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Shimmer 113 – Results

Today(Friday, April 5th, 2019) Shimmer kicks off the Mania Week shows for an extremely busy day of pro wrestling.

This show is live on Fite TV and WWN’S subscription service, Club WWN.

Shimmer Championship Match – Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Nicole Savoy(c)

  • The show starts about 20 minutes late and they seem to have some audio issues with commentary, which gets fixed and noted. Championship match to start the show with the champion, Savoy defending. The first six or so minutes Matsumoto has the upper hand and is playing to the crowd lots. Fans seem to be into it. Savoy comes back with arm bars a triangle choke. Matsumoto reverses the Triangle into a Boston Crap. Matsumoto lands a double knees from the second and it looked brutal but Savoy kicks out at 2. Matsumoto has been all over the champ in this one, but Savoy shows her skills with submissions. This one ended with multiple suplexs, and one final Dragon suplex with a bridge by Savoy to retain. Winner: Nicole Savoy in 12 Minutes

Shimmer Scramble – Brittany Blake, Brandy Lauren, allie lex, Hyan, Shotzi Blackheart, Indi Hartwell, Leva Bates & Veda Scott

  • Commentators mention that due to the amount of wrestlers in this match, the ref will have his hands full and it will be pretty much Lucha rules. This is a Tag match were it’s all vs all but only two can be legal at once. After just a few minutes everyone is in and out, with fast paced, good looking action. Fans seem to love this, and mainly Shotzi Blackheart. This ends in just under 10 minutes when Hyan pins Allie Lex with a 450 double knees from the top rope. Winner: Hyan.

Allysin Kay vs Kris Stadtlander

  • This was a very fun and athletic match, good showing by both and Stadtlander got a “please come back” chant after making her debut. Winner: Allysin Kay in 8:30.

Su Young vs Shazza McKenzie

  • This match has gone everywhere in the first five minutes. They have brawled st ringside, Su Young hit a rolling senton onto Shazza who was sat on a chair. They have come off the top and had striking battles. Very back and forth match, crowd seem engaged and invested. Shazza hit a great northern lights suplex with a bridge for a two count. Su pulls out a cane but the referee takes it away. They fight on the top rope and Shazza hits her own version of the stunner from the top for the win. Winner: Shazza McKenzie in 11:10.

Shimmer Tag Team Championship Match – Twisted Sisters(Holidead and Thunder Rosa) vs Cheerleader Melissa & Mercedes Martinez(c)

  • This match started with dueling chants for both, then a “both these teams” chant. 10 minutes in and the fans are chanting for both again. The champs were the heels and they did a good job at it. The Twisted sister were very good in this match and seemed willing to do anything to help the match, Melissa on the other hand didn’t like selling or taking bumps but it is what it is. Good three and a half star match here with lots of action. Winner: Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez in 14:43.

Tessa Blanchard vs Dr. Britt Baker DMD

  • Tessa is probably my favourite wrestler that I dont get to see much of, she looks great, shes professional and can wrestle superbly. Britt Baker is also very good but she has less experience and but that will all come with the exposure she is getting this year. About seven minutes in, Tessa came off the top rope with a senton but landed with her hips on the ribs of Baker and Britt was obviously hurt, they continued another five minutes. Tessa Blanchard wins this with a DDT. Winner: Tessa Blanchard in 12:34.

8-Woman Tag Team Match – Blue Nation, Zoe Lucas & Steph De Lander vs Sea Stars, Solo Darling & Kris Wolf

  • Kris Wolf is probably the most over in this match, and she is very fun to watch. Another very fun match, the heels got good heat and the baby faces had some great spots. A fun spot in this match where one after another each wrestler got someone in a fish hook, in a line, and seven of them took a bump from it. The fans enjoyed it and I laughed. Then they moved into the ‘All hit a big move’ part of the match as fans chant and clap. All heels hit something on Wolf but she manages to kick out, and the fans chant “Kris Wolf!” Moments later, Wolf hits a meteora from the top on Charlie Evans for the pinfall victory. Winners: Kris Wolf, Solo Darling and Sea Stars in 20:00 minutes.

This is Kris Wolf’s “last match” in Shimmer and the fans chant “Thank you Kris!”

Main Event

Heart of Shimmer Championship Match – Samantha Heights vs Dust(c)

  • This match had lots of back and forth and these ladies gave everything, with brawling at ringside, DDTs on the apron, high flying and hard hitting. At some points in the match, the two seemed to get a little lost but the figured it out and got back on track, like professionals. Good match but not my favourite here. Samantha Heights is great with her rope moves and balance, which she shows off with a Lucha style arm drag off the ropes but turns it into a DDT for the win. Winner: and NEW Heart of Shimmer Champion, Samantha Heights in 13:59.

This was a really fun show that I really enjoyed. I dont watch alot of Shimmer but I will try to watch more after this. My top match of the show would be Tessa Blanchard vs Britt Baker.

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