a huge springboard crossbody from the top rope to the area where fans were sitting. Bandido kicks out of Ospreay’s Os Cutter finisher, so Ospreay immediately picks up Bandido and hits the Stormbreaker for the win in just under 17 minutes. After the match, Ospreay gets the mic and tells the fans his mental health hasn’t been great recently but wresting has made him feel better, especially wrestling Bandido. Then Bandido cuts a promo in Spanish and English. He says he does it for the fans and sounds very emotional. Winner: Will Ospreay in 16:49.

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