Revolution Pro Wrestling – Live in NY – Results

Revolution Pro Wrestling makes it’s New York debut and it looks to be a cracker of a show. The main event of the show is Will Ospreay & Hiroshi Tanahashi taking on Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr.

To view my full preview of this show CLICK HERE.

We are welcomed by our commentary team; Kevin Kelly and Andy Boy Simmonz.

They seem to be having some unfortunate technical difficulties and we are told the show will start momentarily.

After 15 minutes, we get started.

Andy Quildan makes his way to the ring, he apologises for starting late but they wanted to allow time for fans to get autographs and merch then welcomes us to the show.

Karl Fredericks & Clark Connors vs CCK(Chris Brookes & Gresham)

  • These young lions from the NJPW L.A. Dojo are good but one of them seemed to annoy Gresham a bit, maybe being too stiff for his liking. His match got really good in the second half with a good build in the first. Gresham pins Connors with a spinning kick to the jaw. Winners: CCK, Gresham and Brookes in 13:35 minutes.

Fatal Four-way Match – Carlos Ramo vs A-Kid vs Kid Lykos vs Flamita

  • As you can imagine this four high-flying cruiserweights in one match, this was fast paced and didn’t have much down time. Fans loved this and I enjoyed seeing Lykos back in action after his multiple injuries recently, he looked good. In just under 7 minutes, Carlos Romo, one half of Team White Wolf pins Flamita when his partner A-Kid hits a Canadian destroyer. Winner Carlos Romo in 6:55.

O.J.M.O vs Brian Cage

  • This goes alot longer than I was expecting as Brian Cage out weighs OJMO by about four times. This was unfortunate for OJMO as he missed spot after spot and things would not stop going wrong. Brian Cage ended this one with a huge powerbomb in just over nine minutes. Winner: “The Machine” Brian Cage in 9:33.

Will Ospreay & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr

  • Before the match even starts people are chanting “This is awesome” and “All these guys”. The crowd are very excited for this match. Suzuki tags in the the fans go wild with cheers and chants. Will has blood coming from his nose after a forearm from Suzuki. Suzuki takes down referee Chris Roberts and the fans explode with cheers. ZSJ and Suzuki target the bloody nose of Ospreay as the fans chant “you sick fuck.” Ospreay fires up in the face of Suzuki and to no avail and Zack tags in. Ospreay is getting more bloody now. Tanahashi tags in and Zack and Tana go at it until Suzuki tags in. Suzuki is a madman who loves the attention. He is sick and twisted and I love it! Ospreay tags in and he looks fired up. Will gives Suzuki his best shots but it does very little and the crazed maniac that is Suzuki seems to enjoy it more when Will fights hard. The finish came when Zack Sabre Jr rolled up Ospreay with a bridge for a three count. After the match Suzuki-gun took out Chris Roberts at ringside. Winners: Zack Sabre Jr and Minoru Suzuki in 21:25.


We are back with singles action.

Taguchi vs Rocky Romero

  • This match was basically all hip attacks against Rocky’s Sneaky Style but in the end, Taguchi picks up the win. Good, enjoyable match but perhaps too long. Winner: Taguchi in 14:16.

David Starr vs Tomohiro Ishii

  • Another hard hitting match here, mainly because Ishii is insane and indestructible. Starr is great and can have a great match with a young lion, so as you can imagine, this was very good. Go see this if you haven’t already. Ishii gets a near fall with a sliding lariat then hits a Brainbusterfor the win. Winner: Tomohiro Ishii in 12:45.

Aussie Open vs Roppongi 3K(SHO & YOH)

  • This is a very back and forth match but the crowd seem quieter than earlier and both teams are trying to get something from the fans. At one point SHO gets a hot Tag but takes a big boot from Mark Davis which shuts the fans up quickly. This match went just over 20 minutes but I don’t think it got quite the response they were hoping for. The place was clearing out as Aussie Open celebrated. Winners: Aussie Open in 20:33.

After the stream had gone off, ZSJ and Minoru Suzuki ran out and beat up Aussie Open and tap them out. Zack gets a mic and says on May 10th, when they have a match for the British Tag Team Championships, Suzuki-gun will keep the belts. Then “Despy will get the cruiserweight championship” and this time next year it won’t be a Rev Pro event, it’ll be a Suzuki-gun event.

This was a really good show with a strange match order. I would have swapped the main event and the final match before the intermission. Also, some of the match could have been shorter but apart from that, really fun and enjoyable!

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